Brought to you by YOUR Russian Jack Community Council.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month (except July and August) at the Wonder Park Elementary School. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.


The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.






Have questions - call

Ed Leach  644-8465

Fred McLeary 632-0898 

Lisa McGuire 952-7462 or

Kendra Kloster 957-6076 or email

Sherry Wright 337-8404




Remember - whether it concerns such things as: schools, construction projects, city/state budgets, crime/gang activity, the Russian Jack Community Patrol, Parks & Recreation, roads, bond issues, resolving complaints, meeting your elected State & local Officials face-to-face, or just finding out “who to call” - if it’s happening in our neighborhood, the Russian Jack Community Council is where you’ll very likely hear about it first. 


To improve our neighborhood:

YOU must get involved - become informed on the issues – and participate!


Have questions? 

call Ed Leach at home at 644-8465

Fred McLeary at 632-0898

Lisa McGuire 952-7462

Kendra Kloster






Welcome to the Russian Jack Community Council.  While we are proud of all our parks - Russian Jack Springs, Dave Rose, Kanchee, San Antonio and Williwaw - we are concerned with more than these gems.  Quality of life, including crime prevention, and educational achievement of our children are of high importance.


We are a very diverse community - half of us belong to ethnic minorities.  60% of us own our residences, which vary from single family homes to mobile homes to 4 - plexes to apartments.  Yet we share the desire for a family friendly community.


But we are not divisive.  Our meetings are collegial and neighborly, with everyone being heard respectfully.  Besides the presentation of a speaker each month, there are lively exchanges with our elected representatives.


So come participate with your neighbors! 

Join us and make your voice heard!



































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