Name Description
17 Bear Valley in the Parks and Recreation Servic....pdf Information on Parks service area pertaining to BVCC
19 Army Corp of Engineers Draft Comment Letter.pdf June 7, 2019 letter from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding proposed HLB Section 36 wetlands mitigation bank plan and Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument POA-2009-00874
19 Canyon Rd Mailer S4 Group.pdf Canyon View Estates Platting Action - S4 Group mailer
2020-2021 BVCC Business License.pdf BVCC Business License 2020-2021
20 Site Selection and Draft Rules for Model Aviation in Ray Storck Park (5-6-20).pdf Site Selection for Receational Model Aviation in Ray Storck Park
19 BVCC Monthly Neighborhood Watch Report.pdf BVCC Monthly crime report - Oct-Nov 2019
20 BVCC Financial Report 2001.pdf BVCC Financial Report for 2/12/20 meeting
19 BVCC Summary Canyon View Estates.pdf Summary of meeting regarding Canyon View Estates - December 2019
19 BVCC Monthly Neighborhood Watch Report Dec 2019.pdf BVCC Monthly Neighborhood Watch crime stats - December 2019
18 Forest Stewardship Factsheet.pdf Forest Stewardship Factsheet November 14, 2018
19 HLB Wetland Mitigation Site InformationBriefingRevised.pdf HLB Wetland Mitigation Bank Rabbit Creek Watershed Mitigation Sites Revised 2019
19 BURLWOOD-SHANGRILA map.pdf Shangri-La Subdivison map
19 RCCC Firewise 2019 KickOff.pdf Firewise workshop flyer from RCCC April 2019
BVCC New Resident Newsletter 2018.pdf BVCC new resident welcome newsletter

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