Anchorage, Alaska

April 2018

Downtown Community Council (DTCC) Priorities List

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The below list of priorities reflects the outcome of a workshop done January 17, 2018. This list was created using three council documents:


- The 2018 CIP/CIB list & comments created August 2017


- Notes from the council’s ‘walkabouts’ done Summer of 2017


- Results from a survey issued by the DCC Fall of 2017.


Each of these documents were reviewed separately to identify the priorities. With each document’s priorities identified the three documents were cross examined to determine the underlying common priorities to identify those that are most important to the community. Using these three documents to create this list of priorities helps us to reach a broader scope of the downtown community members and understand the needs of the community as a whole. These priorities were presented to the February 7, 2018 Council meeting. It was motioned for approval of these priorities, it was seconded, and the motioned passed unanimously.


Consolidated List of Priorities

• Pedestrian Crossing ADA Accessible (3)*

• Lighting (3)

• Landscaping / Street Scaping / Park Improvements (3)

• Crime and Safety (3)

• Wayfinding (2)

• Bike lanes (2)

• Paving / Alley Paving (2)

• Infrastructure (1)

• Ship Creek (1)

• Access to Coastal Trail (1)

• Amenities (1)


* The number behind each priority indicates the number of times it showed up in the resource documents. Example: Lighting was a line item in all three documents. Wayfinding was a line item in two of the documents.


Master List of Data Collection

The list below identifies all items collected from the three documents.

o Pedestrians, getting around town, large draft ways

o Access to Coastal Trail

o Landscaping

o Lighting

o Infrastructure 

o Mini Green Belt

o Lighting and Signals (crosswalks) upgrade

o Ship Creek

o Alley Paving

o Streetscaping improve

o Wayfinding

o Street Lighting

o Pedestrian ADA sidewalk upgrades & widening of sidewalks

o Dedicated bike lanes on downtown streets

o Downtown Park Improvements

o Downtown Crime and Safety

o Amenities for Downtown Residents



Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils