» Road Conditions: If you have questions or concerns regarding your road conditions, please contact your LRSA Board representatives. Please also take time to thank these volunteers who coordinate these efforts between the road contractors and the Municipality.


Bear Valley LRSA (Kings Way and adjoining streets) *Map of LRSA

Want to know more about Bear Valley LRSA? How it works, what a LRSA is, etc...



William Ennis, Chair - 345-5633
 Deanne Fuller - 727-5164 fullerhnd@gmail.com


Rabbit Creek View/Heights LRSA (Heights Hill, Carl & Nickleen and adjoining streets)

* Map of LRSA 


David Lipps, Chair - 345-1378    tdlipps@alaska.net

Verne Pomraning - 250-1754     verne@pomraning.org

Scott Pexton - 350-5163 spexton@icloud.com

Clarks Road is a State DOT Maintained Roadway - 269-0760


Mike Walters - Municipality of Anchorage - Right-of-Way Enforcement 343-8197 WaltersMS@ci.anchorage.ak.us




 Help keep our roads accessible for winter and summer -   ROW Reminder Letter

If you have items in the right-of-way, a ROW inspection will occur; after that reminder, citations or impounds could occur.

Also - please remember during winter, it is illegal to push snow from your property into or across the road right-of-way.




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Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


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