Name Description
TCC Resolution 2019-03, APF Grant Rotary Balto Seppala Zip Line Signed 4-4-19.pdf TCC Resolution 2019-03, supporting an Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant application from Anchorage Rotary Club to raise funds to install a zip line in Balto Seppala Park. Passed 4-4-19.
TCC Resolution 2019-02, APF Grant Best Beginnings Park Libraries Signed 4-4-19.pdf TCC Resolution 2019-02, supporting an Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant application from Best Beginnings to install and maintain Little Free Libraries in several parks citywide, including 3 in Turnagain: Lloyd Steele, Didlika and Kiwanis Fish Creek Parks. Passed 4-4-19.
TCCResolution2019-01_SupportBanFlameRetardantChemicals.pdf Resolution 1901-01 supporting proposed ordinance 2019-15 to ban flame retardant chemicals in consumer products. Approved at the 2/7/19 TCC meeting.
TCC Resolution 2018-02- Hillcrest-Esquire Traffic Safety Issues.pdf TCC Resolution 2018-02, Hillside Dr. - Esquire Safety. Passed at the November 1, 2018 TCC meeting.
18AMATS Draft 2019-2022 TIP TCC l. August 20 2018.pdf TCC letter RE: AMATS Draft 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program
10-14-2017-TurnagainCC-MJOnsiteConsumptionComments-Marijuana Control Board.pdf TCC letter to Marijuana Control Board RE: On-site Consumption
18TCC l. August 14 2018-Stream Setback Ordinance.pdf TCC letter to Assembly RE: Stream Setback Ordinance
2017-05 TCC Resolution GalacticaTrafficCalming.pdf Turnagain CC Resolution #2017-05, supporting traffic calming on Galactica Drive and Bridle Ln. Passed at the 6/1/2017 TCC meeting.
2017-06 TCC Resolution MovetoAmendSupport.pdf TCC Resolution 2017-06, approved at the December 7, 2017 meeting. Resolution supports the Move to Amend Anchorage policy proposal: a constitutional amendment to define personhood and not define money as political speech.
2018-01 TCC Resolution Lakeshore Dr. Truck Traffic.pdf TCC Resolution 2018-01 regarding Lakeshore Dr.
2016-07 TCC Resolution Testimony.pdf Written testimony and comments received regarding Sydney's Shortcut prior to Oct 17, 2016 special meeting.
2016-07 TCC Resolution.pdf TCC Resolution #2016-07 in support of restoring Sydney's Shortcut, an informal trail from Marston Drive to the Coastal Trail, passed at the 10/17/16 TCC special meeting. Signed.
2016-05 TCC Resolution.pdf TCC Resolution #2016-05 in support of new hours of closure for Lyn Ary Park, passed at the 9/8/16 meeting. Signed.
2016-06 TCC Resolution .pdf TCC Resolution #2016-06 in support of proposed Fish Creek Trail to the Ocean concept, passed at the 9/8/16 meeting. Signed.
2017-02TCC Resolution .pdf TCC Resolution #2017-02 supporting the bench design project by Intrinsic Landscapes at Mile 2.2 of the Coastal Trail. Passed at the February 2, 2017 TCC meeting.
2017-03 TCC Resolution.pdf Turnagain Community Council Resolution 2017-03: AMATS Freight Mobility Study, opposing proposed upgrade project to West Northern Lights, and requesting consideration of alternate routes to accommodate freight traffic. Approved at the March 2, 2017 TCC meeting.
2016-02 TCC Resolution.pdf Resolution 2016-02, supporting Chugach Electric work in Marston Park with conditions regarding tree removal, signed copy. Passed 1-7-16.
2016-01 TCC Resolution.pdf Resolution 2016-01 regarding draft Cell Tower Ordinance revisions prepared by citizen group; signed copy. Passed 1-7-16.
2016-04 TCC Resolution.pdf Resolution supporting creation of the Land Use, License and Permit Review Committee and amending the bylaws, approved by the Council on May 5, 2016
2016-03 TCC Resolution.pdf Resolution 2016-03, supporting Fish Creek Park and Barbara Street Park improvements, signed copy. Passed 1-7-16.
2016-03 TCC Res Sup Docs.pdf Supporting documentation for TCC Resolution 2016-03, including project overview about proposed improvements in both parks Fish Creek Park
2016-01 TCC Res Sup Docs.pdf Supporting documentation for TCC Resolution 2016-01, including draft report prepared by citizen group about working draft cell tower ordinance dated 11-18-15
2017-01 TCC Resolution.pdf Turnagain Resolution 2017-01 supporting the Audubon Wayside project, passed at the 1-12-17 meeting.
2017-04 TCC Resolution.pdf Turnagain CC Resolution 2017-04 - Park Ambassador program

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