Tracey Knutson, Chair;

             Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle, John Gallup, Nick Danger

Meeting Minutes

Girdwood Board of Supervisors                 

July 18, 2005

Glacier City Hall


Present:  Tracey Knutson, Chair; Marcus Tingle, Victor Duncan, Nick Danger

                              (John Gallup:  excused absence)


Call to Order:  7:00 pm, by Tracey Knutson, Chair




Approval of Minutes:

  1. Regular Monthly Meeting June 20, 2005.   Nick Danger MOVES to approve the minutes as presented; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


  1. LUC/GBOS special meeting for Chapter 9, Title 21, May 25, 2005.  Victor Duncan MOVES to approve the minutes as presented; Danger SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.



  1. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Girdwood post office on Tuesday, July 5, 2005, Senator Stevens and the Postmaster General announced that there will be a Community Bulletin Board.

Knutson shares this will be an outdoor bulletin board.  Arrangements are still underway.


  1. Girdwood General Fund Balance.

Knutson reads the Fund Balance as provided by the MOA:  as of June 30, 2005,

total Fund Balance after set-asides is one hundred seven thousand seven hundred and ten dollars ($107, 710.).


  1. The next GBOS quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is scheduled for July 28, 2005, 12 to 2 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall. 


  1. A joint public hearing of the Anchorage Assembly and the Planning and Zoning Commission re: Case 2005-096- Chapter 9: Girdwood Land Use Regulations is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20, 2005, at the Columbia Ballroom of the Alyeska Prince Hotel.  The public is invited to attend.


Knutson confirms this meeting begins at 7 pm. 


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

  1. Assembly Members, Chris Birch and Janice Shamberg.

Chris Birch is not present this evening.  Janice Shamberg notes for the Board she will be in attendance at the joint public hearing on Wednesday evening; there is an official MOA van provided for transportation.  Shamberg will also be at the Mayor’s quarterly meeting with the GBOS on July 28, 2005.  Her report to the GBOS:

o      AEDC (Anchorage Economic Development Corporation) will give an update to the MOA on July 20th.

o      Work Session on July 22nd:  Assembly going through the ethics code:  been on going for years; also, will be going over Title 21 for a couple of hours.

o      Workshop on July 28th:  on Context Sensitive Design for roads.  Shamberg introduced a resolution while on AMATS that has been very well received to include Context Sensitive Design to any MOA roadways so that the same template is not always followed and individual concerns and issues are considered.

o      Assembly Meeting on July 26th:

§       Officially award to Dowl Engineering an almost $1 million contract to design the Tudor and Lake Otis intersection. 

§       Will be hopefully finishing up testimony on bike helmet ordinance.

§       Changes in towing operators: what they can do, etc.

§       Relaxing taxes on rental cars.

§       Ratify the new Anchorage Convention Center location.

Shamberg then asks the Board if they are really comfortable with Chapter 9, Title 21 as it is now.  Knutson shares that is not necessarily true; the last action the GBOS did was at the joint meeting when the list of resolutions compiled by community members was voted by the Board to be forwarded to MOA Planning to be thoughtfully incorporated into the public review draft for early June 2005.  Notes that most of them have been incorporated.  Asks the GBOS secretary to forward the list to Shamberg. Knutson also notes there are plenty of people who are very watchful of what is going on with the document.   Diane Powers notes that at the July 12th LUC meeting, there were several motions passed to be brought forward to tonight’s GBOS meeting (mostly “tweakings”).  Knutson pleased to see the LUC was no longer of the ‘stop it, we don’t want it’ frame of mind.  Seems to be forward motion.

