Downtown Community Council


Our Mission: To Serve and Advocate for Our Downtown Community!

Our Vision: We Represent Downtown For the Betterment of the Community!


We will NO longer offer virtual meetings. All meetings will be in person until further notice. 


Next meeting will be May 3, 2023

5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

632 W. 6th Avenue, Room 155


Downtown & Fairview CCs Letter re: Guest House Hotel


Please read the meeting participation decorum notice

before attending a meeting.




2023 Downtown Community Council Meetings

 5:30pm  on the  1st Wednesday  of every month


January 4                    

May 3                   

September 6       

February - no meeting 

June - no meeting 

October - no meeting

March 1

July 12

November  1

April - no meeting August - no meeting 

December - no meeting



Committee Meetings

Committee meetings provide a relaxed, informal setting where you may come with comments or concerns. Subjects brought up can be worked out at committee level and if needed, brought to the main Council meeting on your behalf. You may also request to be added to the agenda for our next meeting of the Downtown Community Council by emailing us at


Next Marijuana and Alcohol Committee Meeting 

Joining instructions are in the agenda.


2022 Marijuana and Alcohol Committee Meetings


January 19                 May 18                   
September 21   
February 16 June 15
October 19
March 16 July 20
November 16
April 20 August 17 December 21          



Topics of Discussion:


Alcohol:  Updates on recent and past activities 

Marijuana:  MOU Discussion Cannabis Retail Stores 


Continuing the discussion of onsite consumptions, signage and updates on recent and past activities.



If you would like to be a part of our Council please join us the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm at the Historic Anchorage Hotel.



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