This e-mail conveys the collective opinion of the Basher Community Council.  This Community Council's area of responsibility includes the section of road from the intersection of Tudor Road/Campbell Airstrip Road, to the North and South FNBP Bivouac Parking Lots designated in the draft plan as SHARED USE ROADWAY.

Page 49 of the drafted plan lists this area (starting abeam Benny Benson School) as a Shared Use Roadway.  As a Community Council, we unanimously oppose this designation (Community Council meeting, 27 Apr 09).  Comments from our LRSA Board are attached below.  This section of road is NOT SAFE FOR MOTORIZED and NON-MOTORIZED USE. 

For a number of years, we have been actively engaged at many levels (muni, state, park(s) etc.) to secure funding to "fix the road" and simultaneously construct a safe separated pathway.

As a community, we highlight the undesirable conditions at community council meetings.  As citizens, we do what we can to mitigate the risks by increasing our already high degree of awareness of the hazard.

Attached is a resolution highlighting this concern as a function of the FNBP Draft Trail Improvement Plan. 

Dave Keddington
President, Basher Community Council
Stuckagain Heights


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