*******  These are Draft Minutes *******


*** Final Minutes will be posted when completed ***




Girdwood Board of Supervisors

March 21, 2005

Glacier City Hall


Present:  Diana Stone Livingston, Co-Chair; David Sears, Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle


Call to Order:  7:01 pm, by Diana Stone Livingston, Co-Chair





Approval of Minutes:


          1.       Regular Monthly Meeting February 21, 2005.    

                    Sears MOVES to approve minutes with noted corrections; Duncan SECONDS;

                    Vote:  4-0, unanimous approval.

                    GBOS Special Meeting March 6, 2005.

                    Sears MOVES to approve minutes;  Duncan SECONDS;  Vote:  4-0, unanimous





          2.       Girdwood General Fund Balance.

                    Livingston reports the balance at last meeting after all set-asides was seventy nine

thousand one hundred ninety seven dollars ($79, 197).  Current balance is about six thousand dollars ($6,000) more due to audit changes going on within the MOA right now.  Exact balance can be obtained by calling Livingston.


3.     Don’t forget to vote in the municipal election April 5, 2005, location Glacier City Hall.

Sears notes the voting hours are 7 am to 8 pm.  Absentee voting can be done at

about four or five (4 or 5)) places in Anchorage.  Sears notes the closest venues are City Hall and the Loussac Library.  Absentee voting started today.


4.     The Mayor’s Girdwood Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday, March 23, 2005, at the

Columbia Ballroom of the Alyeska Prince Hotel, time 7 to 9 pm.



5.     The next GBOS Quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich has been rescheduled to

Thursday, April 21, 2005, from 2:30-4 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall.  The public is invited to attend.


6.     The Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan Second Community Meeting to review and

Comment on the Draft Plan was Tuesday, March 15, 2005.  A comment period is

available to March 31, 2005.

                    Livingston offers the meeting had very lively discussions throughout.  Encourages

                    response by March 31, 2005.


7.     At the GBOS Public Work Session with MOA Parks and Recreation staff held February 22, 2005, work on Town Square Park was identified as the first priority for GBOS resources.  GBOS will seek commitments for help with material, labor and donations of funds to supplement Parks and Recreation budget.  Targeted completion goal is 2006.


(Supervisor Tracey Knutson has just arrived and joined the Board.)


8.     Girdwood Rotary is sponsoring a Girdwood “Meet the Candidates” night on Thursday, March 24 from 7 to 9 pm in the Columbia Ballroom at the Alyeska Prince Hotel.  Expect presentations from candidates for Anchorage Assembly, Girdwood Board of Supervisors and on ballot issues including the Girdwood Tax Cap.


9.     A GBOS public work session on Town Square Design is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, 2005 from 1 to 3 pm at Glacier City Hall.

Livingston encourages all property owners and parties interested in the Town Square project to attend this session.


Additional Announcement:


An announcement received from the MOA Zoning administrator regarding an ordinance amending Title 21 by adding and clarifying administrative variance procedures regarding health care facilities.  Comments are due April 4, 2005.

Livingston notes the decision will be made prior to the LUC meeting.  Secretary Jane Barber will make several copies to be made available this week at the Public Library in Girdwood for public review.


The Girdwood Fire Department is soliciting interest for an open seat on the Fire Department Board of Directors.  Interested persons should contact Chief Chadwick at 783-2511.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:


          10.     Assembly Members Dick Tremaine, Janice Shamberg.

Not arrived yet.  Livingston moves on to next agenda item.


Knutson asks Co-Chair Livingston if she may add two (2) new items not indicated on the agenda at this point in the meeting for consideration.  Livingston agrees.

Knutson introduces and reads Resolution 2005-03 ‘to recognize and thank Diana Livingston, GBOS Co-Chair on the occasion of her retirement from GBOS’ and Resolution 2005-04 ‘to recognize and thank David Sears on the occasion of his retirement from GBOS’.  Both resolutions are met with applause from al l in attendance at meeting. 


Tingle MOVES to approve Resolution 2005-03; Duncan SECONDS; Vote: 4-0, with one (1) abstaining.


Tingle MOVES to approve Resolution 2005-04; Duncan SECONDS; Vote: 4-0, with one (1) abstaining.


                    Livingston adds one more announcement:

Notes this has been publicly posted at the usual places:  the GBOS  will be    attending Mayor Begich’s Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, March 23,



          11.     Heritage Land Bank Report, Robin Ward.

                    Ward, HLB Executive Director, reviews written report.  Highlights include:

·       Crow Creek Road Land Use Study:  On March 15, HLB hosted a community wide meeting to review the draft document advising development in the study area.  Very well attended:  over seventy five (75) people attended.  A good volume of input offered.  HLB will work with Agnew::Beck and GBOS to process the written and  verbal information and recommend a next step.  To see:  HLB website has a link to Agnew:: Beck where it is displayed.

·       Wellhouse on Glacier Creek:  near New Townsite:  Work should begin to remove all but the concrete foundation very soon.


(report is interrupted by legislative teleconference phone call)


12. Legislative Teleconference: 7:15 pm: Senator Con Bunde and Representative Mike

Hawker.  Girdwood matters of interest are legislative support for the state capital allocation of $2 million for the Girdwood Library/Community Center Building Project and the allocation of $500,000 for Girdwood roads and drainage projects.

Bunde launches into his legislative report:

·       Legislative Funding:  main focus is educational funding.  The Senate agrees with the House to support an increase of seventy (70) million dollars to the school budget.  Thirty eight (38) million dollars of that goes to retirement debt which is five (5) billion in debt.  Thirty two (32) million dollars of the total is focused on classroom.  It is noted that changes to the retirement system need to happen or it will continue to go into debt.  A major issue.

·       Budget Process:  Bunde is co-chair of several subcommittees (DNR, Fish and Game, Dept of Labor). Today, subcommittees given numbers to reach for funding levels.  Governor has raised spending levels; are examining and trying to find ways where they can economize and reduce state spending.  Cash flow is expected to be somewhere between three hundred (300) to six hundred (600) million dollars; still remain in debt to the CDR by five (5) billion dollars and the retirement by five and one half (5.5) billion dollars.  No matter what:  not a surplus of cash.  Thinks ought not to expand a bunch of programs this year that cannot be sustained next year.  Likely cash flow will diminish.

