Name Description
24Mar Steering Committee Request - Midtown Plan 3-5-24.pdf Steering Committee Request - Midtown Plan 3-5-24
23Nov Letter to Mayor Bronson re homelessness 2023.10.24.pdf 23Nov Letter to Mayor Bronson re homelessness 2023.10.24
23Nov Call-to-Action-document.pdf 23Nov Call-to-Action Document
23Oct Catholic Social Services Complex Care Good Neighbor Policy.pdf 23Oct Catholic Social Services Complex Care Good Neighbor Policy
22Sept14 DRAFT Complex Care Facility Agreement with NSCC.pdf DRAFT Neighborhood Agreement between the Complex Care Facility and the NSCC
23April NSCC MOA with Complex Care Facility.pdf April 2023 DRAFT Memorandum of Understanding between the NSCC and the Complex Care Facility of the Catholic Social Services
23Feb08 Assembly Candidates for NSCC Area.pdf 23Feb08 Candidates for the Assembly in the NSCC area
23Feb08 Possible Midtown Planning District.pdf 23Feb08 Possible outlines of the Midtown Plan district
23Feb Fireweed Lane Reconstruction Project RFP.pdf Fireweed Lane Reconstruction Project information February 2023
22Mar17 Documents about Chugach Electric Undergrounding project.pdf 22Mar17 Documents about the Undergrounding project
22March17 Notice of Meeting about Chugach Electric Undergrounding Project.pdf Flyer about March 17th Chugach Electric meeting
JBER Notes for NSCC March 2022 meeting.pdf 22Mar JBER Notes for the NSCC March 2022 meeting
NSCC Notes from Sen. Gray-Jackson 2203.pdf Notes by State Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson - March 2022
NSCC Notes from Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson Feb 2022.pdf Notes by State Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson February 2022
Chugach Farm Spenard Farmers Market.html Spenard Farmers Market - Chugach Farm Video
19April MLP Undergrounding in NSCC.pdf April 2019 Undergrounding Plan by ML&P for NSCC Neighborhood
18NSCP application.pdf North Star Community Patrol application
17May ML&P Map of construction area for Eureka.pdf 5/9/17 Map of Title 21 Project: Eureka Street/Fireweed Lane
17May ML&P Project Notification to North Star CC.pdf 5/9/17 Project Notice RE Title 21 Undergrounding Project: Eureka Street
15Mar11 MLP Electrical Undergrounding Five Year Plan.pdf 3/10/15 ML&P Five Year Electrical Wire Undergrounding Plan
12May SPCOC Alaska Business Monthly article.pdf 12May Article about North Star resident Barbara Smart and the Spenard Chamber of Commerce
Title 21 - Shading of North Star Neighborhoods.pdf 3/12/12 - Proposal to reduce tall new building development in Midtown that would "shade" North Star neighborhoods
11April13 Ernie Hall's Spenard Road Straw Poll results.pdf The results of Ernie Hall's straw polls about options for Spenard Road. April 2011

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