Welcome to the Schools on Trails initiative - a proposal to connect Goldenview Middle School, Bear Valley Elementary School, Section 36 Park, and surrounding neighborhoods! See our information flyer and general location map at the links below to learn more about this opportunity to better connect our kids and all of us via rural, non-motorized trails on already dedicated public easements and rights-of-ways.


We'd love to hear about your trail use and ideas about this initiative. You can also sign up for more information or to volunteer along the way, all at this link:  


Rabbit Creek Community Council Schools on Trails (google.com)


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What is it? Schools on Trails is a community-led initiative to evaluate, design, fund, and construct approximately 1.5 to 2 miles of unpaved, rustic trails that will allow walking and biking to Bear Valley School, Goldenview School, and Section 36 Park from surrounding neighborhoods.
Why do we need it?
Bear Valley Elementary School has no safe walking routes to school. It is one of only two schools in the Municipality where every child must be bused or driven. Safe access to schools is a goal of the Anchorage School District and municipal transportation plans. Trails and pathways make neighborhoods better. They increase property values, reduce vehicle congestion at intersections and parking areas, and boost physical and mental health.

Our email is: rcschoolsontrails@gmail.com 



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