Adds she is one of the ones interested in forward motion but acknowledges not everyone feels that way.  Shamberg says that is the same situation in Anchorage with Title 21.  Powers said it was brought up:  having some kind of test run to see how much it will cost Girdwood to incorporate the new Chapter 9.  Will there be relief for those becoming non-compliant due to the passing of Chapter 9?  Knutson says the same question was brought up at the joint LUC/GBOS meeting and Tom Nelson of Planning said ‘no’.  Shamberg asks if the people of Girdwood have to rebuild to become compliant?  Powers shares that is only the case when a property owner attempts to sell their home/property.  Knutson says the question was asked about reducing a rate for variance.  Were told the MOA’s attitude is that ‘those who cause, are required to pay’.  Not led to believe any great consideration for giving Girdwood any special deal.  This feeling is probably municipal-wide.  Shamberg offers she was going to talk with Tom Nelson about this and asks the Board if they could help her with their best argument for this.  Knutson suggests talking with George McCoy.  But, also, suggests that, the most compelling argument might be this:  historically, Girdwood has not been subject to building rules, sort of ‘jungle rules’.  That was okay with the MOA.  The MOA has been happy enough to accept Girdwood’s taxes.  And to now say ‘all of you who we willingly allowed to create properties along these lines, now we’re going to nail you for it’ in the end…. thinks there’s an element of unfairness about that.  Had Girdwood always been subject to building codes that everyone else was subject to, it would be a different story/sentiment.  Had the MOA wanted Girdwood to operate in a certain way, would have been subject to codes.  Has to be some consideration backwards.  Powers notes that is true for both building codes and zoning enforcements.  Shamberg asks what does the Board think Girdwood would want in terms of reduction of fees?  Knutson says very hesitant to represent all thought on this issue for Girdwood.  In the resolutions sent forward at the joint meeting, two (2) things were striking:  1) (not personally in favor) all improved Girdwood properties be grandfathered.  Seems to defeat the purpose of the new regulations in a lot of ways.  That motion received some fairly strong support.  Also, 2) discussion:  once properties considered non-conforming should be entitled to receive non-conforming rights document at a minimum fee in order to sell property.  What told at joint meeting was that the fee was expensive:  over a thousand dollars ($1,000).  Been asking of fees can be reduced.  To summarize: 

o      MOA is complicit in Girdwood properties becoming non-conforming.  Needs to participate in resolving issue and not just putting it on the checkbooks of Girdwood people.  Suggests Shamberg talk to both LUC Chair, Larry Daniels and George McCoy.


Public Questions:


Powers asks re: Lake Otis and Tudor:  will a cloverleaf be considered?

Shamberg notes that is too expensive; will do turn lanes because of expense.  An overpass was discussed:  this appears too expensive as well.  Have to consider what happens at next intersection.  Have to consider budget.


  1. Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.

Eash and Ward are not present.  Knutson reads the written HLB report into the record.  Highlights include:

o      Congratulations to the Forest Fair Committee for another successful event.  Illegal camping continues in the area permitted for camping during the event, and efforts to discourage this continue.  Fire safety is a paramount concern.  Camping not permitted on municipal land.  Fires prohibited except for cooking in approved containers.

o      The Trails Committee asked HLB for a permit to construct a new trail in the Beaver Pond area, connecting California Creek with the Bird to Gird Trail.  Construction has begun.

o      The Assembly held a work session to consider the proposed exchange of HLB land for a portion of Tim Cabana’s property.  An Assembly hearing will take place on July 26th to consider the proposal.

o      HLB will commence towing vehicles parking on the parcel adjoining Ski View Condos on the south.  Available for public parking during the day;  no overnight parking or camping permitted.

o      Reminder:  Glacier Creek dike in the Old Townsite is reserved for use by emergency vehicles and local residents only.  The dike is in poor condition, and use by vehicles will further degrade it.  Safety is a concern.

o      CKC well house removal update:  Glacier Creek continues to undercut the foundation.  HLB intends to complete the demolition process after the creek bed freezes.


  1. LUC report by one of the LUC officers.

LUC Chair, Larry Daniels gives the LUC July 12, 2005, meeting report.  Notes there are several motions regarding amendments to Chapter 9.  The first motion, however, was the USFS request for an easement along CCR for a parking lot.


Motion:  that LUC go ahead and approve this parking easement with the opportunity to see the design for review when it’s ready.  1. Powers/ 2. Zacarro PASSED (9-0-2)


On Chapter 9, several motions (underlining indicates change to document per the motion):


Motion:  to change the June Draft, Page 80, I.  Fences and Walls, Paragraph 1 to read: ’Fences up to eight (8) feet in height are permitted in side and rear setback areas, where needed for child safety, privacy, security, or animal control.  However, in no case shall fences extend into more than one (1) setback and for more than 20% of the total linear perimeter of the lot.  Fences are prohibited in the front setback.’ 1. Halverson/ 2. Powers PASSED (7-2-2)

The object:  not to let the fences end up like most urban settings and to leave plenty of space for animals to migrate through the neighborhood.  Offering homeowners a way to fence part of their lot and still provide safety for children, pets and mobility of wild animals (i.e. moose, bear).  The way it originally read:  had more than one (1) setback and was set at 30%.


Motion:  to change the June Draft, Page 83, 6.  Parking Lot Landscaping to read ‘Public and private parking lots shall have a twenty (20) foot landscaped break in any line of parking spaces over twenty (20) cars long and a minimum fifteen (15) foot landscaped strip between every other double-loaded bay of cars.  For parking lots over one hundred forty (140) spaces or less than sixty (60), a landscaped strip twenty (20) feet in width shall be required between every other bay.’  1. Zacarro/ 2. Powers PASSED (6-0-5)

Object:  recommended by Marco Zacarro by his experience of attempting to fit parking in the Demain project in the main part of town.  Allows lot to be appropriately used while still having more than adequate landscaping and parking.

