Name Description
21 8272021-Planning Department Title 21 AmendmentsDowntown Plan Updates.pdf 8272021 Planning Dept. Title 21 Amendments - Downtown Plan Updates
21 Route 85 Bus Stops FINAL revised 2021-08-13.pdf Route 85 Bus Stops FINAL - revised 2021-08-13
Interpretive Panel Park Design Guide .png Interpretive Panel Park Design Guide
21Sep Private Path Connecting Coastal Trail-Aug. 2021.jpg Private Path Connecting Coastal Trail - August 2021
21 TCC-Vitus Energy Signed MOU July 15, 2021.pdf TCC Vitus Energy Signed MOU July 15, 2021
21 Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson-Turnagain CC Notes - September 2021.pdf Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson TCC Notes - September 2021
21 Vitus Energy Gas Station LANDSCAPE L102 Plan.pdf Vitus Energy Gas Station LANDSCAPE L102 Plan
21 TCC Resolution-Dempsey Ice Arena Land Disposal 06-03-21.pdf TCC Resolution-Dempsey Ice Arena Land Disposal 06-03-21
21 Rep. Matt Claman CC Update 06-01-21.pdf Rep. Matt Claman CC Update 06-01-21
21 Dempsey Concept_AgencyReviewSite Plan 04-12-21.pdf Dempsey Concept_Agency Review Site Plan 04-12-21
21 Anchorage Airport Update June 2021.pdf Anchorage Airport Update - June 2021
21 Dempsey Disposal Concept AgencyReview.pdf Dempsey Arena disposal concept design
21 Didlika Park Girl Scouts Playground Equipment Request.pdf Girl Scout Project -Didlika Park playground
21 Anchorage Pickleball Club - Fish Creek Park Courts email 5_4_21.pdf Anchorage Pickleball club
2021-Paint-the-Town-Nomination-Form.pdf Paint the town applicaton
2021 Candidates Forums flyer.pdf West Anchorage CC Candidate Forum flyer
21 Lyn Ary Park Master Plan Fig. 4 MP Graphic - Proposed Future Conditions.pdf Lyn Ary Park Master Plan graphic
21Feb17 Dedicated Parks Rezone Project Packet.pdf Comments rezone dedicated parks
2.26.21 COVID 19 Mayor's Report AHD Final.pdf Mayor's COVID Report
Feb. 8 2021-TCC l. Homeless Transient Shelter Code Amendments.pdf TCC Homeless Transient Shelter info
Appendix 1 Anchorage COVID 19 Health Risk Metrics January 28 2021.pdf DHHS Health Risk Matrix 2/26/2021
TCC updated zoom inforamtionp.pdf Updated zoom with passcode
21 Animals in Public Places Draft Code Amendment.pdf Animals in public places ordinance changes
MOA Code-Timeline for Filling Assembly Vacancies.pdf MOA Code - timeline for filling mayor position
DRAFT AO 2020-_Appt for Chair-Acting Mayor_v2 clean.pdf Draft AO2020- Acting Mayor
AM 2020 _Appt for Chair-Acting Mayor_DRAFT.v3.pdf AM 2020 replacing acting mayor
2021 Traffic Calming Qualified Streets List.pdf Traffic Calming Qualified Streets List
2021 Traffic Calming Cull List.pdf Traffic Calming cull list
TCC updated zoom inforamtion.pdf TCC virtual meeting login information January 2021
20 AnchorageFair_Flyer.pdf Anchorage Transportation Fair Nov. 18, 2020
20 SPBFlyer Final 09.25.20.pdf Spenard Beach Park construction Flyer
20 West Anchorage Snow Disposal Project FAQs.pdf West Anchorage Snow Disposal Site FAQs
20 Spenard Beach Flyer.pdf Spenard Beach Flyer
20 Local landmark register ordinance prd 6-15-2020.pdf Local Landmark Registration proposed ordinance
20 Anchorage ROW MP-111 Trespass_Mitigation_Public_Safety.pdf Alaska Railroad Right of Way flyer
2021-2022 MOA Liquor License Renewals.pdf Liquor License renewal list for 2021-2022
TCC Virtual meeting recurring Sept 2020 - Feb 2021.pdf TCC Recurring Virtual meeting information
20 Snow Disposal flyer_Update_2.pdf Snow disposal virtual meeting flyer
20 Comments TurnagainCC Front Porch Landscaping Code Chgs 11-18-2019-.pdf TCC Comment letters on Proposed Muni Code Changes RE: Front Porches & Landscaping Requirements
12Aug Anch Wetlands Master Plan - TCC comments.pdf 12 August TCC Board's comments about the Anchorage Wetlands Management Plan Update
12-3-2015-TCC Wayfinding Icons Committee Input.pdf Wayfinding and Signage Committee comments on draft icons and graphic elements for Anchorage trails, submitted December 2015
12-22-2016-TCC l. Corps Fill Permit in Turnagain Bog.pdf Turnagain CC letter regarding Turnagain Bog
TCC_MartySmithNamingPresentation_12-5-19.pdf Presentation: Marty Smith Naming Panel Recommendation, given at December 5, 2019 TCC meeting.
