Name Description
21 LHDFinalDevPlan.Master Plan.Report FINAL.pdf Lake Hood Development Final plan
21 ADA 32171 T-Hanger Development in Turnagain Bog location diagram.pdf Hangar Development on Lake Hood
9-30-2019 Corrected Version-TurnagainCC l. ADA-32306-6A Aviation Inc. Cargo Warehouse Proposal.pdf TCC
18Updated Sept. 2018-ANC-Airport-Community-Outreach-Plan.pdf September 2018 Anchorage Airport Update
18TCC Recommendations to AIRPORT COM PLAN PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT.pdf TCC Airport communications plan update recommendations
20160303 TCC Recommended Amendments to AIRPORT COMMUNICATIONS PLAN PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT.pdf TCC recommended ammendment to Airport Land Use
Airport Notice 2019-68 Truck Traffic on West Northern Lights Blvd.pdf Airport Notice 2019-68, requesting that tenants use International Airport Road in place of West Northern Lights Blvd. for commercial truck traffic, published August 27, 2019.
4-5-2018 Approved TCC Recommended Amendments to AIRPORT COMMUNICATIONS PLAN.pdf TCC comments and recommended amendments to TSAIA Airport Communications Plan, 2018 Update. Considered and approved by the council at the April 5, 2018 TCC meeting.
Airport Draft Feb. 2018-ANC Public Outreach Plan Update Public Review Draft Deliberative Document.pdf DRAFT Airport updates to TSAIA Airport Communications / Public Outreach Plan, March 2018. Comments requested from community councils by April 15, 2018 to this draft document.
Illustration 2 Map-AO 2001-151 (S-2).pdf
TCC_Airport15-33Runway_ProposedComments_DRAFT_6-1-17.pdf Proposed comments from TCC on the Airport 15/33 Runway Reconstruction project. Comments approved by TCC at the 6/1/2017 meeting.
ACEResponse_POA-2016-500_LakeHood_2-9-17.pdf Response to TCC comments, received from the Army Corps of Engineers by TCC on February 9, 2017.
TCC_Letter_POA-2016-500_Response_12-22-2016.pdf TCC letter in response to application for a wetland fill permit, opposing fill of Turnagain Bog wetlands on Airport property. Submitted December 22, 2016.
TCC Comments Airport Comm Plan Approved 3-3-16.pdf Comments on the updated Airport Communications Plan, approved by Turnagain Community Council at the March 3, 2016 and submitted to the Airport on Monday, March 7, 2016.
5-3-2013 TCC l Part 150 Noise Study.pdf Part 150 Noise Study
13Sep26_Lake Hood User Group minutes.pdf Attachment 2
13Sept12 Airport Open House Meeting flyer.pdf 9/12/13 Airport Master Plan Open House
13Oct02 Airport Master Plan Phases.pdf 10/1/13 Letter from TCC to Airport about the proposed Phased Airport Development Plan
13Nov1_ANC 2nd Runway MapAWWU Mixing Zones.pdf Attachment 3
13 Airport Part 150 Potential Noise Abatement Procedures.pdf April 2013 "Part 150" Potential Airport Noise Abatement Measures
13Sep26_Lake Hood Power Point Presentation.pptx Attachment 3
13Oct30_Aviation Advisory Board Mtg. Agenda.pdf Attachment 1
MP Alt 5-2nd N-S Runway-cond.pdf MP Alt. 5-2nd N-S Runway
AACC November 2010 Agenda.pdf AACC November 2010 Agenda
AACC Minutes 2010.08.25.pdf AACC August 2010 Minutes
DOT Response on TCC's Lake Hood Strip Property Acquisition EA Comments.pdf DOT Response to TCC Comment Letter on Lake Hood Air Strip Property Acquisition Envt Assessment
Lake Hood Strip RPZ Property Acquisition EA Comments.pdf TCC Comments on EA for Lake Hood Strip Runway Protection Zone Property Acquisition on Wendy's Way
Comment Letter on Draft Charter for Lake Hood Advisory Board.pdf TCC Board Comment Letter on Draft Lake Hood Advisory Committee Charter
TSAIA Letter to Hollis French.pdf TSAIA Letter to Sen. Hollis French concerning issues raised in TCC letter of December 4, 2009
ANC Runway 7R Ext Sisson Loop Trail Comment.pdf January 29, 2009 TCC Board Comment Letter on Relocation Options for Sisson Loop Trail re: Environmental Assessment for Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Runway 7R Extension
ANC South Airpark[1].pdf Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Response to Community and Public Comments concerning South Airpark Access Road Development Project
Thank you letter to Hollis French.pdf TCC Thank You Letter to Sen. Hollis French Concerning Airport Hearing
TCC Letter to Chairman Kookesh.pdf TCC Letter to Chairman Kookesh concerning Sen Transportation Airport Hearing
Northairpark Lease Applications.pdf North Airpark Lease Applications Summer 2008
GA MP Draft Pref Alt. joint l.pdf TCC Comments on General Aviation Master Plan Draft Preferred Alternative
TCC Echo Parking Resolution 12-05.pdf TCC Resolution on Echo Parking 12-05
TCC Comments on EA.pdf TCC Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment for Echo Parking Expansion at Lake Hood
GA DRAFT Preferred Alternative Text.pdf General Aviation Draft Master Plan Preferred Alternative
GA DRAFT Preferred Alternative Map.pdf General Aviation Master Plan Preferred Alternative Map

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