·       Addresses GBOS questions:  The capital budget process is just beginning now.  Have asked to submit capital requests; will be submitting requests for the library/ community center as well as roads and drainage.  Re: federal money for trails where Girdwood was specifically mentioned: this is ‘pass through’ money and feels Girdwood will receive a portion of that funding.  Had a discussion with Mike Hawker today:  as Girdwood in the past has voted to bond with the MOA for the library project only to have the bonds rejected, Hawker and Bunde have another idea:  as a LRSA,  feels Girdwood could have a library service area: could bond for the project without the overriding vote of Anchorage;  worthy of further discussion. 


Board Questions:


Livingston:  In the FY05 federal appropriation:  mentioned $4 (four) million for trails.  Any input as to the application process?

Bunde: Not sure.  Will find out.

Sears:  Roads and drainage funds noted as a ‘pass through’.  Is that a ‘pass through’ the MOA or through State DOT?

Bunde:  The capital allocation for roads is not all federal money, comes through the capital budget. 

Livingston:  Trying to determine if the distribution is going through the DOT well of money to then be administered for Girdwood or whether it would go to the MOA to be administered?

Bunde:  Is not sure which route is more likely.

Livingston:  If there is any way to direct this process, would prefer it would not go through DOT. 

Bunde:  Understands.  DOT is not very responsive to the legislature either.


Public Questions:


Toby Preston:  Congratulation on small boy receiving aid through Denali Funds thanks to Senator Bunde.

Bunde:  Appreciate the thanks.  Credit really goes to Mr. Terry in Hope.  A real success story; what Alaska is all about.  One person can still make a difference.


Livingston reiterates items of interest:

a)    get back to GBOS on two (2) capital budget items:  money for library/community center and the money for Girdwood roads and drainage.

b)    Application process for Girdwood’s portion of the $4 (four) million trails money.

c)     How Girdwood might go about having a library service area.

Bunde comments that last months conversation was not comfortable for anyone.  Wanted to point out political realities.  No Republican has ever carried Girdwood as far as he knows.  Several of his constituents take pleasure in noting that not many years ago six hundred (600) Girdwood residents voted for pot and Nader and nothing else.  To say Girdwood is not in the mainstream of the rest of his district is perhaps an understatement.  However, even though Girdwood is one (1) of the twenty (20) precincts that he represents still, in the process of government, represents Girdwood the best that he can.  However, also important that Girdwood’s interests and demands have to be judged in relationship to the nineteen (19) other precincts he represents.  As in much of life, ‘the tail seldom wags the dog’.  Again, appreciates opportunity to chat. Looks forward to next meeting.


          11. (cont’d) HLB Report, Ward.

·       Wellhouse on Glacier Creek (cont’d):  Just wanted to note there will be activity; don’t panic.  Important to decommission and remove so that there is no danger of contaminants (silt, etc.) in Glacier Creek and the ground water.  HLB will do the work (if AWWU did the work, it would cost 4x as much).

·       Glacier-Winner Creek terrain suitability studies:  Should have a draft document soon.  Should recommend the areas that are suitable for skiing, lift facilities and other improvements.  Then HLB will go forward with an RFP for a boundary survey for the area.

·       Skiview Condo Association:  Still working on clearing area for parking.

·       Mayor’s Town Hall Meeting:  Great opportunity for Girdwood to meet MOA directors. Worked well last year.

·       HLB Advisory Commission Meeting:  Thursday, April 21st 11:45 in the Mayor’s Conference Room, Suite 830 of City Hall.

·       Roadblock:  Roadblock was moved back from the eroding riverbank south of the fire hall.


Board Questions:


Sears: The roadblock:  is HLB going to put a barrier across this?

Ward:  Probably do something in Spring a little more permanent.


Public Questions:


John Gallup:  CKC well isn’t hooked to anything?

Ward:  No.  Free standing well. 

Larry Daniels:  Couple of issues:  LUC and Planning Dept. re: Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Plan:  planning effort doesn’t necessarily constitute a change to the land use plan for the Girdwood area, the GAP those being the documents that Planning refers to when it comes to planning.  It is in community’s best interest to comment.  Also, in re: to Glacier Creek Area:  activity in that area not necessarily tied in to other areas of MOA. In other words, not a ‘universal action’ on behalf of the rest of the MOA.  Really encourage community input on items and have the items become an ‘administration-wide’ item.

Ward:  Agrees with Daniels on community input.  Appreciates his comment in trying to keep all planning efforts part of MOA’s focus.  Especially on Chapter 9 of Title 21: read and comment.

Daniels:  Several things in Chapter 9 HLB’s contractor hasn’t been kept abreast of.

Julie Jonas:  Ditto Larry’s comments.  Astounded in subcommittee on Chapter 9, when asking Tom Nelson, Director of Planning what he thought of the CCNP, he said he hadn’t seen it or been consulted. Is concerned as well that all of MOA’s departments are informed as to on-going planning and issues.

Ward:  That’s a good comment.

Livingston:  Nelson came to multi-agency meeting (CCNP) about midway through process.  Hasn’t been to anything since then.

Daniels:  That plan is much further down the road since then and is significantly different.

Ward:  The goal is that the CCNP be a neighborhood plan and then become master plan for that area.  Will be working closely with Planning Dept.


10. Assembly Members, Dick Tremaine and Janice Shamberg.

Tremaine notes that Shamberg needed to stay in town for a meeting and sends her apologies.  Share they will both be at the Mayor’s Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday.

·       About time for the Assembly to have a meeting in Girdwood.  Notes the last time they were here created applause.

·       Mayor handed a memo to Tremaine re: budget corrections from Diana Pearcy.  Encouraging to hear the administration had finally listened to Girdwood’s request.  (Livingston adds Pearcy is still working on one (1) final point for the GBOS: perceived need for corrections on P&R buildings and possible double charging on them.)

