Scenic Foothills Community Council Past Years' Agendas and Newsletters


Some years the council had both an agenda and a newsletter in which case there will be two listed within the links below. Some years there was just an agenda or just a newsletter that included the agenda.  


2021 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters - will be posted after the May meeting.


2020 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2019 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters 


2018 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters 


2017 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2016 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2015 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters 


2014 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2013 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2012 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2011 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2010 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2009 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2008 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2007 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2006 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2005 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2004 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters


2003 SFCC Agenda/Newsletters



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