Elections for the Downtown Community Council officers are held annually.  Officers serve for one year. Our next annual meeting is September 4th, 2019


For more information about the officers and Executive Board, please see the DTCC Bylaws.


2020-2021 Officers:



Silvia Villamedes


Vice President

Mike Ward



Richard Irwin



Jason Motyka



Max Buher



Chris Jones



Jonath Rendon


FCC Delegate

Max Buher


FCC Alternate



*non-voting members are allowed to vote during regular meetings as outline in Artical VIII: Voting section of our bylaws, voting restrictions are in affect during exectutive sessions of the DCC Board of Directors only.



Contact Iformation: 

Email  downtown.c.council@gmail.com

Mail  Downtown Community Council        

645 G Street, Anchorage, AK  99504



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