Economic revitalization within our commercial area has long been a goal of the Fairview Community Council. We have organized numerous workshops and community discussions about how to restore the vitality of our community.  Out of these discussions has emerged a positive vision of economic prosperity and quality urban living.  


A key tool for making this happen is a new Fairview Form-Based Code Overlay Zone.  The Council has produced a Working Draft of the proposal and an accompanying Winter City Design Guidelines document.  A key component of the Overlay Zone is creation of the "Fairview Innovation Area" with three unique sub-areas: an Arena District around the Sports Complex,  a Main Street District along Gambell Street and a Fairview Greenway along the general alignment of Hyder connecting Chester Creek Greenway with the Ship Creek Greenway. These improvements occur in tandem with a depressed Highway-to-Highway connection.


A Draft White Paper for the Fairview Innovation Area provides more information behind the rationale for setting aside this particular part of town with a special land use designation. The Council has also developed a conceptual design for the Greenway


We hope community members will become as excited as the Council about the possibilities for  a better Fairview.  But a positive future is not just handed to us. We have to work for it.  If these ideas interest you, come join your neighbors and let us work together to make our common dreams of economic prosperity a reality.


Any questions can be addressed to the President of the Fairview Community Council, Allen Kemplen."



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