Name Description
23Dec Rockridge Dr - 11-18-23 Letter to Officials.jpg 23Dec Rockridge Dr - 11-18-23 Letter to Officials
23Dec HCC December Meeting flyer.png 23Dec HCC December 6, 200, Meeting flyer
4.2000 MOA Election Ballot, Boundary Change - Upper Omalley LRSA Rockridge.pdf 4.2000 MOA Election Ballot - Boundary Change - Upper Omalley LRSA Rockridge Official Ballot & Results
AR 2019-440, As Amended.pdf A Municipal Resolution in support of addressing dangerous street crossings for school students & to develop a plan of action & improve student walkability to schools.
SOAK DOT_Field_Rvw_OMalley_Rockridge_School_Hrs.pdf SOAK DOT review O'Malley Rd & Rockridge Dr. 3.6.2020
O'Malley Road School Zone Decision_2022-06-03.pdf Letter from MOA Traffic Dept, O'Malley Rockridge Dr safety considerations
O'Malley.Elementary.School.Zone_2022.06.03.pdf MOA Consultant's Report - Rockridge Dr & O'Malley Elementary
Spring_Hill_SRTS.pdf Spring Hill Elementary - Safe Routes to Schools, MOA
OMalley SRTS.pdf O'Malley Elementary - Safe Routes to Schools, MOA
School Zone Agreement, MOA & SOAK.pdf 1996 School Zone Agreement SOAK & MOA
mwDpZY-OMalley-Road-Typical-Section_10.24.17-med.pdf Rendering - O'Malley Phase II @ Rockridge, completed project

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