·       Tremaine notes election coming up.

·       He and Dick Traini were back in Washington D.C. and will be bringing forward steering committees (about seventy people) for energy and environment as well as technology and communication.  Most members want to come to Girdwood, but hotel was full on June 15, 2005.  Will make sure those groups come to Girdwood as they have contacts in Washington D.C. that might be able to help us.

·       Large animal ordinance is unchanged.  Committee formed and will meet in early April.  Results to be brought in front of Planning and Zoning, Assembly in May with several policy choices:  controlling the number of animals; concern on impact of neighbors.


Public Questions:


Ron Burson:  Please comment on funding and requirements for community councils.

Tremaine:  a. Funding doesn’t affect Girdwood at all.

                                b. governance of CCs vs. funding is separate

  c.  Traini:  pushing for bylaws, but retracted.  Result:  brought good

 ‘housekeeping’ to CCs.  Especially the resurrection of the

Community Council website with a lot of hard work by Burson.


13. AWWU Update, Lynda Barber-Wiltse.

Livingston asks Victor Duncan to give report during Utilities report.


14. Economic Development Grant Update, Jacques Boutet.

Boutet begins by commenting there is more money to work with than last month.  Introduces himself:  MOA’s project manager for the MOA’s share of the $10 (ten) million economic grant.  Also working with a few other grants:  $1 (one) million for drainage which DOT just ‘found’ last week.  Also $600,000 (six hundred thousand dollar) grant.  Three (3) upcoming events:

·       Mayor’s Town Meeting:  will have poster display on hand for road project.

·       This Thursday:  DOT:  work through comments of preliminary design.

·       Next Wednesday:  GBOS and Public:  March 30th:  look at schedule and budget for Town Square design.  Two (2) items to point out:  a) trying to develop a plan for local artists to participate in the construction phase the Town Square plan/ to provide art for the public space and used;  2) start thinking about the next phase.

Review Phase One (1):

·       Phase One (1) reflects three (3) legs of (4) legs of Town Square.

·       Complete preliminary design:  to DOT on Thursday. Will be presented in great detail at the GBOS Work Session.  Please continue to present comments.

·       Might have finished design by first part of May, 2005.  May need two (2) more submittals to DOT.

·       Robin Ward and HLB:  has agreed to take on the right-of-way acquisition process.  Will save Boutet and his group one (1) year off of process.

·       Utilities:  assuming Chugach does undergrounding:  then conflict with Enstar gas lines with a bio-swale to get resolved;  this is a small financial issue.

·       When to build?  Duncan will share AWWU report.  They have begun design on water and sewer for Town Square. 

·       Last hurdle with DOT:  from finishing the design, utility work, then authority to proceed, then bidding project.  Need up to two or two and one half (2-2 ½ ) months to accomplish.  Will explore this further in the Work Session. 

·       Assuming all goes well:  will have $2.7 million left from all grants:  need to identify where this will be spent within the next two or three  (2 or 3) months.  What’s been ‘on the table’ for consideration:  finishing Girdwood Place; the underpass from Forest Fair Park to Town Square; Olympic Circle; Glacier Creek roadway, access to library/community center  (was told Friday: will not be required to do anything on that roadway as part of project; community can make its own decision and it can be postponed; are enough dollars in grant for parking and basic access to the facility unless community wants to do so); gateway treatment to Alyeska Highway from Crow Creek Road.  Needs to have decision soon so design team can be working towards environmental process.


Public Question:


John Gallup:  Wants to know if ‘married’ to underpass idea.  Looking at grade and thinks it’s a problem.

Boutet:  No, not decided yet.  The grades work; will have to adjust the elevation of the highway.

Sears:  The underpass serves two (2) purposes:

a)    flood relief for California Creek

b)    safety for kids to cross highway


                    Livingston notes there are two (2) sets of the documents to be reviewed at Work

                    Session on March 30th.  Anyone who wants to see them can contact Jane at



15. Anchorage Civic and Convention Center Yes presentation, Scott Anaya.

Anaya notes he will be at Candidates Forum as well.  Presentation highlights:

·       Problem with conventions in Anchorage:  when Egan Center is booked, lose business.  A lot of groups annually.  Egan Center turned away four (4) major conferences last year (either booked or too small).  Three (3) of them were worth $1.3 million to the economy of Anchorage.  One (1) was huge conference:  National Minority Aids Conference which would have brought $3 million into the economy. 

·       Egan Center:  can hold fifteen hundred (1500) at a sit-down dinner; new Convention Center:  can hold thirty five hundred (3500);  huge industrial kitchen on site.

·       Sullivan Arena:  has about twenty five thousand (25,000) square feet; new Convention Center will have about fifty thousand (50,000) square feet on the first (1st) floor;  second (2nd) floor:  meeting spaces and ballrooms.

·       Location:  downtown next to Conoco Phillips.  Approval of Convention Center also includes new six hundred fifty (650) space parking garage.  Also, new parking garage proposed next to Snow Goose Restaurant further downtown.

MOA want to force JC Penney to upgrade their existing facility. There is parking planned in association with museum expansion.  The AKRR is looking at building a six hundred seventy (670) space garage tucked into hillside by Eisenhower Memorial. 

·       $12 (twelve) million for covered walkway to the PAC and update to Egan Center (included in $93 (ninety three) million dollar total package for Convention Center).

·       Will be paid for in full plus ongoing maintenance by 4 %(four percent) increase to hotel tax (would mean a total of 12%- twelve percent- total hotel tax which is just below national average):  equals about $5.7 million in increased revenue to finance bond package.

·       Bond ratings going up will make it even cheaper to finance bond package and bond insurance.  With last years visitors numbers can easily make expenses.  Contractors have pledged extra money for construction overruns (a total of $8 (eight) million).  Looking to more than double income from convention business.

·       Notes that convention ‘goers’ usually stay longer and will be down in Girdwood for skiing, etc.


Public Questions:

Ron Burson:  Who is opposed and why?

