Name Type Date Modified Description
18Earthquake Misc. Resources.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Dec 07 09:07:57 AKST 2018 Miscellaneous Earthquake Resources 2018
18Anch 2040 R-2 Zones Project Update 12-4-18.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Dec 05 11:01:43 AKST 2018 MOA Compatible-Scale Infill Housing (R-2 Zones) Project Update flyer
18State Disaster Assistance Hotline Flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Dec 05 10:48:15 AKST 2018 State Disaster Relief informational flyer
18Upcoming Municipality of Anchorage public open house for the E.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Dec 04 12:32:46 AKST 2018 Public Open House for 48th Ave and Cordova
02 CC Presidents List - Latest.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Dec 03 11:39:51 AKST 2018 Community Council Presidents list - Updated December 3, 2018
01 FCC Contact List MASTER - LATEST.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Dec 03 11:33:52 AKST 2018 Master list of community council contacts - Updated December 3, 2018
18 Compatible-Scale Infill Housing Nov 2018 flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Nov 27 12:32:30 AKST 2018 Compatible-Scale Infill Housing (R-2 Zones) Project information update - November 2018
03 FCC Delegate List latest.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Nov 21 11:38:39 AKST 2018 FCC Delegate list updated 11/21/18
18 CBERRRSA-Agenda 1811.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Nov 15 12:04:43 AKST 2018 CBERRRSA Agenda - November 2018
18 West Anch Cand Forum 10-24-18.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Oct 12 11:53:27 AKDT 2018 West Anchorage Candidate Forum flyer - 10-24-18
18-AssemblyHomelessMeeting 10-16-18.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Oct 09 13:56:57 AKDT 2018 Assembly Homelessness Committee meeting on illegal camps - 10-16-18
12 CC Meeting Calendar 2018.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Sep 21 15:07:32 AKDT 2018 Calendar of community council meetings, updated September 21, 2018
18 Food Trucks and Reminder to Vote.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Aug 06 14:10:55 AKDT 2018 Voting muni special election
AK 18-28 CTF Entrance Realignment Comment Period.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Aug 02 10:49:15 AKDT 2018 US DOI BLM Campbell Tract entrance realignment open house notice
18MOA AVC Opens for Early Voting; Drop Boxes Announced.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jul 11 10:30:56 AKDT 2018 MOA Special Election for Assembly District 3 Press Release on early voting etc.
18Alaska Judicial Council PR Announcing Public Hearings June.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Jun 08 12:46:05 AKDT 2018 Alaska Judicial Council June 2108 hearings information
18July09 Arlene Dimond Rezone Application.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed May 30 09:43:58 AKDT 2018 18July09 Arlene & Dimond Property - Proposed Rezone
18Jewel Lake Widening.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri May 18 11:28:55 AKDT 2018 Jewel Lake Rd Widening constituent meeting flyer
18Summer food servicepublicreleaseFinal 2018.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu May 17 10:51:13 AKDT 2018 ASD Summer Food Service Program
2018_Public_Invite_Flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu May 10 15:29:02 AKDT 2018 Memorial Day 2018 invitation flyer
18Wood Lot Move Notice.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu May 10 14:47:42 AKDT 2018 South Anchorage Woodlot Location 2018
2018.4.23 FAR PRC packet for CCENA Ordinance_r.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed May 09 11:58:04 AKDT 2018 Request MOA Ordinance Prohibiting Dogs and Other Domestic Animals at
18Mar15 AMATS Glenn Highway Integrated Corridor Managment Study Presentation.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Mar 13 16:20:56 AKDT 2018 AMATS: Glenn Highway Integrated Corridor Mnaagement (ICM) Study and Survey
Assembly Members-Public 2017-0706.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jan 18 11:01:23 AKST 2018 2017 list of Assembly members and contact information
Ordinance No. AO 2018- S-version_1-12-18.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jan 18 10:59:31 AKST 2018 -Ordinance regarding sale of ML&P to Chugach Electric
Alaska Judicial Council PR 1-2-2018 Public Hearings.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 03 13:28:14 AKST 2018 Alaska Judicial Council public hearing notice