Motion:  to adopt Larry Daniel’s list of amendments to the Administration and Review Procedures (for resorts).  1. Daniels/ 2. Powers PASSED (8-0-1)

Object:  Removed director’s option to make recommendations; would like it up to Planning and Zoning to make additional requirements.  It tells future developers of resort areas what they will have to do. They can then map out and understand all the conditions they will have to meet versus current situation which is having an unknown number of conditions in a proposed development.  The director can also take a look at outlined, required conditions and actually relieve a developer from having to do a particular one if it makes sense for the proposed project. 

Some of the particular amendments include: mapping requirements: a minimum amount of one hundred to two hundred (100-200) feet.  Also, change a general description of vegetation and habitat if required by director.  Amend to include traffic study, if required by director; an analysis of offsite impacts for utilities and public services, including impact on public schools, fire, police services as required by director. Detailed discussion of conformance with GAP, Girdwood Transportation Plan, Trail Plan and other current Girdwood area planning documents as required by director. 




Knutson asks if this motion is the assurance to the developer that they’re not going to have additional requisites put on them from some other entity?  Daniels answers that it doesn’t prevent additional requirements:  staff can decide as a condition of approval to add more items onto the developer.  But it does outline more specifically the plans and studies that the developer would have to accomplish on the front end so that there are fewer surprises.  If take example of Alyeska Resort’s conditional uses in mid-80’s:  had to have building inspections as directed by staff.  That would come now from Planning and Zoning decision rather than a staff decision.  Looking for a little more democratic process for the larger developments. Also identified specific areas to become area master plans instead of conditional use areas.   Finally, asked to remove netting and control blankets for strip areas on ski trails:  it was so in original writing of document, but was missed in final document.


Board Questions:


Danger comments that they did a good job on the motion.  Done very well.

Knutson notes that Janice (Shamberg) had asked for specific concerns from Girdwood in revisions to Chapter 9.  Says to Daniels (who joined the meeting late) the resolution list from the joint meeting was going to be forwarded to her.  Also, shared the discussion for ‘grandfathering’ or variance fees for Girdwood property owners.  Daniels says there is going to be fewer fees due to changes in the draft regulations since the joint LUC/GBOS meeting.  One of the things is it provides an opportunity for flexibility in setbacks (side yard setbacks).  Also, a suggestion was put forth by Tom Nelson to a year or two period to offer Girdwood property owners a reduced set fee to correct non-conforming property issues.  MOA Planning recognizes this as a fair way to take care of the non-compliance situations. Daniels continues that he understood the fee to be about two hundred fifty dollars ($250).  Tom Nelson offered that non-compliance cases are usually billed at one hundred fifteen ($115) an hour:  rarely more than an hour for most cases.  Knutson asks what the thousand dollar ($1000) number was that was talked about earlier.  Daniels agreed that at the joint meeting the amounts being discussed were much higher.  Isn’t sure about the difference.  Suspects on complex issues where hourly rate is applied that the fee is usually more.   Knutson asks Daniels for Janice’s sake what the best argument to go forward with to have consideration of some grandfathering or fee reduction.  Daniels agrees that property owners through no fault of their own becomes non-conforming and cannot get traditional financing because of a new regulation imposed upon them by the governing body….needs to be addressed with reduced fees.  Also, cannot be assured that the fee will stay the same several years from now.

Knutson asks if there were other LUC issues that were acted on.  Daniels reviews LUC meeting minutes.  All other items were either postponed or received no action due to no representation of the agenda item.  Notes he contacted the MOA re: Restivo’s case:  the MOA had no objection to the proposed flag lot.  Also, Demain case was a utility easement vacation and didn’t require LUC action. 


Old Business:


  1. Amendment of and Action on GBOS Proposed Resolution 2005-07 ‘Regarding Phase II of the Girdwood Streets and Drainage Improvements Program’ due to information presented on flood plain issues by consultant Jacques Boutet at the GBOS June 20, 2005 meeting.

Knutson reviews the history of the proposed Resolution 2005-07.  Discussed in April and May:  brought forward for action.  Resolution deals with appropriation of federal economic grant monies for Phase II.  Because of information presented last month by Jacques Boutet, Girdwood will be forced to do flood mitigation measures (installation of culverts) in the 100 year flood plain as part of Phase II.  Under FEMA regulations, cannot spend the grant money in a flood plain.  Also, notes it has brought existing properties in that flood plain possibly not saleable or available for commercial lending, etc.  Adds she has written a request to congressional delegation to replace the money needed to address the flood plain mitigation need.  Also, the MOA (under Howard Holtan, MOA P,M&E) has assured the Board they will be applying to FEMA for flood relief on Girdwood’s behalf.  Knutson reads resolution making a change in the signing date to July 18, 2005 and adjusts the ‘project/cost’ portion of the resolution to delete ‘Alyeska Highway Gateway’ for $1,200,000 (one million two hundred thousand dollars) and insert ‘California/Glacier Creek Flood Culverts (flood mitigation)’ for $1,000,000 (one million dollars).  A remaining two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) amount from the total dollar amount of Phase II monies ($2,700,00) has been placed into the item ‘Town Square Park (reduced scope)’.




Shamberg asks what the Gateway was?  Knutson notes it was a welcoming concept; also traffic calming in the Crow Creek Road area on Alyeska Highway on approach to ‘downtown’ Girdwood.  Alison Rein asks if one (1) of the new culverts will also act as a pedestrian walkway under the highway.  Knutson answers ‘no’ as the 100-year flood event comes it will be flowing as fast as the Russian River or Kenai River:  people in culvert would likely perish.  Also, it’s a directional issue:  the effect is to disperse the water coming down Glacier Creek, so the culverts would be aimed to accept water and disperse it.  Powers asks about the existing and separate six hundred thousand  ($600,000) grant money for drainage:  will the flood mitigation affect this grant?  Knutson says no:  this is a more massive drainage problem and will be addressed by the federal economic grant.  Some of that $600,000 grant money is earmarked for a Girdwood drainage master plan.  Jeannie Sherman asks if the whole downtown area of Girdwood under the flood plain.  Knutson answers that about half of it is.  Powers asks if the 1995 flood was a 100-year flood.  Knutson answers no:  a 100-year event is a ‘riproarer’.  Danger says it would be catastrophic.

Knutson says the hydrologist says the volume of Glacier Creek would increase tremendously and would spread:  approximately sixty feet (60’) deep.  No real choice but to back up and take care of the flood issue.


Duncan MOVES that the GBOS adopt Resolution 2005-07 to the new wording discussed which includes the new date of July 18, 2005, and the flood mitigation culverts instead of the Gateway project; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.  Knutson asks that the signed resolution be forwarded to the MOA consultants for their use.


  1. Ongoing ramifications of recent Seward Highway death.

Knutson says that most know of long-time community member Diane Bahnson’s death on the Seward Highway in June.  She notes there have been a number of community members that have sent forward letters to representatives In the legislature and to Alaska DOT: suggestions for continued construction between Anchorage and Girdwood.  Most notably, Chris Von Imhof of Alyeska Resort has written a very well thought-out letter regarding construction on the Seward Highway.  The Board is wanting to take the series of letters and put them under GBOS letterhead and forward them on to legislative delegation, MOA representatives, the Mayor, the Governor’s office, and AKDOT indicating the Board supports of additional construction efforts along that highway. 




Daniels suggests the primary issue at this time is the planning process: what type of road is being planned.  The current DOT plan is to continue with the three (3) lane ‘suicide’ process all the way to Anchorage.  Von Imhof’s letter is to suggest that a much more satisfactory proposal would be to design a four (4) lane road with two (2) lanes with the Alaska Railroad in the middle.  Far less disruptions to Girdwood, the Kenai Peninsula and everybody else.  Probably a cheaper process to build given the experience they (DOT) had on Bird Flats.  The thrust of the letter is to capture the planning process now without letting them get further down the road.  Knutson thanks Daniels for the clarification.  Indicates the letter the Board intends to write supports/ asks DOT to sit down and meet with the Board and the people from the community exactly about that issue.  Have currently a bit of a stake with DOT now as they have upset our favorite senator by stating they don’t want to take any input from you on this Crow Creek process.  That attitude isn’t going to work.  Jeannie Sherman asks if the Board has thought of contacting other communities/community councils down the Peninsula to ask them to participate in the letter (Hope, Seward, etc., all the way to Homer):  everyone has to drive that road.  Janice Shamberg notes she was almost wiped out tonight driving down to Girdwood for the meeting:  someone passing was in her lane, head-on.  Also notes she was personal friends with the Weisers who were killed a couple of years ago.  Asks if there is a map that shows where most accidents occur?  Knutson says she doesn’t have info, but feels the troopers may have something. Danger says that from being on the Fire Department crew, he can confirm that the worst section of the highway is from Beluga Point to Indian.  There have also been several near McHugh Creek.  Knutson asks for a resolution from the Board:  offers to write a letter to do what Daniels is saying. While the planning process is going on would like to have input and ideas.


Tingle MOVES that the GBOS write a letter to Alaska DOT as proposed by Knutson;  Duncan SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.

Knutson to write letter and provide ‘cc’ list.


  1. Discussion of road repairs for Girdwood Valley, Marcus Tingle.

Tingle, Roads Supervisor reviews list of road repairs passed on from previous Roads Supervisor, Dave Sears.  The five (5) sites continue to have maintenance problems.  Have a ‘drainage account’ that has sixty two thousand dollars ($62,000).   Had an appointment with hydrologist, Bob Butera of HDR on Friday.  Hasn’t given recommendations on individual sites yet, but would like to share the list.  Received price quote for each location.  A few quotes will have to be re-worked with HDR’s (the hydrologist’s) recommendations.  The sites are:

o      Establish adequate drainage on both sides of Timberline where is intersects the Alyeska Highway:  all water drains onto Timberline and forms large potholes.  Hydrologist said it will require cleaning out the drainage ditches on both sides.   Redmond’s price quote to do work:

$7500 (seventy five hundred dollars)

o      Install a new culvert on Stowe at Alpine and Higher Terrace.  A glaciation problem:  in front of Demain’s property.  Currently a culvert there but insufficient.  A big water event could erode and directly hit Demain’s house.  Want to place a culvert at a new angle to relieve pressure.

Redmond’s quote to do work:  $6500 (sixty five hundred dollars)

o      Establish a drainage ditch on the lower side of Alpine Avenue on the basin side of the highway.  At Okemo, last year installed a new culvert and it dumps directly into the back of private property.  No drainage ditch down Alpine.  The hydrologist want to come up with a solution:  to run a drainage directly down Alpine will create other problems.  Redmond’s preliminary price quote to do work: $6700 (sixty seven hundred dollars)

o      Re-culvert Alyeska Creek and no name creek where they cross Mount Hood, Davos and Tahoe Circle to help prevent freezing and glaciation that keeps occuring.  The hydrologist thinks the culverts under road are inadequate.  The one at Mt. Hood looks like an old railroad car with the ends cut off of it.  Needs to be larger.  Also, a hole rusted through existing culvert.  Alyeska Creek between Mt Hood and Davos:  spreads out and creates erosion and glaciation.  To change the creek bed to become narrower and deeper would help prevent glaciation.  Hydrologist is coming up with recommendations for that site.  Redmond’s price quote before hydrologist input:  $10,500 (ten thousand five hundred dollars).

o      Muck out drainage ditch from Seward Highway culvert to the Inlet water culvert:  approximately three hundred feet (300’).  In talking to several MOA representative, Fish and Game has said no, due to salmon fry.

The hydrologist looked at it:  basically just plugged up with vegetation and sand.  There is a fish specialist at HDR that he will speak to.  Thinks perhaps a better habitat if fish can pass through the culvert more easily.

Redmond’s price quote to clean out:  $10,000 (ten thousand dollars).

                    Tingle mentions that Bob Redmond had quoted ‘high’ on bids to cover unknowns. 

                    Knutson asks about Seward Highway culvert:  who owns that property because it will

                    require a permit to drive a piece of equipment on there.  Tingle doesn’t know yet. 

                    Duncan confirms location.  Acknowledges it is full of silt.  Powers asks if HLB owns

                    the land.  Daniels said it was platted land.  Duncan says the fish don’t incubate and

                    spawn there:  the fish are up in the gravels.  Knutson recalls Art Eash of HLB as the

                    person who addressed the Board about the situation previously. 

                    Knutson says it sounds like the Timberline project:  not a good idea to address as a

                    sole project as there are other roads in the same situation such as Alyeska Avenue a              and should solve all at the same time.  Mt Hood/ Alyeska Creek project:  a nightmare

                    to cross that road.  As remain in discussion to get the other half of the economic

                    development grant returned from the DOT to the MOA, the likelihood a valley-wide

                    project within the next few years seems a wiser way to address some of those

                    problems.  Alpine/Stowe culvert problem:  that is a very immediate problem and

                    would support getting that repaired right away.  Tingle agrees with Knutson’s assess-

                    ment of # 1;  feels the most important direction for the Board is to protect as much

                    real estate as possible.  The Alyeska Creek /Davos/ Mt Hood problem:  floods two

                    (2) houses annually.  Knutson says the problem she has with the last three (3) items

                    on the list is waiting for the hydrologist to get back with the Board with recommenda-

                    tions and specific suggestions.  Expects the info will be available by the next meet-



                    Public Questions:


                    Jeannie Sherman notes that she supports the Demain culvert repair as well.  The

                    area was fine prior to Demain’s house being built.  However, the builder re-routed

                    the water.  It has to be fixed.  A lot of money has already been spent:  the Red-

                    monds are out there all the time. 

                    Alison Rein asks if the culvert at the Seward Highway is flooding and wants to know        

                    if that is the issue.  Knutson says it backs up water into Old Girdwood.  Tingle says

                    Gold Avenue has standing water on both sides even when it’s been sunny for days.

                    Rein confirms it is under the Seward Highway: a state highway issue maybe?

                    Tingle says it doesn’t appear to have a tide gate on it.  Culvert on Girdwood side

                    is completely under water on inlet side.  Sears was shut down a year or two ago on

                    this project.


                    Tingle MOVES the GBOS approve the replacement of the culvert at Stowe on

                    Alpine Avenue at Higher Terrace;  Duncan SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in


                    Knutson asks that this agenda item be carried forward to the August GBOS meeting.


  1. A Girdwood Trails Committee application for grant monies to repair bike trail, Alison Rein.

13 a.  Alison Rein and Chad Frank present requests.  Are looking for a letter of support from the GBOS for application to a grant that was part of the budget bill passed by our senator that gave $4 million (four million dollars) to the state for fourteen (14) main trails. Girdwood was named.  Girdwood Trails Committee has discussed this over the years and come up with a prioritized list:  repairing the bike path was number one (#1) on that list.  Worked with Lori Schanche and Ralph Rentz of the MOA to come up with an estimate for doing the work which is from the bridge over RR tracks to Crow Creek Road:  estimate is about $1 million (one million dollars) which includes decking over the bridge and culverts.  The whole path needs to be worked on:  there is a certain economy in doing it all at once versus in pieces.

Prepared a letter:  the letters are due on Friday.  Knutson ask if the GBOS can take the text of letter and put it on GBOS letterhead.  Rein confirms that is what she wants.  (Alison reads text of draft letter.)


Nick Danger MOVES the GBOS write a letter of support for the Girdwood Trails Committee application for trails grant money for the Girdwood bike path; Duncan SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


13 b.  Rein represents USFS in their application against the same grant for monies for improvements to the Iditarod National Historic Trail.  (Rein reads draft letter of support for the GBOS.)  Apparently the objective of the grant is to get money to all fourteen (14) trails listed.


Duncan MOVES the GBOS write a letter of support for the USFS application for trails grant money for the Iditarod National Historic Trail; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


Knutson asks the secretary to prepare the letters per Rein’s drafts.  Chad Frank to pick up signed letters from secretary on Thursday a.m. and will hand-deliver to

Lori Schanche in Anchorage.



  1. From Land Use Committee meeting of July 12, 2005:

Knutson has the Board consider each of the individual agenda items that were addressed at the LUC meeting and what action the LUC took for GBOS consideration tonight:


o      LUC Agenda item 0502-03 (Case Number: 2005-096):  action on proposed adoption schedule for Title 21, Chapter 9.  On this item, Knutson notes the LUC sent forth the three (3) motions discussed in detail during Daniels’ report earlier in the meeting.  No further questions from the Board or public.


Danger MOVES the GBOS send forward all of the LUC motions that recommended changes to the Chapter 9 public review draft as discussed and voted on during the LUC July 12th meeting; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


o      LUC Agenda item 0506-03 (Case Number 2005-082):  Tim Cabana, Girdwood; fifty room (50) hotel on NHN Kami Way: action on request: for conditional use for new site plan for parking calculations, landscaping and sign regulations.    Knutson notes the LUC took no action as Cabana was not present; also, the LUC understood this case was postponed until August, 2005.  Knutson says the GBOS will also take no action.


o      LUC Agenda item 0507-03 (Case Number S11387-1):  Glacier City Development, LLC, Jeffrey & Eileen Demain, Girdwood; commercial property north of the new post office:  action on request to subdivide one (1) lot into one (1) different lot with vacation of a twenty (20) foot Telecommunication & Electric easement.  Knutson notes the LUC took no action;  not a land use item.  Adds the GBOS also will take no action.



o      LUC Agenda item 0507-04 (Case number S11394-1):  Anthony Restivo, Girdwood; action on request to subdivide one (1) lot into two (2) lots west of Alyeska Hwy and south of DeEtte Circle. Knutson notes the LUC took no action as no one was at the LUC to present this case.  Adds the GBOS will also take no action.


o      LUC Agenda item 0507-05 (Case Number 2005-108):  Per Bjorn-Roli, Girdwood; action on request for a conditional use to allow a twelve-plex multi-family residential structure in the R-11 zone district located on Garmisch Drive.  Knutson notes the Bjorn-Roli case has a hearing date with the MOA in September so the LUC is expected to hear this case next month.  Again, no action taken at the LUC meeting;  no action will be taken by the GBOS.



o      LUC Agenda item 0507-06:  Alison Rein, USFS.  USFS application for an easement from HLB for a trailhead at approx. mile 2.9.   Alison Rein appeared at the LUC meeting to present a USFS application for an easement from HLB for a trailhead parking lot at approximately mile 2.9.  Knutson shares that LUC approved the concept but asked for design drawings of the parking lot plan when they’re ready. 




Knutson notes that Diane Powers had expressed concern before the meeting for the exact location of the proposed trail head parking lot.  Powers says her concern is also if the easement for the Iditarod Trail is included or will it be added to plan.  Rein answers it will be additional.  The trail itself has a one hundred foot (100’) corridor; the location of the trail will be two hundred to two hundred fifty feet (200’-250’) off of Crow Creek Road.  The trail easement would go from that trail all the way up to CCR.  Powers says she would really like to see a map.  She state the question in that case is the gR5 area: how is this imposing on it for Chapter 9:  the Girdwood residential zoning district.  Rein says it is abutting the mining zoning and parks zoning; it’s above the residential, right before Crow Creek Mine.  Daniels says, to alleviate Diane Powers’ concern, that’s why the LUC gave conceptual approval but not design approval. Rein asks if they need a layout design prior to doing anything?  Daniels said the assumption at LUC was that requesting the easement was fine, but within the easement, there were a number of ways to accomplish parking lot design.  Rein said her thought was that somewhere along the line she had understood parking lots immediately off of roads without screening were inadvisable, so there is an intent to provide screening.  Knutson clarifies:  the USFS wants to apply for the easement; received an ‘okay’ so far from the LUC for this, but they want to see a design; what is being asked of GBOS is something similar so Rein can get going with the application for the easement.  The two (2) bodies are in agreement that the USFS can obtain the easement; however, before going forward, provide a design of the parking lot prior to construction to LUC, then GBOS again.  Rein wants to know if HLB will be comfortable with the public process.  Knutson doesn’t think there will be a problem; fairly confident the HLB knows how LUC and GBOS work.

Rein notes she met with Art Eash on site; he’s aware of application desire.


Duncan MOVES the GBOS supports the USFS application for easement to the HLB; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


Knutson asks Rein to draft a letter and send it to the GBOS secretary.  Will review and put on GBOS letterhead. 


New Business:

          No new business this month.




Board Reports:

  1. Land Use Supervisor, John Gallup

Gallup is not present.  No Land Use report this month


Daniels notes for the public listening on the radio:  reminder of joint meeting of Assembly and Planning and Zoning Commission at the Alyeska Hotel on Wednesday evening, 7 pm,  re: Chapter 9, Title 21.  The biggest thing that has happened in land use regulations in Girdwood in twenty (20) years.  Will be a public hearing and everyone invited to attend.


  1. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, GBOS Chair, Tracey Knutson

Knutson recognizes Chad Frank, Girdwood’s Parks and Rec employee to give the P&R report.  Highlights of Frank’s report include:

o      September 5-30, 2005:  Frank has the SE Alaska youth corps coming in to do trail work (#1 priority:  Beaver Pond Trail;  #2 priority:  Robbie’s route:  bike bridge below Resort:  messed up in flood, at an angle:  to fix, if possible; also, Iditarod Trail).  When approached Art Eash re: trail work:  will be for the HLB Commission for August 9th approval.  Will approach Sean Toohey about kids staying at mine.

o      Nissman Memorial:  moving ahead.  Clearing has begun.  Had a July 15th wait before construction in any municipal park.  Knutson asks for clarification.  Frank unsure:  thinks it has to do with wildlife movement.  Dan Baldwin of Oregon Woods:  have USFS contract for Winner Creek Trail:  gave him a place to camp in Girdwood so will do clearing for Memorial for free.  #1 need:  plot survey.  Has under works with Tom Knox.  Last week:  Tom Korosey, MOA planner, informed Frank to get the building permit to make it official it will cost $2700 (twenty seven hundred dollars).  Knutson says the GBOS will take this up at the Mayor’s Meeting.

The $2700 (twenty seven hundred dollars) is for a pre-approved plan.  Frank doesn’t understand how one (1) city entity can charge another city entity when there has been on-going support and approval.   Frank says Korosey wasn’t enforcing it: it was permitting building.  Knutson asks for a complete paragraph on the issue for the Mayor’s Meeting if he won’t be in attendance.  Frank also offers he will check with Jeff Dillon (director of P&R) for his position on this; he had already written a letter of support for the project.  RE: Wood:  getting ordered this week from Oregon.  Going to be timber-framed.  Went with another plan versus the USFS plan:  same concept.  The USFS pavilion is over-built, thus over-budget.  SBS was $21,000:  now looking at $19,000.  Shipping:  $3,000.  Wood will be at Jake Thompson’s.  It will be all handcrafted.  Need volunteers:  get a hold of Chad, Alison, Carl Skustad, or Jake.  Total wood package:  $15,000.

Duncan asks the timber size;  Frank unsure.  Douglas fir is spec’d.  Arrival:  four (4) weeks.  Preparation:  one (1) week.  Need help with concrete.  Per Knutson:  call Matt White/ Valdez Heli-Camps. 

o      More bear-proof dumpsters in a week.





  1. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, Nick Danger.

Danger gives trooper report:  twelve (12)  DWI’s; ninety-four (94) traffic tickets (sixty three (63) for speeding); three (3) motor vehicle accidents, no one killed; six (6) minors consuming alcohol; five (5) extra troopers for Girdwood Forest Fair; hitchhiker picked up:  kidnapped (pulled gun) and assaulted driver on Seward Highway.


Danger gives fire department report:  thirty one (31) responses this month, one hundred fifty one (151) for year; eleven  (11) minutes response time due to time spent in Portage, Whittier and Turnagain Pass; motor home burned on the highway; looking for more volunteers, five (5) people have signed up; thirty five (35) active volunteers presently; Chief Chadwick received money for Turnagain Arm rescue boat:  currently using a small Zodiac; please wear bike helmets in Girdwood. 


  1. Roads Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

Tingle gives the following update:

Roads Account balance:  $120, 310  (one hundred twenty thousand three hundred ten dollars)

Drainage;  $62, 172.03 (sixty two thousand one hundred seventy two dollars and three cents)

Next application of calcium chloride will be done as soon as the product arrives (hopefully this week). This time will have twenty-five (25) super sacks instead of seventeen (17):  should be able to do the entire valley.  Have done a little bit of grading on Alyeska Highway, Davos and Mt Hood.  The rest will be taken care of when preparing for calcium chloride application.


Knutson notes the Roads account figures don’t come close to Girdwood General Fund balance.   Will look into this.  Tingle says that Gerry Pineau says the account balance Tingle gave is available until the end of August; then will increase by seventy thousand dollars ($70,000) for the September through December 2005 stretch.  Knutson says that beyond the calcium chloride project hold on work until she figures out the discrepancy:  will call and then report to the Board members. 


  1. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

Duncan reads AWWU update provided by Lynda Barber-Wiltse.  Highlights include:

o      AWWU Girdwood Project Office:  contact info:  783-1046/1047 (phone) and 783-1045 (fax). 

o      Girdwood Water Projects:  update:  AWWU continues working with EPA to finalize/revise the grant applications so that AWWU can secure reimbursement for portions of the project that are constructed and in service.

o      Girdwood Wastewater Projects/ Girdwood WWTF Facility Plan Update:  The focus at this time continues on stemming the I&I problems.

o      Girdwood Wastewater Projects/ Girdwood Sewer I&I:  The procurement contract for the manhole repair components has been awarded and parts should be available within six to eight weeks for installation.  Tam Construction will construct the repairs.

o      PM&E Girdwood Town Square Street and Drainage Improvements: AWWU has applied for and received categorical exclusion from NEPA for this project.  The determination and supporting documentation is available in Anchorage at the AWWU main office at 3000 Arctic and the Loussac Library.  In Girdwood, these documents are available at the AWWU Girdwood Project Office above the Clinic on Hightower Road in Girdwood, and the Gerrish Library.  The project advertised for construction bids and AWWU anticipates construction in September, 2005.


Knutson asks if there is anything further from the Board or public.  Asks for a motion to adjourn.


Duncan MOVES to adjourn the meeting;  Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  4-0, unanimous in favor.


Meeting Adjourns:  9:30 pm


Minutes respectfully submitted,

Jane Barber


Secretary’s note:  Additional documents available by fax:

-        HLB report

-        Letters re: Seward Highway upgrade planning/ Von Imhof, Hawker

-        Draft letter for grant application for trails money/ Girdwood Trails Committee for bike trail repair

-        Draft letter for grant application for trails money/ USFS for Iditarod National Historic Trail

-        AWWU report