Anaya:  Not a huge group now.  Most opposition was a couple of years ago when there wasn’t as firm of a plan.  Have answered a lot of the questions.

John Gallup:  (Asks for clarification on map Anaya is using as a visual aid.)


16. U.S. Forest Service Update including Nissman Memorial, James Fincher and Tim

Charnon.  Approval to proceed on the Nissman Memorial Pavilion has been given by MOA Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Dillon.  Costing, funding and permitting are underway with construction spring 2005.

Livingston reads report into record.  Highlights include:

·       A record number of seasonal employees this year to help with a wide variety of projects.

·       Several upcoming events this spring:  Friday, April 22, an Open House at the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center to celebrate the completion of new classroom facility, the Portage Valley Learning Center.   Ribbon-cutting at 2 pm; would be honored if GBOS members would assist.  Please contact if able to participate.

·       Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth and some staff will visit the Alaska Region June 5-10.  Staying in Girdwood June 5-7.  Invitation to GBOS members to join USFS on AKRR trip to Seward on June 6.  Please contact if able to participate.

·       Last month, reported on grant proposal submitted to assist restoration of historic roundhouse.  Turned down, but are committed to working on this project and moving forward to develop an MOU with Girdwood, Inc. to explore other avenues of mutual interest in promoting recreation development and natural resource management in the Girdwood Valley.


Livingston encourages GBOS members to participate in events mentioned in report;  a great  way to network.


17. Girdwood Transportation Task Force Report.  

No new developments.


18. Four Valleys Community School Task Force Report on Community School Status report:  Marie Griffin.

Griffin not present.  No report.


19. Girdwood Community Center and Library Building Task Force Update, Brooks


Chandler shares written report.  Highlights include:

·       The Denali Commission funding request is in.  Asked for one million five hundred sixty thousand dollars ($1, 560,000) even though program applied to has a maximum funding level of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per project.  Hope to convince the Commission to add funds from additional sources.  Thanks to MOA’s offer of Linda Brooks without whose help the application would not have been completed.

·       All GBOS members should review the application as it makes several important assumptions about project funding.

·       The complete application is available for review at the library.  Had fantastic help from a number of community organizations who wrote letters of support:  Girdwood, Inc.; Girdwood 2020; Girdwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc.; Fine Arts Camp;  Girdwood Clinic;  Lions Club;  Little Bears;  Girdwood Chapel;  Kathy Recken, Principal of Girdwood School;  Anchorage Tomorrow;  Friends of the Library;  ACEA;  Library Advisory Board;  etc.

·       Over one hundred (100) members, gaining momentum.  May or may not have a fundraiser at Spring Carnival.

·       From now until the end of the legislative session will be asking Legislature to include partial funding of the project in the state capital projects appropriation for FY 2006.  Have started a local letter-writing campaign.

·       Will talk with the Rasmussen Foundation regarding funding.

·       The task force will provide a detailed briefing on the project at a GBOS work session once the municipal election has been certified and we have two (2) new Board members. 


20. Jake Thompson report on subcommittee to amend AMC Section 21.35.020 regarding       keeping large animals.

Already addressed earlier by Assembly Member Tremaine.


21. Land Use Committee and Federation of Community Councils Report, LUC Officers.

Larry Daniel, LUC Chair, gives report from March 8, 2005, regular monthly meeting.

Highlights include:

·       LUC meeting had thirty six (36) people signed in; good attendance.

·       LUC did a letter of support for TAHC.

·       Report from John Gallup and Rebecca Reichlin on the Skateboard Park Task Force.  Project is moving forward. 

·       Tom Nelson:  ‘guest of honor’ for most of meeting.  Nelson talked about ordinance for Title 21 neighborhood plans.  Noted it had little to do with Girdwood.  LUC passed on with no comment to GBOS. 

·       Tom Nelson:  Chapter 9:  As LUC is considering whether to approve a schedule to adopt the draft for September consideration by the Assembly, Nelson proposed a more lenient adoption schedule that extended the time table.  LUC agreed to put off approval of adoption schedule until the April 12th LUC meeting when a final draft version of Chapter 9 will be made ready by the subcommittee. Daniels notes more meetings and participation by Planning Dept in the subcommittee meetings, etc., than in the last five (5) years.  Daniels thinks that more issues have been resolved and less complaining at the subcommittee meetings in recent times.

·       Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Plan:  talked about as well.  On the same time track as Chapter 9 for LUC meeting time.  Is concerned both subjects are important and will take a lot of time at the regular LUC meeting.  

·       Daniels notes upcoming important meeting: March 30th, subcommittee meeting with local builders and architects re: design standards in Chapter 9, to be followed on March 31st by a final subcommittee meeting.


Ward (HLB) comments how pleased the MOA is with the commitment and input from the neighborhood to jump in and do this planning for Chapter 9.  Sees this as a great opportunity to have the focus and attention of the MOA, especially the Planning Dept, to elevate this and do it on a different schedule.  If it gets pulled back into the rest of Title 21, will get lost in the midst of it.  Really excited about this.  Particularly as it parallels the HLB’s CCR land study.  Very important that HLB not finalize development plans until it is known what will be in Chapter 9.  Hope that Girdwood supports going forward with Chapter 9. 

Daniels notes that for anyone who hasn’t followed this process:  Girdwood will go from a four (4) page land use document to about a one hundred and ten (110) page land use document.  Not necessarily bad, but difficult for someone who reads it for the first time.  Will say he feels it really represents what the community is trying to move towards.

Julie Jonas wants to know if it is still the plan to have the CCR Neighborhood Plan part of the April LUC meeting?  Ward says as far as she know.  She’ll check with Chris Beck to confirm.  Notes they (HLB) can accommodate a separate meeting if necessary (Chapter 9 vs. Crow Creek Road land use study and Neighborhood Plan).


Ron Burson / FCC report:

·       Would like to commend the subcommittee for Chapter 9. 

Last FCC meeting:  bogged down with officers election, etc.  Will be resolved with rewrite of bylaws. Several points as result of meeting:

·       Police report there is increasing vandalism at trailheads.  Looking for ’trail watch’ volunteers.