19 Spenard Beach Amenity Flyer.pdf Spenard Beach Park Improvements – Site Plan & Amenity Placement
19 Turnagain CC Letter for Turnagain Social Club Oct 2019_Signed.pdf TCC Letter in support of Turnagain Social Club, approved by TCC at the October 3, 2019 meeting.
2020-2021 MOA Liquor License Renewals_Sep2019.pdf TCC - MOA Liquor license renewals in CC
2019 ANC Construction-Projects.pdf 2019 Construction projects in TCC area
2019 Proposed Bus Route Options Map.pdf Proposed Bus route within TCC area
19 Education Forum Final 3-27-19.pdf Turnagain PTA Education Forum 3/27/19
19 AO 2019-15_Flame Retardant Chemical Assembly Ordinance re flame retardant chemicals
Dec2018-TurnagainCC_Comments_TLCLeaseApplication.pdf TCC Comments re lease to be voted on at January 2019 meeting
18Earthquake Misc. Resources.pdf Earthquake resources compiled by TCC board
18Anch 2040 R-2 Zones Project Update 12-4-18.pdf TCC - flyer for R2 rezone information - infill
18Earthquake Assistance State Hotline Flyer - 2018.pdf Earthquake Assistance hotline flyer
18TLC Properties LLC - LL app (04 Aug 17).pdf TCC Property transfer info
18 TCC LUCom Comments R-2 Code Changes Discussion Draft.pdf TCC Comments on Land Use changes, approved at the November 1, 2018 TCC meeting.
TCC Officer Election, 2019 Term, Ballot.pdf Ballot for election of 2019 TCC officers. Election will be held at November 1, 2018 meeting.
18Anch2040 Compatible-scale Infil Housing CommunityDiscussionDraft.pdf MOA - 2040 Compatible Infill Housing document
18-10 2017-2018 Liquor-Current Licenses-2.pdf TCC Current Liquor license renewals - October 2018
18Anchored Home Public Review Draft.pdf Anchored Home public review draft document
18AMATS Draft 2019-2022 TIP TCC l. August 20 2018.pdf AMATS Draft 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program
2016_TurnagainBlvdSt_OpenHouse_1-13-16.pdf Announcement of Turnagain Blvd/St design project, Open House scheduled for Weds January 13, 2016
Hillcrest School Crosswalk Construction Notice 9-1-15.pdf Construction Notice, Hillcrest School Crosswalk, September 2015
18Feb1 TCC DDRAFT Addendum to ADU.pdf 18Feb1 Proposed Addendum to TCC Approved Comments on Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance
2017-TCC - ADL 56109 public notice_AWWU Tower.pdf Information on AWWU Tower
TCC Annual Financial Report FY 2017.pdf TCC FY 2017 Financial Report
17Nov2 2018 Officer-Board Candidates attachment (003).pdf TCC Board - officer candidates November 2017
DRAFT AMENDMENTS-11-2-2017-TurnagainCC Bylaws Adopted 5-5-2016.pdf Draft TCC bylaws
Illustration 2 Map-AO 2001-151 (S-2).pdf Turnagain Bog supporting documents
14Sept18 MOU with West and Romig for Event Parking Management.pdf 9/18/14 MOU for the Traffic and Parking Management of Events at West High and Romig Middle School. Signed 9/18/14.
Muni_2017PropertyAppraisal.pdf Presentation from Municipal Assessor about 2017 property appraisal process, February 2017
2017_MinnesotaRepaving_FactSheets.pdf Fact sheets about pavement preservation plans for two sections of Minnesota Drive in 2017, first from 15th to Tudor and second from Tudor to the Seward Highway. Fact sheets from January 2017.