Summary of Changes Stream Setback AO_111517.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Dec 08 10:44:10 AKST 2017 Summary of changes to stream setbacks
17Stream Setback AO 2017- updated 111417.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Dec 06 10:20:06 AKST 2017 Municipal proposed stream setback ordinance updated 11/14/17
17Nov27 Tesoro Ocean Dock Terminal Tank Overfill_SITREP1.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Nov 27 15:01:32 AKST 2017 Tesoro Ocean Dock Terminal Tank Overfill Sit Rep
17 Municipal Marijuana Establishments Map Basics.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Jul 07 10:18:36 AKDT 2017 MOA Marijuana establishments map
170518 Letter 2 CCs-history request.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jun 01 19:16:45 AKDT 2017 5/18/17 Letter to Community Councils requesting historical input about your neighborhoods
170524 MOAHPP Historical Data RE Neighborhoods_DRAFT.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed May 24 14:41:45 AKDT 2017 5/24/17 DRAFT Municipal Historic Preservation and Revitalization Plan (MOAHPP)
17May17 FCC Delegates Personnel Policy Update Draft - (5.6.17).pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed May 17 16:18:32 AKDT 2017 DRAFT FCC Personnel Policy - 5/17/17
PublicHealthFair80thAnniversary.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 31 11:15:46 AKDT 2017 Anchorage Public Health Fair Flyer 4/5/17
2017 Property Appraisal v3.8_Public.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Mar 15 13:18:03 AKDT 2017 2017 Property Appraisal Annual Valuation Report
NR_Anchorage Moose Project_2-22-17.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Feb 23 15:03:22 AKST 2017 Anchorage Moose sighting project
Public Meeting Flyer MTSP naming 2017.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Feb 17 11:04:22 AKST 2017 Flyer on Muldoon Town Square Park naming
Homeless Outreach flyer Jan 2017.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jan 19 12:59:44 AKST 2017 Homeless outreach flyer
17Jan06 Crime Reporting Guide for APD.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Jan 06 16:59:17 AKST 2017 APD Crime Reporting Guide
16Sept13 Land Use Plan letter.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Sep 13 10:50:55 AKDT 2016 Anchorage 2040 Land Use Plan letter to Community Council members
16Apr27 Firewise Workshop.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Apr 19 13:27:41 AKDT 2016 4/27/16 Firewise Workshop
16Mar APD CAPS Team Community Questionaire.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Mar 30 11:43:12 AKDT 2016 APD CAPS Team Neighborhood Questionaire
Board Responsibilities.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Feb 10 14:10:07 AKST 2016 Article about the responsibilities of board members of non-profit organizations
Neighborhood Watch - How to Start.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Jan 22 15:20:02 AKST 2016 How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Program in Anchorage
MOA Code Chapter 21 03 (Excerpted for FCC Committee).pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Jan 12 15:02:08 AKST 2016 MOA Code 21.03 (Excerpted for the FCC Marijuana Committee)
Chapter 21,03 Review Procedures.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Jan 05 22:49:37 AKST 2016 1/5/16 Chapter 21 Review Procedure
15Sept MOA Boards and Commissions info sheet.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Sep 30 11:16:31 AKDT 2015 MOA Boards & Commissions information sheet
Weatherization Program application.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Dec 06 16:59:44 AKST 2013 Weatherization program application
Weatherization Program flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Dec 06 16:58:41 AKST 2013 Weatherization Program flyer
CIP Frequently Asked Questions.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 20 11:45:24 AKST 2010
Neighborhood Crime Watch FAQ.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 20 11:45:06 AKST 2010
NUSA - Dealing with the Media.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 20 11:44:40 AKST 2010
NUSA - Grassroots Fundraising Events.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 20 11:44:24 AKST 2010
NUSA - Getting Your Message Across.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Jan 20 11:44:10 AKST 2010

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