Turnagain Community Council meets monthly

7 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of the month, September through June


Turnagain Community Council General Meeting

Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
Lake Hood Elementary School



February Announcements

March 2 Meeting Agenda (coming soon)

February 2 Meeting Minutes (draft, to be approved at the March 2 meeting)

Handouts available at the February 2 meeting

TCC Resolution #2017-02, supporting the bench design project at Coastal Trail Mile 2.2


Upcoming Events


Land Use, License and Permit Review Committee

Are you interested in local land use issues, and want to get involved with TCC? Join the TCC Land Use, License & Permit Review Committee! For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact tccpresident@yahoo.com.


Turnagain Community Council Board Meeting

Thursday, February 16, 4 to 5 p.m. | FCC Conference Room, 1057 W. Fireweed Ln, Suite 100


Important Documents + Notices


TCC is still looking for a President for the 2017 term! Contact the board at tccpresident@yahoo.com for more information or if you are interested.


Anchorage Police Department Neighborhood Survey

The Anchorage Police Department wants to help you make your neighborhood as safe as it can be. Please take a moment to let us know about issues in your area. The information collected will be provided back to the community councils with tips on how residents and community members can implement to help reduce crime.  Please be sure to know what community council you live in and participate in meetings to hear the results. 

This survey will be open through February 28th, 2017!


Click here to take the 2017 APD survey

Traffic Calming Program 2017 Update

Cover letter

List of qualified streets for future traffic calming, based on updated traffic studies

List of culled (removed) streets from qualified list, based on updated traffic studies


Letter submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers opposing fill of Turnagain Bog wetlands on Airport property in response to the Airport's wetland fill permit application (POA-2016-500), December 22, 2016.


Letter received from the Army Corps of Engineers responding to TCC's comments, received February 9, 2017.

Sydney's Shortcut

Letter from Municipality of Anchorage Regarding Sydney's Shortcut. This letter was provided to the land owner regarding the existing easement from the 1955 plat. The letter states that the Muni will not enforce this easement, as it has determined that the easement is intended for the neighborhood's use only. Received summer 2016.

Written Statements received by TCC regarding Sydney's Shortcut

Presentations about Sydney's Shortcut (W. Wailand, neighbor) (J. Travostino, attorney for property owner)

Minutes from the October 17 2016 meeting




NOTE: email is the best contact method for our council, one of our board members will respond as soon as possible.

email tccpresident@yahoo.com

phone (907) 277-1977 (FCC office)


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