Name Description
MHCC Resolution 2016-XX - regarding amending sign standards.pdf MHCC Resolution 2016-XX regarding amending sign standards. Passed 2/16/16 - 3 in favor, 2 opposed, 0 abstaining
14Apr1 MHCC Resolution about U-Med.pdf MHCC Resolution regarding U-Med road project
12 MHCC Resolution 1 - Title 21 Re-write Resolution-MHCC_HECC_01-19-2012.pdf A Resolution Regarding the Title 21 Rewrite
11 MHCC Resolution 4 - Opposing KABATA.pdf Opposing the use of public funding for construction and operation of the Knik Arm Brdige and Toll Authority (KABATA)
11 MHCC Resolution 3 - OMalleyRdTrails.pdf MHCC Resolution RE: location of trails in regards to the reconstucion of O'Malley Road Project
11 MHCC Resolution 2 - Grendahl Encroachment MHCC HECC.pdf MHCC & HECC Resolution RE: encroachment into Far North Bicentennial Park at Grendahl Property
11 MHCC Resolution 1 - Habilitative Care Facility c.u.p..pdf MHCC Resolution on Habilitative Care Facility Conditional Use Permit May 21, 2011
12 MHCC Resolution 2 - Regarding Changes to Master Site Plans for ASD Facilities.pdf MHCC Resolution regarding Changes to Site Plans for Anchorage School District facilities
07 MHCC Resolution 1 -Title 21.pdf MHCC Resolution Title 21
11 MHCC Resolution 5.pdf In support of amending the Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2035 (MTP2035) to include missing points defined and recommended in the Hillside District Plan
HHCC Resolution 2016 #1 Cellphone Towers.pdf
06 MHCC Resolution 1 - on the Sign Ordinance.pdf Opposes the changes to the present sign ordinance
05 MHCC Resolution 1 - Large Animal Ordinance Resolution.pdf In support of Large Domestic Animal facilities and keeping purview under Title 17 (Animal Control)

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