·       Thank you for comment on website.  FCC’s website has GBOS stuff on it including GBOS minutes and agendas.  Need web hosting.  Would like to ask MOA or Assembly to provide that for the FCC. 


22. Turnagain Arm Health Center Report, Anne Herschleb and Margaret Strachan.

Strachan offers a quick update.

·       Held community meeting to review the survey and had a nice article in the Turnagain Times that went over it very thoroughly. 

·       Some members of the Board went to Talkeetna to view health facility up there.  Will have an article in the TT about this.

·       Primary grant:  HURSA 330 grant:  deadline pushed off to unknown date.  Had planned on this for primary funding.  Will keep the Board updated.

·       Have hired a grant writer to work on the Denali Commission application.

·       Soliciting donations for fundraisers:  silent auction and wine tasting set for Friday, April 15, 2005, at the Glacier Express restaurant.  Tickets are $20 (twenty dollars) each.


23. Anchorage Citizens Coalition presents “Transportation Myths and Realities”.

No one present to give presentation.


24. Girdwood 2020 update, Toby Preston.

Preston, as an executive member of the Girdwood  2020 Board, notes the goal of Girdwood 2020 for the Girdwood Valley is to end up having this valley look like a destination, world class resort with environmentally responsible development.  Three (3) points tonight: money, people and snow.

·       Girdwood, Inc. has given significant financial support to the TAHC.  Gave five hundred dollars ($500) in cash; fourteen hundred dollars ($1400) to produce bracelets.  Applied for and received from the Atwood Foundation a grant for one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to renovate the Roundhouse and turn it into a museum; brings total to seven hundred thousand dollars ($700,000).  Plan is to apply for the Rasmussen Foundation for one half million dollars ($500,000); they require the title be transferred from Seibu to Girdwood, Inc.  Also wrote a letter of support for legislative funding for the Library/Community Center project.

·       Two (2) new Board members that have joined Girdwood 2020 at February 12, 2005 meeting:  Lynn Johnson, President of Dowland-Bach, and Dr. Jeff Demain.

·       Voted to ask MOA to consider the Girdwood section of Title 21 (Chapter 9).

·       Unanimously agreed to call on support from a higher power for three (3) more weeks of winter.


25. Anchorage Tomorrow Presentation on Roads and Drainage:  Brooks Chandler.

Chandler speaks on behalf of Anchorage Tomorrow, a non-profit corporation;  primary purpose is to urge people to come out and vote ‘yes’ on bonding propositions for road improvements.  Two such propositions on April ballot:

·       Proposition 4 is a road bond:  Girdwood taxpayers do not contribute to pay back the money that will be borrowed to build forty-four ($44) million.  Projects include:  36th Avenue; C Street to Seward Highway; 3rd Avenue from Post Road to Reeve Boulevard; traffic signals throughout the Bowl.

·       Proposition 5 is a transit bond:  has failed twice.  (cost: $21.97 per $100,000 of property value per year.)  Feels it will pass by a margin of 75% for, 25% against.  Money is matched four to one (4-1) by feds.  Girdwood would get vans.  (Livingston notes Girdwood would still need to find operating capital.)  Chandler offers Anchorage Conservation in favor of this bond and will be demonstrating in Anchorage for it:  feel it provides less air pollution.




Public Questions:


Larry Daniels:  Area-wide bond? 

Chandler: Yes.  Get to vote for it and pay for it (Proposition 5).

Ron Burson:  Comment:  through FCC delegates:  they are sympathetic to soliciting support for Girdwood; would expect our support back on what is important to them.


          26.     Little Bears Playhouse Day Care, Deb Pfeiffer.

                    Letter of support from GBOS sought for grant application.  Presentation is deferred

                    until April GBOS meeting.


Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.


Denise Dargan, P.O. Box 816:  Representing the Gerrish Public Library: library was supposed to be closed this week due to the installation of a new generator at the school during Spring Break.  Would like to thank Art Weeks for his intervention and the ASD for making sure the library stayed open this week.  They will be working around them. Very grateful to the ASD.


                    Richard Day, P.O. Box 24:  A question:  when fast foods want to attach to the

                    Community Park, do we have any leverage or say on whether this happens or not?

                    Livingston responds any business would go through the process of presenting

                    before the LUC and then GBOS.  Sears notes the LUC and GBOS have changed a

                    number of things successfully in the past;  for example, the Snow Raven Condo

                    project had to make changes and present three (3) times before it was approved.

                    Ward comments this is another reason for adopting Chapter 9.  It has design stan-

                    dards for Girdwood’s commercial areas.  As Girdwood really starts to develop as it

                    is now, it is necessary to have design standards to control development.  Larry

                    Daniels adds that comments from LUC and GBOS are in addition to the Planning

                    and Zoning Department which is very stringent in its reviews.  Day says he used

                    to subscribe to the Sun Valley Times and saw many issues around this same

                    subject:  low cost housing brings fast food, Walmart, etc.  Curious what leverage the

                    community has in such a situation.  Sears adds that the GBOS is a community

                    council as well as an advisory board to the Assembly;  have significant amount of

                    influence with Planning and Zoning.  Notes Chapter 9 will be the ultimate ‘hammer’.


                    Ethan Tyler/ representing ATIA:  Spoke at the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce:

having 2005 conference in Girdwood on October 4-6th, 2005.  He is on the convention planning committee as the Girdwood liaison.  During the conference, October 5th will be community night with an Octoberfest theme.  Goal:  would like it to be an event for Girdwood particularly with local businesses.  Wants Girdwood involved and needs volunteers for the event.  Has a draft agenda of the conference for interested parties. 


Ron Burson, P.O. Box 951:  Have an email distribution list for the community .  Anyone can be added.  Contact Burson at:  ron@burson.org.


Brooks Chandler:  Would like to personally thank Dave and Diana for the level of commitment they’ve made to the community for the past three (3) years plus.  It’s good work.  Thankful both were willing to serve.



Old Business:


27. Approval of the GBOS is sought to send a letter to Chugach Electric requesting them

to continue utility undergrounding along Hightower Road coincident with the undergrounding work on Lindblad.  Request that funding be provided by CEA’s applying their public percentage allocation for undergrounding year by year until the cost has been met.

Knutson comments there has been a lot of Board discussion about this particular topic.  Livingston agrees.


Knutson MOVES GBOS approves sending a letter to Chugach Electric requesting they continue undergrounding utilities along Hightower Road coincident with the roadwork on Lindblad; Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous approval.


Duncan agrees to write the letter.


28. Approval of the GBOS will be sought for the Library and Community Center plan for funding construction, maintenance and operations.  At the GBOS Special Meeting March6, 2005 Resolution 2005-02 regarding application for partial funding for the building project was approved.

Livingston comments not sure if enough information to act on tonight. 


Sears MOVES; Knutson SECONDS.  Discussion follows between Brooks Chandler, the Board and the public.  Chandler begins by sharing an anticipated cost breakdown for the Library/ Community Center building project.  Cost of project is estimated to be four point eight million dollars ($4.8 million); this equates to three hundred three dollars per square foot ($303 per square foot) which is slightly over nine thousand (9,000) feet in size.  The current plan of the task force for acquiring the monies is as follows:

·       One million five hundred sixty thousand ($1,560,000) dollars from the Denali Commission grant.

·       Two million ($2,000,000) dollars from the State of Alaska.

·       Four hundred eighty thousand ($480,000) dollars from Girdwood property tax (equals approximately ten percent (10%) of the total cost of the project)

·       Five hundred ninety thousand ($590,000) dollars from private donations (through community wide solicitations and approach of local and national foundations)

Chandler explains further the four hundred eighty thousand dollar ($480,000) portion expected to be taken care of by Girdwood property owners.  Twice in recent history, two (2) bond propositions that sought permission to build such a facility were approved by seventy to eighty percent (70-80%) of Girdwood property tax owners

 ( in 1999 and 2000).  Costs have gone up since then some.  Chandler suggests a different process than the bond vote to secure the money needed.  Approval by Anchorage voters is avoided by creating a ‘local improvement district’ ( a Parks improvement district) which is created by a mail-out ballot petition to Girdwood property owners after the idea is approved by both the GBOS and Assembly.  It is necessary to have the approval of people who own fifty one percent (51%) of the property to be taxed.  He adds it is necessary Seibu Corporation is willing to vote ‘yes’ as they are a significant property owner.  Also, if a property owner does not mail the ballot back in, it is considered a ‘no’ vote; a set time for response, usually a month or two.  Chandler emphasizes it is very important for Girdwood to take part in paying for this facility, not only because participation is important, but it is crucial in being able to attract the other funding (for example, grants, etc.).  Chief desire tonight:  if not official vote by Board, at least some indication the Board is interested enough in this proposal in having the task force start the process of the local improvement district idea?  A lot of variables involved and would have to meet right away with the MOA to research and understand the best way to approach it. 

Important to have input from the Board tonight as well due to the anticipation of Girdwood contributing monetarily.


Livingston asks Chandler to address maintenance and operations costs for the facility.  Chandler begins by sharing that the MOA has made a commitment on paper to increase people and hours through area-wide contribution by the taxpayers of the MOA.  Says the idea of the ‘library service area’ as proposed earlier in the evening by Senator Bunde is not a good idea:  to Girdwood’s benefit to have all of Anchorage help contribute to the costs of this branch library of the MOA.  Increased library operating costs diluted because burden is shared with Anchorage. Extra staffing is significant: ninety thousand dollars ($90,000) a year.  Three (3) other operating expenses associated with facility (estimates) as impacts to property taxes:

·       Utilities:  thirty three thousand dollars ($33,000) more a year

·       Maintenance:  personnel from MOA:  thirty one thousand dollars ($31,000) a year

·       Insurance:  ten thousand seven hundred dollars ($10,700); may show up as an IGC

Total estimated increase is seventy five thousand dollars ($75,000).  Only estimates.  Unsure how much from library area-wide basis and how much is paid by Girdwood Service Area.  MOA is not willing to answer this right now.  Most obvious solution is pro rata on per square foot.  Not sure, but knows it is naïve to believe the money would all come from area-wide.  Chandler addresses possible revenue collected from the use of the Community Center to help offset expenses.  The task force found the MOA charges about twenty dollars per hour ($20 ph).  If Girdwood did not charge for community groups or non-profits, they estimate about eight thousand three hundred twenty dollars ($8,320) generated from rentals (private use, instructors with classes, etc.), based on eight (8) hours a week , fifty two (52) weeks a year.



Board and Chandler discuss implications of operating costs.  Sears confirms with

Chandler that unlike a bond, the assessment district is dependent on the local annual budget to provide ongoing operating funds. If the process remains the same as it is now: Sears points out the library/community center operating costs are budgeted for annually and Girdwood may not get the money. For example, GBOS did not get the money it budgeted for this year.  What happens if money needed to run facility is not made available?  Livingston points out if Girdwood does not come out from under the Anchorage tax cap, Girdwood will have to steal money from other Parks and Recreation items to fund the costs.  Knutson adds that even if Girdwood comes out from under the tax cap, the GBOS has to pass a mill rate increase by the Girdwood community at two (2) public meetings so annual budget outcome is never guaranteed and asks if this is a stable enough funding source to maintain a building that is not going away once built?  Board confirms they are very much in favor of building the project, but are concerned on how to fund the operating costs.  Chandler agrees it is not any more stable than guaranteeing how many times roads can be plowed in winter and is subject to annual budget process.  Also notes that is apparently how other MOA buildings face operating costs in the rest of the MOA

( i.e. through budget approved by the Assembly).  Sears adds this is a perfect example of why Girdwood needs to get out from under the municipal tax cap:  with Assembly controlling and approving budgets and only two (2) out of eleven (11) Assembly members voting for Girdwood, it is important to create the ability to determine our own budget each year.


 Chandler is concerned about moving forward without the Board being comfortable with whether the facility can be maintained or not.  At the same time, it is unknown what the split will be between budget and what area-wide will cover; that is a negotiated number.  Knutson asks for clarification:  what is being asked of the Board tonight?  Approval to go forward to continue planning regarding construction, maintenance and operations?  Is concerned the Board is not in control over the approval of the budget issue of operating costs; the people in the valley have the power not the Board.  Chandler answers the GBOS is an advisory body to the Assembly.  The Assembly has the final approval on budgets.  Does not want to get ‘down the road’ with continued time and effort being spent on the local improvement district without the Board being behind the action.  Advise to GBOS:  to identify it as an issue and push for resolution.  Chandler and task force attempted this with the MOA and the MOA wasn’t ready to do it.  If the Board acts as Girdwood’s representative may have more success.  Knutson says what the Board is faced with:  if staying under the tax cap, will have no more money for Parks and Rec.  Just sat down with Jeff Dillon (director, P&R) and made a major commitment for every cent for next year.  Also, a number of small groups rely on the money from P&R non-profit grant.  Not sure can sit here tonight and make that decision.  That’s something that is a future agenda item requiring public process and input.  Would hope can find a compromise and a way to give every one what they want.


 Chandler’s belief has always been that the task force was created by the approval of the GBOS to pursue the project.  Never thought what they were doing was subject to approval.  Have reached a point where the task force would like to have some sort of approval:  even if it’s not to move forward until the MOA confirms what they will do about taxes covering operating costs.


Dick Tremaine offers this is a multi-step process.  What is being faced now:  application to the Denali Commission.  Always the opportunity to turn down money but can’t get there without this step.  There are checks later in the system where you have answers and decide the next position.


Sears notes the fact that the community is whole-heartedly behind this project.  This is about as close as community has come to getting this done.  Notes to Chandler:  two (2) scenarios:  1) under thumb of Assembly; or, 2) do it ourselves.  If the GBOS gives ‘go ahead’ now but has an occasion in the future to reassess re: funding, etc., it makes sense to move ahead.  Chandler concludes it doesn’t make sense to go forward without acknowledging there is a potential impact on the service area budget. Knutson asks if the Board can provide a simple resolution based on what has been heard tonight, the Board would approve the task force going forward to continue to explore all funding options including for construction and for later maintenance?  Livingston asks to add:  if instead of ‘approve’, say ‘support’ the process going ahead.  Also points out that the concern of commitment to Town Square project:  understand there are no maintenance costs until it is completed, so not an issue.  Right now, many unknowns without knowing whether tax cap issue will pass or not.  Thinks the Board could support the task force going ahead and continuing to gather more details.


Chandler says the most important thing he wants to know:  if this improvement district idea should continue to be developed?  Livingston asks for Larry Daniels comments as a representative from Seibu.  Daniels comments this is a local funding issue:  should have an absolutely clear conscience as it has been decided twice in the valley.  Should be no issue on whether the community minds taxing itself in one form or another.  There is clear direction.  As a taxpayer, everyone needs to figure out that if something is wanted, community needs to help pay for it.  Thinks from the Seibu perspective the same feeling is present:  if its what the community needs and is spread out over a reasonable length of time, it will not have a huge financial impact.  Seibu raised six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) in eight (8) years at the golf course for improvements that the golfers have paid for:  it was not a burden.  Thinks the library issue will not have a big impact in overall taxes.


Livingston suggests when GBOS gets more information after April election, that there is a public hearing to discuss maintenance and operations.  Knutson agrees this needs to get hashed out a bit more, but defers to task force for timing on the hearing.


Livingston reminds Board there is a MOTION on the table.  Livingston asks if Sears will accept a friendly amendment to change the word ‘approve’ to ‘support’? Sears agrees.  Vote:  5-0, approval of amendment.  Vote on MOTION as amended:  5-0, unanimous approval. 


Livingston asks Chandler if the Board action should be a letter or resolution?  Chandler agrees to a letter of support as it would be more quickly received in order to move forward.  He notes there is already the GBOS Resolution of support for submitting the application to the Denali Commission.  Livingston agrees to write letter of support.  The Board sees no conflict with her writing the letter and also being on the task force.


29. From Land Use Committee meeting of March 8, 2005 regarding approval of the proposed Title 21, Chapter 9 Adoption Schedule.  The Land Use Committee has deferred action to their April 12, 2005 meeting.  The LUC subcommittee has agreed to have a draft and report for the April 12, 2005 meeting.  If LUC acts at that time, GBOS will be expected to act at the regular meeting April 18, 2005.

Livingston reads this agenda item and notes it does not call for action this month. 


New Business:


30. From Land Use Committee meeting of March 8, 2005, GBOS action is sought for Case 2005-039 an ordinance amending Title 21 for Neighborhood Planning.  This ordinance describes how to do a Neighborhood Plan.  LUC voted unanimously with no abstentions to pass this ordinance on to GBOS with no comment.

Livingston suggests the Board also declines to comment on this ordinance.  Knutson agrees as does Sears. 


Sears MOVES the GBOS follow the actions of the LUC and pass this ordinance forward without comment; Knutson SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimously approved.


31. Renewal of Girdwood’s participation in the Sister Cities Program is due.  No activity has occurred in this program for a number of years.  The Board will discuss whether to continue our participation or to apply our limited resources to prioritized projects.

Livingston asks for discussion.  All members of the Board say to save the resources.


Sears MOVES the GBOS terminate its participation in the Sister Cities Program;  Tingle SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimously approved.  Livingston notes that if at some point the GBOS wants to renew its participation that can be done.


32. Request for GBOS approval will be sought for a zoning conditional use application for a four-unit condominium complex located at Alyeska North #3, Block 6, Lot 7, Taos Road.  Land Use action will be at the April 12, 2005 meeting and GBOS action will be at the April 18, 2005 regular meeting.

Livingston notes this agenda item is presented this month so that action can occur at the April meeting.


