Name Type Date Modified Description
18Alcohol renewal notices for OSOVCC Nov. 2018.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Nov 26 09:39:22 AKST 2018 Alcohol renewal notices in OSOVCC area - November 2018
18OSOVCC Rep Young letter ARTA.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Apr 20 10:10:18 AKDT 2018 OSOVCC letter from Rep. Don Young regarding Alaska Railroad
18OSOVCC ltr from Rep. Kopp Response to the Ownership and Exclusive Control of the Alaska Railroad (on letterhead)_.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Apr 20 10:09:41 AKDT 2018 OSOVCC letter from Rep. Chuck Kopp regarding Alaska Railroad
18Mar28 OSOVCC-Cook Inlet Housing.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Mar 22 10:42:50 AKDT 2018 Cook Inlet Housing meeting
Relevant Alaska Statutes SelfDefense.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Oct 23 14:56:12 AKDT 2017 These are relevant statues that refer to self defense from State Department of Law
17OSOVCC Letter Application Marijuana Grow #12166.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Apr 18 14:16:25 AKDT 2017 OSOVCC Letter regarding marijuana grow operation March 2017
150710 Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program Qualified Cover Letter.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Sun Sep 20 20:39:22 AKDT 2015 7/10/15 Traffic Calming Cover Letter
140211 Stephenson Park Concept Board-11x17.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Sat Feb 15 18:48:34 AKST 2014 2/11/14 Stephenson Park--Park profile and report card
140211 Oceanview Park Concept_ParkReportCard-11x17.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Sat Feb 15 18:45:54 AKST 2014 2/11/14 Oceanview Park--Park Profile and Report Card
13Oct24 Letter to AKRR about RRUP.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Oct 24 16:22:58 AKDT 2013 13Oct24 Letter to the Alaska Railroad about the proposed Right-of-Way policy
13Aug30 Klatt Johns Roundabout.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Aug 22 14:46:35 AKDT 2013 8/30/13 Proposed Roundabout at the intersection of Johns and Klatt Roads
13Mar13 OSOVCC - VFW Post 9981 Renewal Application.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 15 11:08:03 AKDT 2013 March 13, 2013 Liquor License Renewal Application for VFW Post #9981 located at 9191 Old Seward Highway
13Feb28_Storm Drains.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 15 11:06:30 AKDT 2013 123rd Ave/Ellen Ave/Pettis Ave Storm Drain: Mary Ave to Johns Rd - 2013 Legislature Project Snapshop Report
13Feb28_Oceanview LED.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 15 11:06:09 AKDT 2013 Oceanview Streetlight Conversion - 2013 Legislature Project Snapshop Report
13Feb28_120th Ave Upgrades.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 15 11:05:55 AKDT 2013 120th Avenue Upgrade: Johns Rd to Old Seward Hwy - 2013 Legislature Project Snapshop Report
13Feb28_Furrow Creek.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Mar 15 11:05:01 AKDT 2013 Furrow Creek at Clippership Ct and Mariner Dr Culvert Upgrades - 2013 Legislature Project Snapshop Report
13Feb 2013 Park Foundation Request.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Feb 13 09:46:54 AKST 2013 2/13 2013 OSOVCC Anchorage Park Foundation Legislative Requests
12Dec OSOVCC LED lights letter to Rep. Johnson.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jan 10 10:20:08 AKST 2013 LED lights - Letter to Rep. Johnson, December 2012
12Dec13 Johns Road Open House.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Dec 10 11:44:53 AKST 2012 Johns Road project meeting Thursday December 13, 2012

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