TCC Annual Financial Report FY 2016.pdf Turnagain CC FY 2016 Financial report
Turnagain Blvd Improvements, Comment Letter 2-4-16.pdf Comment letter by Turnagain St/Blvd Committee, presented for comment at February 4, 2016 meeting. Approved by the council with one amendment.
2015-10-02 TCC Letter to Holden Beach re Right of Way.pdf Letter approved at October TCC meeting to send to owners of 2803 Marston Drive in regard to the right of way now blocked by construction of a new house, signed
TCC Survey, Cover Letter.pdf Turnagain Neighborhood Survey, summer 2015 cover letter, sent to Mayor's office on 9-9-15
TCC Survey Summary 9-6-15.pdf Final version of TCC neighborhood survey, summer 2015, sent to Mayor's office on 9-9-15
TCC Survey Summary, PRESENT 9-3-15.pdf Summary results from the summer 2015 Turnagain CC survey, prepared for September 3 TCC meeting
15July26 Turnagain BBQ Poster.pdf 7/26/15 Turnagain Neighborhood BBQ poster
Draft Anchorage Pedestrian Plan Comments 4-27-2007.pdf Comments on Draft Anchorage Pedestrian Plan - April 27, 2007
Runway 7R Extension Env Assessment Comments 2-4-2010.pdf Runway 7R Extension Envir Assessment Comments 2-4-2010
TCC Comments on Draft 2010 Heritage Land Bank Annual Work PLan and 2011-2015 Five Year Management Plan.pdf TCC 2-4-2010 Comments on Heritage Land Bank Workplans
TCC COMMENTS_Replat_PJK_2-1-11.pdf TCC February 1 2011 Comments to Platting Board on AWWU Simonson Tract Subdivision Waiver Request
TCC Board Letter_on_Simonson Re-Plat Reconsideration.pdf Letter to Platting Board on Reconsideration of Simonson Replat Decision of January 4, 2006
14Nov TCC Committee list.pdf TCC Committees List (As of November 2014)
13Oct28_Property Tax Reduction Community Discussions.pdf Attachment 1
13Oct15_AWWU Proposed Projects.pdf Attachment 3
13Oct15_AWWU Coordination w ANC Master Plan.pdf Attachment 3
13Oct15_AWWU 2013-2014 Master Plan Info..pdf Attachment 3
13Oct08_Citizen Task Force Recommendations on Public Hearing Process.pdf Attachment 2
13Nov05 DRAFT Community Council Default Bylaws.pdf Attachment 1
13Sept27 Draft Community Councils AO.pdf Attachment 1
CC Boundary Reviews PRINCIPLES.pdf Attachment 2
Community Council Boundary Review 2013.ppt Attachment 2
14July24 Pt Wornozof Park event.pdf 7/24/14 Point Woronzof Park event
14May5 Title 21 Supportive Housing.pdf
14FEB6 TCC resolution on Group Living Municipal Code Title 21 Proposal.pdf 2/14 TCC Resolution on the Group Living Municipal Code Title 21 Proposal
14Apr12 March for Parks flyer.pdf 4/12/14 March for Parks event flyer
13June11 Notice of Street Rehabilitation in Turnagain.pdf 6/11/13 Notice of Street Rehabilitation in Turnagain
13Jun3 - Indoor Tennis Court - Legislative Funding.pdf 13June3 Issues regarding the funding of indoor tennis courts in front of Dempsey Ice Arena
13May23 Alts Mtg-cond flyer.pdf
13May AO 2013-63(S) Proposed Ordinance Amending Public Testimony Procedures.pdf Proposed Municipal ordinance to regulate testimony at Anchroage Assembly meetings.
Public Testimony AO 2013-63.pdf AO 2013-63 Ordinance that would limit Assembly hearing public testimony opportunities.
13April2 DRAFT WestRomig Improvements TCC Committee Recommendations.pdf 4/3/13 DRAFT TCC West/Romig Committee Recommendations on the Proposed West/Romig Outdoor PE & Sports Facility Improvements
12Aug31 2012 AWMP comments.pdf 12Aug31 TCC Comments on the Anchorage Wetlands Management Plan

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