Redistricting (State of Alaska) and Reapportionment (Municipality of Anchorage) are underway.


State of Alaska

(current as of October 27 2021, from Juli Lucky via email):

  • Board Meeting 11/2, 9am: Public Notice here: This will be the start of a series of meetings as the board works towards finalizing a plan and issuing a proclamation by November 10. More details will be decided at the 11/2 meeting; I will send details as soon as they are available and will let you know as soon as additional meetings are noticed.


Testimony: I’ve had a few questions about a deadline for public testimony.  The Constitutional deadline to adopt a final plan is November 10, 2021.  While public comment will be accepted until final map adoption, submitting your testimony by November 1st will ensure adequate time for Board members to review and reflect on your concerns.  The plans can be viewed, and comments can be submitted, on the Alaska Redistricting Board website at: Direct link to the map comments portal: Alaska Redistricting Board - Map Comment (  Testimony can also be sent via email to:


Statewide Testimony Call-in: Don’t forget about the next statewide call-in on Saturday, October 30, 2021from 10:00am - 4:00pm. Public Notice link:

Teleconference Numbers:
• from Anchorage 563-9085 (including Anchorage-based cell phones)
• from Juneau 586-9085 (including Juneau-based cell phones) 
• All other locations: 844-586-9085

All members of the public are invited to call at whatever time is convenient but, in order to reduce waiting times, the board will prioritize the following regions at the following times:
10am – 11:00am: Interior Region, including: Fairbanks, Copper River Valley
11am – 1pm: Southeast, Prince William Sound, Kodiak 
1pm – 2pm: Kenai Peninsula Borough, Anchorage, Mat-Su Borough
2pm – 3pm:  Northwest, Western, and Aleutian Regions, including: Utqiagvik, Kotzebue, Nome, Bethel, Dillingham, Unalaska
3pm: Any/all others.


Juli Lucky (she/her)

Staff, Alaska Redistricting Board

(907) 563-0300 main office

(907) 251-9295 cell


Upcoming Meetings and Important Dates:

Open House/Public Hearings:

October 26: Wasilla: 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Menard Center:

October 27: Skagway Zoom: 12:30pm:

October 27: Anchorage: 5:00pm – 7:00pm: The Lake Front:

October 28: Utqiagvik: 4:30pm ‐ 6:30pm: North Slope Borough Assembly Chambers:

November 1: Cordova: 4:00pm – 6:00pm: The Cordova Center:


Statewide Call-in to give public testimony - Saturday, October 30

Teleconference numbers: from Anchorage 563-9085; from Juneau 586-9085; from anywhere else: 844-586-9085


Board Meetings:

November 2, 9am: Anchorage Legislative Information Office:

November 10, 2021: Day 90: Adoption of Final Redistricting Plan


Statewide Interactive Map

Provided by Tom McKay 9/22/21:

Municipality of Anchorage:

More details about this ongoing process may be found at the Muni website at

From the 10/27/21 Powerpoint, p. 21: timeline for adoption of new Muni districts:

Following the State’s timeline

  • November 10, 2021: Deadline for Final State Plan to be Adopted 
  •  February 28, 2022: Deadline for MOA Resolution on malapportionment
  •   August 29, 2022: Deadline for adoption of new Assembly Boundaries
  •   April 4, 2023: first regular election with 12 Assembly Members?


Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils