Tracey Knutson, Chair;

  Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle, John Gallup, Nick Danger

P.O. Box 390; Girdwood, Alaska 99587 


Girdwood Board of Supervisors                 

April 18, 2005


Present:  Tracey Knutson, Co-Chair; Diana Stone Livingston, Co-Chair; David Sears, Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle   

(Also present and seated with public: John Gallup, newly elected Supervisor to be certified at 04-19-05 Assembly meeting)


Call to Order:  7:01 pm, by Tracey Knutson, Co-Chair        




Approval of Minutes:

1.     Regular Monthly Meeting March 21, 2005.

Livingston MOVES to approve as corrected; Sears SECONDS; Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


2.     GBOS Public Work Session with Jacques Boutet on Town Square Design.

Livingston MOVES to approve as corrected; Sears SECONDS;  Vote: 5-0, unanimous.  (Meeting was held March 30, 2005).



3.     Announce and congratulate the two new GBOS members to be seated at the May meeting.

Knutson notes John Gallup and Nick Danger have been elected to replace outgoing Supervisors, David Sears and Diana Livingston.  The election is not certified until the April 19, 2005 Assembly meeting.  The new Supervisors will be formally seated next month.  Congratulations and welcome to new Supervisors.


4.     Girdwood General Fund Balance Report, Diana Livingston

Livingston reports the Fund Balance is the same as last month:  $82,561.00 (eighty two thousand five hundred sixty one dollars), after all set-asides for bonding, etc.


5.     The next GBOS Quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is currently scheduled for Thursday, April 21, 2005, from 2:30 to 4:00 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room.

Knutson states the Mayor graciously meets every quarter with the GBOS.  Public is welcome.  Knutson says that since Girdwood has voted themselves out from under the MOA’s tax cap, expect many questions to be asked and answered at this meeting.


6.     The Anchorage Greenways Coalition is seeking a representative from Girdwood.  Anyone interested can contact Alison Rein for further information.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

7.      Assembly Members Dick Tremaine and Janice Shamberg. Update on Large Animal Ordinance.

Knutson shares that neither Assembly Member will be present this evening.  Notes  Dick Tremaine has been replaced in the municipal election by Chris Birch.  That result will be certified tomorrow night as well.  Shamberg sent a short written report.  Highlights:  states the Assembly’s meeting schedule for the rest of the year will be:  July 12th, 26th; August 9th, 23rd;  September 13th, 27th;  October 11th, 25th;  November 1st, 8th, 22nd;  December 13th, 20th.  Shamberg and Tremaine added an exclusion for the GBOS for Ordinance 2005-1:  amends the Anchorage Municipal Code relating to the Community Councils so that Girdwood is not inadvertently held under the same rules and requirements for Community Councils in Anchorage.  Some by-laws requirements that don’t fit with Girdwood’s situation.  At Assembly April 19th meeting:  Resolution 2005-8:  for re-appropriating $3, 670 ( three thousand six hundred and seventy dollars) in grant funds, partial funding for the Glacier/ Winner Creek Ski Area terrain suitability study.  A new public hearing will be set on Ordinance 2005-49:  re: the 2005 maximum attainable tax revenue to Anchorage by an amount due to Girdwood’s passing their own tax cap.  Can call Shamberg at 345-1581 with any questions you might have.


8.      Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.

Robin Ward, HLB director, notes the issue of money for Glacier/Winner Creek mentioned in Shamberg’s report is leftover planning money that is being re-distributed to help pay for the suitability studies which have become very expensive.  Then reads written HLB report.  Highlights include:

·       Well-house on Glacier Creek:  Hung up by state permitting process.  All will be removed except for the concrete base.  Will have to do that when the ground is frozen.

·       Glacier-Winner Creek Suitability Studies:  In order to continue to bring in lands from the feds through the title process, have to do an RFP for a boundary survey of the area.  The survey is needed to complete the conveyance process from federal to state to municipal ownership of the area.  Funds are set aside to complete this survey.  Will be done this summer.

·       Crow Creek Advisory Committee:  Will meet on May 4th at Glacier City Hall.  Will review infrastructure coordination;  time frame for development and the effect of Title 21 on the project.  Knutson interrupts with an update from Beth McLaughlin of Agnew:: Beck.  The statement was requested to be read tonight plus upcoming important dates.  Highlights of the report: 

o      ‘The CCNP (Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan) is based on the Girdwood Area Plan’s (GAP’s) recommendations of increased residential development in the Crow Creek area.  The project area included HLB lands on both sides of the road from California Creek to the USFS boundary.  Of the approximately 1100 (eleven hundred) acres in the planning area, 250 (two hundred fifty) acres have been proposed for single family development and15-20 (fifteen to twenty) acres for multi-family residential development.  Additional lands are designated in the ‘development reserve’ category and for Open Space and recreational use.  All designations follow definitions laid down by the GAP.  Public input was gathered at an initial community workshop held in September, 2004.  A second community workshop was held in March, 2005, to review the draft plan’s recommendations and collect additional community input on the information provided therein.  This includes an overview of past planning and projects in progress;  information regarding land use and market trends in Girdwood Valley, and environmental maps and data on the Crow Creek development area.  Additionally, the draft plan identifies locations for residential use in Open Space;  strategies for affordable housing, and guidelines for how development should occur.  The draft also works to synchronize various infrastructure projects that are planned or underway in Girdwood.  The draft plan will now be submitted to the LUC, GBOS and the Assembly for review and approval.  If approved, the Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Plan will provide the first level of detail and initial guidance as to how Crow Creek Neighborhood shall be developed. ‘  Knutson and Board have commented to Chris Beck to consider:

              a.  affordable housing in the Valley

              b.  what will be available for folks in Girdwood to develop?

       Meetings on this subject on the following dates:  May 4th (CCNP

 Community Advisory Committee); May 10th (LUC); May 16th 

(GBOS).  Knutson adds this announcement of information has been provided this month as the LUC and the Board will likely take action next month.


Robin Ward adds she has received a lot of emails on both of the issues that Knutson

has brought up.  The problem for HLB:  cannot discriminate between employee  housing for Girdwood residents and someone who wants to live in Anchorage and commute.  Has talked to the Resort about doing a partnership.  Is also working on Community Block Grant money and Cook Inlet Housing Authority brought down to Girdwood looking at the opportunity of expanding their housing initiatives this far.  Girdwood is out of their district, but seem open to looking at it.  Had a lot of comments about Girdwood citizens having the opportunity to purchase their own lot and build on it.  Will look at this, too.  Crow Creek Land Use Study:  trying to create a document that is the first step in a Master Plan.  The MP process:  Chapter 9 will take it to the next step.



            Public Questions:


Sam Daniel:  How will Chapter 9 tie into the CCNP?

Ward:  The draft Chapter 9 has a Master Plan process within it.  A plan is developed and approved and therefore amends the GAP.  A separate process from Chapter 9, but fits in the Master Plan process within Chapter 9.  It will have its own separate process to finalize the development schemes, etc.

Daniel:  But it’s supposed to meet the same criteria as Chapter 9?

Ward:  Yes and No.  Under Chapter 9, in order to allow flexibility for Crow Creek area and Glacier/ Winner Creek,  there is a Master Planning process which is a separate process within the document.  It sets aside developable areas that have to have more planning than the minimum level seen in Chapter 9.  They require a higher level of planning.  It is a public process and can actually be even more restrictive. (Discussion follows between Ward, Daniel and Erin Bashaw regarding the apparent exclusion of Master Plan properties from Chapter 9. Ward explains that Crow Creek Road area and Glacier/ Winner Creek are not excluded but must go through a higher level of planning.  Ward also says Chapter 9 must go through before the Master Plan process can be initiated.  Daniel wants to know if his concerns about density issues in CCR area will be addressed.  Ward confirms.  Ward comments their office has received comments about density both about there being too much and not enough, particularly when it comes to affordability.  All comments will be brought into the Master Planning process so that a balance can be achieved.)


9.     Legislative Teleconference: 7:15 pm: Senator Con Bunde and Representative Mike Hawker. Follow-up on discussion March 21 regarding Girdwood’s requests in the capital budget process.

No conference tonight.


10.  AWWU Update, Lynda Barber-Wiltse.

Knutson recognizes Barber-Wiltse.  B-W clarifies that the well-house Ward referred to is the Cherrier King Cherrier well-house that is literally in the side of the bank of Glacier Creek. B-W reads updates from written report. Highlights include:

·       Girdwood Water Projects:  The water improvement projects are partially funded with EPA STAGs (State and Tribal Assistance Grant(s)).  AWWU is working with EPA to finalize/revise the grant applications so that AWWU can secure reimbursement for portions of the project that are constructed and in service.  Takes a long time to work through the process.

·       Girdwood Water Improvements Phase IIB:  AWWU has submitted comments to HLB and Agnew:: Beck and is working with HLB and ADOT staff and consultants to coordinate future improvements.  Once more information available from them and results of CCNP, will know more exactly the location of the pipeline for the water transmission main completing the loop from the school to the existing transmission main near the wellhouse on the east side of Glacier Creek.

·       Girdwood Wastewater Projects:  Findings and recommendations from the Girdwood I&I project impact this Facility Plan ( i.e. evaluating and developing a plan for future treatment facilities to meet Girdwood’s wastewater treatment needs for the next twenty years.)  The focus at this time continues on stemming the I&I problems.

·       Girdwood Sewer I&I:  Matt Stephl and Tam Construction are installing internal rubber sleeves and grout in manholes located in wetter areas to stem the infiltration situation.  VEI continues to work with AWWU on the flow meter data-gathering project.  AWWU CCTV crews are in Girdwood now videoing pipelines in the southeastern portion of the Alyeska Subdivision during breakup.  Also, the AWWU website for the Senior Design project is available:  The students will present their final reports to AWWU on April 22.  Numerous private sector engineers as well as AWWU staff will be guests for these presentations.

·       PME Girdwood Town Square Street and Drainage Improvements:  Discussions continue between ADOT, PME and AWWU regarding the water, sewer and road projects for this area.  ADOT and PME currently plan to construct the roadwork in 2005, however, AWWU is planning to install the water pipelines in Holmgren and Girdwood Place summer of 2005.  In addition, AWWU plans to upsize the sewer pipeline in Hightower between the Alyeska Highway and the north entrance to the new Post Office to accommodate future upstream developments.  In order to satisfy the EPA STAG and NEPA process, R&M Consultants, Inc., issued a request for comments/scoping letter to interested agencies and stakeholders (which includes GBOS).  AWWU is requesting a Resolution from the GBOS supporting this work.


Livingston notes the introduction of Resolution 2005-05 by the GBOS with information supplied by Barber-Wiltse.  Knutson reads the Resolution into the record and notes it will be under Old Business and acted on at the May GBOS regular monthly meeting.  The Resolution ‘resolves to support extension of a new 16-inch water transmission main within Girdwood Place, and an extension of Girdwood Place, (from Hightower Road to the Alyeska Highway), a new 8-inch water line within Holmgren Place (between Girdwood Place and Lindblad Avenue);  and sanitary sewer replacement (replacing existing 8-inch with 16-inch) within Hightower Road (from the north edge of the new Post Office to the south side of the Alyeska Highway). ‘


11.  Economic Development Grant Update, Jacques Boutet.

Boutet hands out Girdwood Street and Drainage Improvements/ Phase 2 Project Options document to the public and Board.  Notes that the construction planned for 2005 has been necessarily pushed back to 2006.  Needs direction by May, 2005,  for which projects to include in the Phase 2 program.  The handout details several options for Phase 2, cost estimates and some “model” programs that meet the $2.7 million budget.  One of the options is Town Square Park.  The estimate is based on the GBOS-approved plan that Ralph Rentz with the MOA has been developing.  The park improvements could be phased with only partial funding provided by the Phase 2 program.  Boutet will seek answers at the May GBOS meeting.


Board Questions:


Knutson explains the process of spending the Phase I and Phase 2 monies has been going on for over two (2) years.  The models that Boutet is offering are based on votes the Board has previously conducted and from hearings derived from an original list.

It has become fairly clear that beyond getting the paving and water improvements around TSP, there are other desires including:  traffic calming, face-lift work, TSP project, etc.  Only one (1) other item identified for the possible use of these monies:  re-do of Olympic Circle.  Board has decided against it for several reasons:  property seems to be in flux with Resort; it will eat up all the money; and improvements will be drawn away from the town center.  At the point  where the options are self-defining.  Boutet comments the TSP improvements have only come up as a possibility within the last few weeks.  Have used information from the MOA; cost estimate is $1,000,000 (one million dollars).  The option is a complete solution. 

Knutson comments the improvements to date begin a face-lift to entire area. Concern developed in the Board that the next order of improvements should continue to complete what has already been started.  Visually, things need to be done in a consistent fashion.  In addition, if area is to be ‘ripped up’, it makes sense to do it one (1) time. 

Boutet adds one (1) more comment re:  the underpass and gateway calming:  if they are deleted and TSP added, would probably put off underpass for the next ten or twenty years.  There are other options to deal with pedestrian options if underpass is not done.

Sears comments he has great concern as the $1 million to be used for the underpass was designated for flood control. The underpass served two (2) solutions, pedestrian use and flood control for California Creek.

Knutson says the underpass has not been phased out.  Also notes it was to be a complicated project as the highway would have to be raised to accommodate it.  Asks the practical question:  is there another way to do both flood relief and pedestrian transit? 

Sears:  concern there is a push for traffic calming over flood control.

Livingston asks Boutet to explain the cost of TSP and how it went from $200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars) to $1 million (one million dollars).

Boutet answers Ralph Rentz gave him an updated cost estimate of project of $700,000 (seven hundred thousand dollars) and the rest is design fees, trail, landscaping, lighting, etc.  It reflects a fully realized version of the TSP master plan.

Knutson asks that Boutet obtain a written report with the difference between the $200,000 and $700,000.

Livingston requests the report be enumerated so it is easier to see where the cost can be kept down and determine volunteer labor possibilities.

Knutson asks the secretary to go through the GBOS meeting minutes, find where Rentz offered his estimate and send it to Boutet for his review.

Boutet sees minimum needs for TSP should include irrigation, lighting, and get all the underground needs in.

Livingston asks if Boutet is asking the Board to come up with a firm list for the $2.7 million.

Boutet confirms.

Knutson notes that the Board will vote at the next meeting (May).

Livingston suggests one (1) more option:  Girdwood Place ($550,000);  TSP ($550,000);  Holmgren Parking Lot ($450,000);  Gateway ($1.2 million), for a total of $2.7 million.


Public Questions:


John Gallup:  Happy to see underpass go away.  Creates problems:  divides the two (2) halves of downtown even more. 

Dave Sears:  Confirms Holmgren Parking Lot is the lot off to the S/W corner:  supplemental to parking on roads.


Boutet:  final comment:  thanks and sincere appreciation to Dave and Diana for their help and contributions to his work.


12. U. S. Forest Service Update, James Fincher and Tim Charnon. 

Fincher and Charnon not present.  Knutson reads written report into the record.  Highlights include:

·       District has completed hiring for summer crews (approximately 40 (forty) staff).  Additional housing in Girdwood will be needed.

·       District work crews will begin the layout and design of several components of the Whistlestop project this summer.  Work Camps to be established at Spencer Lake and Grandview.

·       District has received a large expression of interest in the proposal to allow guided snowmobiling during the summer on Eagle Glacier.  Were asked to examine the potential impacts on other recreation users along the Eklutna traverse.  Will conduct a site visit.  Additional input and suggestions from the community are encouraged.

·       Work plans are being finalized for summer trails projects. 

·       The Forest Service will be hosting an Open House next month.  Purpose:  share additional information about summer program of work and gather public input on the Whistlestop and Hut to Hut proposals.  Open house:  probably in the evening during the week of May 23rd.


13. Girdwood Transportation Task Force Report.  No new developments.





14. Four Valleys Community School Task Force Report on Community School Status  report: Marie Griffin, Sam Daniel.

Daniel offers a background to Girdwood Community School status.  ACEA was brought in last year to carry the community school program for the MOA.  They worked with the Foraker Group for a new model.  Instead of a community-based program, the ACEA ran it like a business.  The goal is to provide community school programs and classes and generate enough money to pay regional managers.  School Board allowed the use of its facilities. Girdwood did not have a choice at this juncture:  if a community school was desired, it had to work with this model.

 At a recent meeting between ACEA and Friends of Four Valleys, both sides came to a mutual agreement:  the goals of ACEA and FFV are not the same.  As long as the community school board for Girdwood and its volunteers want to stay deeply involved, it isn’t compatible.  At this point, ACEA will provide assistance through August of 2005.  A mutual agreement that it won’t go forward after that. (Daniel recognizes Jeff Friedman, Anchorage School Board member in attendance this evening and thanks him.)

Marie Griffin and Julie Jonas, both who sit on the community school board, say the board has an alternate plan to get their own non-profit status and to go forward with the school district to get a separate joint-use agreement and hopefully be able to sponsor a program next fall. 

Would like to note these things for the GBOS: 1) there is a group of fourteen (14) people who sit on the community school board and have worked very hard this past year;  would like to have seen things go forward with ACEA, but Girdwood is very unique.  The community school program is very community based, located in the school. 3)  The community will have to decide how and if they’re going to support the program and make it go forward.  (Note:  registration by computer does not work for Girdwood.  The school gym sign-up is a social event. )  At some point, will come down to the Parks & Rec, MOA and GBOS:  perhaps working more closely together.  Can continue for a time: some reserves left and can do some fund-raising, but community support is needed.


Marie Griffin shares that Sam has given a good picture.  She will meet this week with the school district administration on Thursday.   Asks if there are any questions.


Knutson notes the Mayor’s Meeting with the GBOS is for this Thursday, April 21st.

Also, it is well to attend as the GBOS is learning how it will take care of its own ‘checkbook’ and ground rules have changed. 

Livingston asks what will happen with the summer program for ’05.

Griffin says ACEA will do it with some adjustments.  Will look similar to programs in the past.

Livingston asks if insurance, facilities, level of support from school district will be discussed in Griffin’s meeting with the school administration.  Griffin confirms.

Are working with the various elements on their own as well.  Will work with the school district to do a draft memorandum.  There are a number of issues involved;  it really boils down to Girdwood wanting more local control.


Sam Daniel concludes by asking whether the GBOS would like him to continue his role as head of the Girdwood Community School Task Force.  Is available for shepherding through transition period.  Need more clear guidance from Board.  Not sure if Task Force is proper medium to make this happen. 

Knutson asks Griffin if she feels Friends of Four Valleys will continue to need the assistance of the Task Force.  Griffin thinks they can report back on specific issues.

Daniel reminds the GBOS the community school used to be a Parks and Rec program and it could be again.  If so, it would fall more specifically under the Board’s areas of supervision.  Feels the GBOS needs to be involved and help.

The GBOS agrees Daniel can report as needed.

Livingston offers that, by definition, a task force comes into being for a short term issue.  If everyone feels the Girdwood Community School Task Force has done its job, it could be disbanded and have Friends of Four Valleys report to the GBOS.

GBOS agrees Daniel will be called back as needed or perhaps a new task force will be formed.


15. Girdwood Community Center/Library Building Task Force Update, Brooks Chandler.

Knutson reads Chandler’s email message:  Chandler doesn’t have anything new to report.  Do need individual Girdwoodians to write letters to Representative Hawker and Senator Bunde.  Please write in favor of the $2 (two) million capital budget allocation.


16. Land Use Committee and Federation of Community Councils Report, LUC Officers.

No LUC officers present.  No written report for the record.


17. Turnagain Arm Health Center Report, Anne Herschleb and Margaret Strachan.

Knutson reads Margaret Strachan’s written update.  Strachan notes the TAHC Board continues to work on the HRSA 330 Grant application; due date of application is still pending.  Also:  Gwen Burson has joined the TAHC board officially.  In addition, the TAHC plans to be a sponsor of the Bird to Gird Bike Rally slated for July.  Lastly, the Fly By Night Club is allowing TAHC to receive proceeds from ticket sales to the Springtime in Spenard show on 5/25/05.  Tickets are available through any of the TAHC board members.


18. Little Bears Playhouse Day Care: Deb Pfeiffer.

No one is present from Little Bears Playhouse for a presentation.



Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.


            Erin Bashaw:  As follow-up to her February 16, 2005 letter: brings some written

            Comments re: traffic calming for Girdwood.  Highlights include:

·       Why are trucks using air brakes on Alyeska Highway?

·       Why is the first speed limit sign at the mall where it isn’t seen?

·       Why can’t Alyeska Highway have double, solid yellow lines for ‘no passing’ like Bird Creek area?  It is the only traffic violation the troopers will issue by citizens reporting in.

·       DOT:  has said they may look at making Alyeska Highway lanes 11’ (eleven feet) wide instead of 12’ (twelve feet) wide;  maybe narrower shoulders.  Then can incorporate golf carts or scooters on shoulder.

·       Have asked GBOS to nominate Alyeska Highway traffic calming as a project for DOT consideration.  DOT can’t address any of these items until GBOS writes a letter and specifically requests it.  Only takes a letter not design ideas.  With a letter, MOA can post ‘no air brakes’ signs; just $100 (one hundred dollars).  One more 45 MPH sign could make a difference.


John Gallup:  Wants to clarify that all trucks have air brakes.  What Erin is talking about are engine brakes which are, he believes, illegal in town. 


Sam Daniel:  President of PTA in Girdwood:  A quick ‘thank you’.  At recent TSP meeting, was under the false impression there wasn’t going to be a crosswalk by the Creekside Apartments and bike path.  Understands now there is and gives thanks to Dave Sears:  there will be an effort over the summer to get a crosswalk into effect.  Very  much appreciated.  (Dave Sears asks for name of person Daniel talked to in MOA Traffic Engineering Department.   MOA will take care of once snow melts.  GBOS and Girdwood needs to agree to address the swale; amounts to a bucket of D1 dumped in there and smoothed out.  Won’t disturb drainage at all.)


Lynda Barber-Wiltse:  AWWU:  Wants to thank outgoing supervisors, Dave and Diana.  Have been very helpful in mentoring her when she began working in Girdwood.  (Dave and Diana say the pleasure in cooperation has been mutual.)


Old Business:  

19. Approval of the GBOS will be sought for the Library and Community Center plan for funding construction, maintenance and operations.

Livingston doesn’t think library/community center has anything to present;  suggests keeping this item as a placeholder for next month.  Should have something to discuss and act on then.  Knutson notes this and moves on to the next agenda item.


20. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, action on proposed adoption schedule for Title 21, Chapter 9.

Knutson acknowledges Julie Jonas.  There is no one present from LUC to report from the LUC meeting.  Jonas, who attended the LUC and is on the subcommittee for Chapter 9, is asked to brief the GBOS.  Jonas notes she sent an email to the Board today;  no one has seen it yet.  Jonas reports the draft Chapter 9 document was supposed to be made available for the LUC meeting.  At the last minute, the Mayor asked Tom Nelson and the Planning Department not to print and distribute it as there was some incoming information from the terrain suitability study and the potential developers on the Glacier/Winner Creek area and he asked for about a month in order to incorporate this information into the draft document.  Discussion at the LUC meeting from the public indicated a concern by citizens.  As Jonas notes:  with the distribution of Chapter 9 that night, the Chapter 9 subcommittee had planned and scheduled two (2) follow-up meetings for the public to answer any questions and accept comments within a ten (10) day period.  The concern is that the public have a chance to get familiar with the draft document plus have time to comment and still allow the possibility of staying on the adoption schedule that the Planning Department has been working towards (i.e. having a final draft to present to the Assembly in September, 2005).  Jonas indicated a high level of frustration as the subcommittee has recently put in 100 (one hundred) hours of volunteer time to get Chapter 9 ready for the community’s review. Jonas indicates a phone call with the Mayor today to discuss the situation; this is detailed in the email.  Both agree the different departments of the MOA (HLB, Planning, Mayor’s office, etc.). need to be in close communication on this subject.  Jonas personally believes the land use regulations should be a tool that implements the GAP.  At the LUC meeting, however, being caught off-guard, Jonas and Erin Bashaw created a motion that requested the GBOS ask the Mayor release the draft Chapter 9 document as is and, perhaps, include a notice inside the front cover noting that the Glacier/Winner Creek area would have subsequent information added.  Doesn’t want to see that work be lost or changed before the community has a chance to see what has been done on the document.  Vote at LUC meeting to support that motion was 16 (sixteen) to 3 (three). 

Knutson notes the issue is on the agenda for the Mayor’s meeting to be held in 3 (three) days.  Understands the community wants the Mayor to release the current draft of Chapter 9.

Livingston says it sounds like the GBOS will act on this issue next month (i.e. the adoption schedule).


Erin Bashaw wants to emphasize the request is for the Mayor to release the draft.  If things don’t happen soon, will miss the timing of the adoption schedule. 

John Gallup wants to state:  Robin Ward said in public and on record the Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Plan was contingent on passing on Chapter 9; the delay might delay the CCNP as well.

Jonas wants to know if the GBOS needs a motion on this in order to go to the Mayor’s meeting.  Knutson says it is already on the agenda; will pull a few things from the file.  Please send anything of note that would help.  (Secretary notes the LUC meeting minutes should hold all of the pertinent information for the Co-Chair regarding this subject if they are ready by the Thursday Mayor’s meeting.)


21. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, action on a zoning conditional use application for a four- unit condominium complex located at Alyeska North #3, Block 6, Lot 7, Taos Road. Case 2005-051.

Wayne Henderson and partner detail briefly the planned project. Notes they are the builders who built the Silvertip project next door to this project in 1984.  The new project is the same but half the size.  Are asking for the GBOS to write a letter of non-objection.  Asks for any questions.  Some discussion follows between the Board and public as the LUC passed over the project at their meeting when there was not a representative to review it.  Henderson explains he was under the impression he didn’t have to attend.  Jonas asks if the Board has a copy of Henderson’s application for conditional use.  Knutson confirms.  Jonas notes if the six (6) conditions are being met, it might help the GBOS reach a decision.  Knutson feels concerned the Board follow procedure (i.e. present to LUC;  get LUC’s recommendation;  GBOS acts).  Livingston notes Henderson’s misunderstanding and the fact that the project’s hearing is May 2nd and there is no time to go back before LUC.  Secretary confirms the misunderstanding was between her and Henderson.  Henderson’s partner explains that Planning and Zoning had only talked to him in terms of a letter from the GBOS:  there was no mention of the LUC.


Livingston MOVES the GBOS prepare a letter of non-objection to Planning and Zoning for Case 2005-051; Sears SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous. Livingston to  write letter.


22. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, action on the Girdwood Chapel Church Site Plan.  Location is Alpine View Estates, Phase 1, Tract A-2A, the southwest corner of Alyeska Highway and Timberline Drive.  Plan is to move the existing church and construct a new church building in its place.  Case 2005-054.

John Gallup notes for the Board that at the LUC meeting there was unanimous recommendation of support for the site plan. 


Livingston MOVES the GBOS prepare a letter of non-objection to Zoning and Platting for Case 2005-054; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous.

Livingston to write letter.


New Business:

23. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, Platting Case S11367-1, Snyder, to subdivide one lot into two lots.

Knutson asks what the LUC’s recommendation was on this case.  Gallup offers these people didn’t show up to present at LUC either; asks if this is the flag lot on Alyeska Highway.  Knutson confirms.  Snyders speak up and say they are here today to present; weren’t familiar with the procedure either regarding showing up at LUC. Gallup notes the officers of the LUC generally call all of the applicants and make sure they will be in attendance at the LUC meeting.  Apologizes for this oversight.

Snyder indicates he has a large, rectangular lot and wants to subdivide it by making a flag lot;  provides a driveway easement up the side of his lot to the backside.  Pretty cut and dried.  Went through a surveyor who is submitting all the paperwork on plats, etc. 

Knutson asks what this move accomplishes and if it affects lots on either side.

Snyder doesn’t see where it affects anyone else.  Gallup notes it would provide a right of way to the back lot.  Otherwise, the back lot is landlocked.  It is currently one (1) lot and will be made into two (2).  Size of lot is 330,000 (three hundred thirty thousand) feet. 


Livingston MOVES the GBOS write a letter of non-objection to the MOA Planning Department in the Platting Case S11367-1, to subdivide one (1) lot into two (2) lots;  Sears SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


Erin Bashaw comments the State is not allowing any additional driveways on Alyeska Highway.  A lot has to be 99’ (ninety nine feet) wide. That was what she was told.

Knutson notes the GBOS’ letter of non-objection is not in favor or against the case; it’ll simply go forward.  Bashaw will have to take this subject up with Planning and Zoning.


24. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, Case 2005-052 Amending Title 21 for Nonconforming Uses.

Knutson asks what LUC did with this one. Gallup reports that Tom Nelson said at the LUC meeting that this case did not really affect Girdwood.  There are other places in the Anchorage bowl that have nonconforming uses come up.  GBOS feels they need more information in order to act on this.


Livingston MOVES the GBOS chooses not to act on Case 2005-052; Duncan SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


25. From Land Use Committee meeting of April 12, 2005, Case 2005-053 Amending Title 21 for Alcoholic Beverage Activity.

Knutson asks what LUC did on this case.  Gallup offers this amendment of Title 21 is for a festival, wedding or catering situation (or the Forest Fair beer garden) where an on-site service of alcohol is needed.  The way the law is currently written, have to go through the entire conditional use process to get a permit.  This case amends the process to where a simple application is done.  LUC acted for this unanimously.


Livingston MOVES the GBOS write a letter of non-objection on Case 2005-053;  Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


26. Crow Creek Advisory Committee and Agnew:: Beck Consulting will be presenting to the LUC on proposed draft plans and will then be looking for a supporting resolution from the GBOS at the May meeting.

Knutson notes this has already been taken care of.  Notes tentative dates for this:  May 4th.  Followed by LUC on May 10th.  Will be sending forward a recommendation to the GBOS on the draft plan for May.  Have this agenda item as a placeholder for next month and will be Old Business on that agenda.


Other Business From the Board:

      27.Girdwood Chamber of Commerce meeting. GBOS representative will be appointed for May 3, 2005 GC of C meeting. 

           Knutson asks new Board member, Nick Danger, if he can attend the meeting.  He

           has Boy Scouts that evening.  John Gallup agrees to attend the May 3rd for the



Board Reports:

28.Land Use Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Diana Livingston.

a.     Title 21, Chapter 9

b.     Land Use Committee Summary of March 8, 2005 Meeting

c.     Heritage Land Bank Report, Crow Creek Land Use Study

            Livingston says that all aspects of Land Use have already been covered during the

            meeting and she has nothing to add.


      29. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

             Tingle reports there is nothing from Trails Committee to share.  Reads Chad

             Frank’s P&R report into the record.

d.     Trails Committee Report and Update

e.     Parks and Recreation Update, Chad Frank

              Highlights of report include:

·       Girdwood Community Skate Park:  On April 18th, meeting with Lori Schanche, a planner with the MOA.  Schanche is handling the planning and building of the new skate park in Anchorage.  Very informative in the processes of design, fundraising, etc.  Next task force meeting:  tentatively set for Saturday, April 30th, 4 pm.

·       Town Square Park:  A request from Boutet to arrange a meeting between Ralph Rentz (designer), P&R and the Boutet Group.  Will coordinate meeting within the next few weeks.

·       TSP:  waiting to hear from Michael Tullius, CEA, re: tree removal.

·       Trails Committee:  the hand tram will be repaired next week.

·       Jeff Nissman Memorial:  Plans have been delivered to area vendors.  Awaiting response.  Contact has been made with the Nissman family to organize the transfer of funds through Girdwood, Inc.  A meeting will be taking place with Tommy O’Malley in regard to coordinating efforts between the Nissman memorial and the initial set-up for phase one of the local campground.

·       Little Bears Playground Committee:  A meeting with the chair of the committee, Joseph Wolner, took place on Saturday the 16th.  It consisted of finding an initial direction to head with the playground.  A tentative date for another meeting has yet to be set.

·       Bike Bridge:  Please use caution when riding through the bike bridge.  A section has dropped much farther than normal.  The issue has been addressed and will be fixed as soon as possible.

·       Parks & Recreation Reorganization:  Frank to transfer files this week from Anchorage to Girdwood.  Everything will be centrally located in the Girdwood P&R office.

·       Turf and Maintenance Contract:  The contract for summer will be coming up for bid shortly.  Anyone interested:  783-1006.

·       2005 Non-Profit Grants:  Finalization of grant paperwork has been completed.  Purchase requisitions are being set in early next week.



      30. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Tracey Knutson.

f.      Fire Department Report

            Knutson reads Chief Chadwick’s report into the record.   Highlights include:

·       March responses include mostly Resort transports as well as EMS calls and smoke and CO detector calls.

·       Open burning:  currently allowed for spruce beetle bark kill only.  Burning for brush reduction and yard waste will commence within the next few weeks.  Call 267-5020:  for details and status daily.  Campfire, cooking and warming fires are permitted.

·       Training:  March fire training consisted of fire-based scenarios as well as training on the new air/rescue lifting bags.  March EMS training included annual blood borne pathogen training.  Also had a session on medical equipment familiarization.

·       Ongoing projects/ accomplishments to date: 

o      Roster:  43 active medic and fire personnel.

o      GFD planning for summer cruise season.  There are 87 scheduled cruise ship dockings scheduled for Whittier from May through September, a 30% increase from last year.  The current lack of an EMS system in Whittier places considerable strain on Girdwood personnel and apparatus.  As last year, Anchorage area-wide EMS has committed to monetary help for the situation.

o      EMT 1 (basic) class next month for current members of the GFD.  May have several open positions in the class that will be open to the public:  call 783-2511 for details.

o      Have placed in service a Girdwood “Emergency Information Hotline” at 783-0029 where residents can get current information on fire conditions, severe weather, seismic events and open burning information.


g.     Trooper Report

             No report this month.


      31. Roads Supervisor, David Sears.

h.     Roads Budget to Date

Sears reports maintenance expense for March, 2005, at $39, 919.50 (thirty nine thousand nine hundred nineteen dollars and fifty cents).  Current balance in the Roads budget is $117,881.25 (one hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred eighty one dollars and twenty five cents).  Under current budget, leaves $13, 097.92 (thirteen thousand ninety seven dollars and ninety two cents) per month Roads maintenance (for the nine remaining months of the year).

i.       Monthly Roads Report

            With the Spring thaw, dust season is just around the corner.  The dust raised is

being breathed by residents, bikers, joggers, etc.  Also having an increasing number

of infants in strollers on the Girdwood roads.  Please slow down to 15 MPH on the roads especially on rough sections, if not slower.  Driving fast is not only hard on roads, very hard on cars.  Freshly graded roads that are wet:  driving fast digs up potholes trying to repair.  Case in point:  Timberline Drive. 


32. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

j.       Under-grounding Utilities

k.     Water and Sewer

Duncan indicates he has nothing more to report or add to Barber-Wiltse’s  presentation.


 Knutson wants to remind the public that USFS has an Open House on April 22, 2005, for new Portage Valley Learning Center.  A new classroom facility:  the focus is on educational activities for school children, community members and Forest visitors to help them gain a better understanding of the National Forest and Public Lands.  On April 22nd, 3 pm, a ribbon-cutting ceremony by students from Girdwood Community Schools program.  Movies: “Voices from the Ice” and “ The Greatest Good” will debut.  Refreshments are provided.  Public welcome.


Livingston MOVES  to adjourn meeting; Sears SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


Adjournment: 9:05 pm


Minutes respectfully submitted,

Jane Barber

GBOS secretary

Secretary’s Note:  copies of the following reports are available:

§        GBOS Meeting Minutes, March 21, 2005

§        GBOS Public Work Session w/ Jacques Boutet re: Town Square Design

§        Assembly report

§        HLB report

§        AWWU update

§        Draft Resolution/ GBOS, AWWU/ support of pipe replacement, etc.

§        Boutet: Phase 2 Project Options

§        USFS report

§        Girdwood Parks & Recreation report

§        GFD report

§        Alyeska Highway/ traffic calming suggestions/ Erin Bashaw

§        Update on Title 21, Chapter  9 (f or Girdwood)/ Julie Jonas