Name Description
21 Senator Mia Costello.pdf Senator Mia Costello Constituent town hall invitation.
2021 NTCP Cull List.pdf MOA Traffic Calming cull list
2021 NTCP Qualified Streets List.pdf MOA Traffic Calming qualifying streets
2021 NTCP Cover Letter traffic calming.pdf MOA Traffic Calming cover letter
SLCC 12072020 Special Meeting Zoom Chat Discussion and Questions.txt SLCC Special Meeting Zoom Chat text - December 7, 2020
SLCC Special Meeting Minutes 2020-12-07.pdf SLCC Special Meeting minutes - December 7, 2020
20 COVID 19 Risk Assessment 12.11.2020.pdf COVID Risk Assessment
20 Contact Tracing update 12.14.20.pdf Contact Tracing update - 12.14.2020
20 Justification for EO 16 FINAL 12.13.20.pdf Justification for EO16
20 Assembly Report 12-13-2020.pdf December 13, 2020 Assembly Report
20 Airport response letter.pdf Airport response to questions posed at June 2020 council meeting
19June22 JLFM Flyer - Opening Day 2.pdf Jewel Lake Farmers Market flyer- June 22, 2019
18 ANC Airport Community Outreach Plan September 2018 Update.pdf ANC Community Outreach Plan September 2018
18ADN articleCondos-on-top-of-Shops.pdf Anchorage Daily News article on rezone and proposal at Arlene and Dimond
18-SLCC NoToRezoning.pdf SLCC flyer - no to rezone - Arlene and Dimond
18Mar31 Constituent Meeting with Rep. Jason Grenn.pdf Flyer for Constituent Meeting with Rep Jason Grenn 3/31/18
SLCC 2017 President's Report.pdf SLCC 2017 President's Report
MayorLetter-9.26.17.pdf Letter to Mayor regarding storm water discharge at Westlake
Sand Lake Picnic2017.pdf Sand Lake CC Community picnic flyer 2017
Kinkaid Park Master Plan update 2006.pdf June 15, 2006
HB318-BillSigning2006.pdf July 5, 2006 3 PM, at Kinkaid Park Chalet for Limitation on Eminent Domain
Neighborhood Town Hall w Rep Grenn_02-25-17.pdf 2/25/17 Town Hall meeting with Rep. Jason Grenn

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