33. GBOS approval will be sought for the Girdwood Chapel Church Site Plan.  Location is Alpine View Estates, Phase 1, Tract A-2A, the southwest corner of Alyeska Highway and Timberline Drive.  Plan is to move the existing church and construct a new church building in its place.  Land Use action is expected at the April 12, 2005 meeting and GBOS action at the April 18, 2005 meeting.

                    Livingston notes this agenda item is presented this month so that action can occur at

                    the April meeting.


Other Business from the Board:


34. Diana Livingston report on March 1, 2005 Girdwood Chamber of Commerce meeting.  GBOS representative will be appointed for April 5, 2005 GC of C meeting.

                    Livingston reads her written report.  Highlights include:

·       Subject of discussion:  internal organization, committees and responsibilities for the chamber members.

·       The Sunday Market Place for Summer 2005 was discussed.

·       Lynne’ Doran suggested the Chamber hire an executive to be responsible for the work of the organization and pay the executive a flat fee of $5000 for one (1) year.

·       Anne Herschleb reported to the Chamber on the development of the community health center, Turnagain Arm Health Clinic.  TAHC is involved in two (2) grant application processes.  The group is seeking donations.

·       The GC of C unanimously awarded TAHC, Inc. an honorary membership in the GC of C.

·       Subject of discussion:  the ATIA meeting in Girdwood in fall, 2005.  Also, in May, 2005 the travel writers group is coming to Girdwood.  The Chamber is looking at ways to participate and get leverage for Girdwood.

·       Final report was on a new business venture in Girdwood, a TV station.


The Board after discussion decides not to send a representative to the GC of C in April due to schedule conflicts and  election day. Will begin GBOS representation again in May.


Board Reports:


35. Land Use Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Diana Livingston.

a.     Title 21, Chapter 9 Reports on Subcommittee Meetings, Marcus Tingle.

Tingle says there is nothing to add to earlier discussion.

b.     Land Use Committee Summary of March 8, 2005 Meeting.

Report given earlier by Larry Daniels.

c.     Heritage Land Bank Report, Crow Creek Land Use Study.

Report given earlier by Robin Ward, HLB director.


36. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

d.  Trails Committee Report and Update.

Tingle reads Girdwood Trails Committee Meeting Minutes from March 1, 2005 meeting.  Highlights include:

·       Nissman Memorial Update:  Chad Frank, Carl Skustad and Alison Rein will prepare a package to use for bids.  Dave Sears has volunteered to act as general contractor.  The group will determine how much more money is required to complete the project and also determine if permits are required.  (Tingle reports he took plans to SBS to bid on materials and had it spec’d two ways.  Will probably go the less expensive way; the way the project is spec’d it would cost twice as much.  Will have bids in the next couple of days.)

·       Winter Grooming Report:  Mark Jonas (written report) notes that conditions have improved since last month.  Grooming from one to three times a week.  Will plan to continue grooming until the end of March if the snow stays.

·       Status of Grooming Equipment:  Chad Frank reports it will be a while before a snow machine can be acquired.

·       Trail issues:

o      Athabaskan Trail Update:  Rein reports a small amount of maintenance and replacement of one sign to be done in spring.

o      Four Corners Hand Tram Update:  The tram is locked pending repairs.

o      SAGA summer program:  Frank reports need to confirm in March if will use program.  With the matching grant could be $17,000 available which is two to three weeks’ trail work.  Frank and Rein will work on the grant and outline the work to be done.

o      Beaver Pond Trail Report:  Matt Wedeking will lead a volunteer crew to flag the Beaver Pond Trail extension to the Seward Highway Bike Path, Saturday, March 5.

o      Request to AK DOT/PF for mitigation funds due to Crow Creek Road project displacement of users:  AK DOT responded to this request in the negative.  Some changes have been made to parking along Crow Creek Road as part of this project per Trail Committee recommendations.

o      Submittal to Turnagain Times and Insert for Friends of Girdwood Trails and Parks:  Frank is working on this.

o      Report of Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Citizens Advisory Group and Trails Map:  Rein reported on the Citizens Advisory Group.

o      Further opportunities for trails funding:  Rein is following up on the process for applying to the State for funds from the FY 2005 Appropriation.

o      Trails Maps for Girdwood (Winter and Summer):  Norman Starkey is working on the maps.

o      Old Trails Committee records:  Frank has these records and file cabinets.  Needs help reviewing these records.

·       New Business:

o      Future projects:  purchase of snow machine.

o      Tom Yeager stated the tram cable could be replaced in two hours if the rope could be transported to the site by helicopter.  Objective:  to use hand tram year round.

·       NOTE:  The April 5, 2005 meeting will be held in the Parks and Recreation Office, the Old Library Building, 7 pm.


e.Parks and Recreation Update, Chad Frank.

                                 Frank shares written report.  Highlights include:

·       Girdwood Community Skate Park:  On Saturday, March 5th the skate park task force held a meeting at Glacier City Hall to get input from the community on the planning and design of a skate park.  About forty eight (48) people were in attendance and the outlook was very positive. 

·       Town Square Park:  P&R is awaiting confirmation letter from Michael Tullius and Chugach Electric re: tree removal.

·       Sister Cities International:  P&R has been made aware the Sister Cities International program shall be halted.

·       Trails Committee:  A grant requesting approximately $8500 in matching National Park Service funds was requested on March 15, 2005.

·       Jeff Nissman Memorial:  already covered earlier in meeting.

·       Little Bears Playground Committee:  The Playground Committee task force is organizing ideas for funding.  

·       Cellular Contact:  The cell number to reach Chad Frank is 317-3275.


37. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Tracey Knutson.

f.   Fire Department Report. 

     There is no report.  Chief Chadwick has been out of town.

g.  Trooper Report.

     There is none.

h.  Report on Wildfire Mitigation and Neighborhood Fuel Reduction Projects for 2005.

     Knutson reads report from the AFD Wildfire Mitigation Office.  Highlights include:

o      As a continuing effort to reduce the hazard of wildfire in the MOA, the AFD is continuing tree cutting and slash pile burning operations starting Tuesday, March 8th.

o      Neighborhood Fuel Reduction Projects help reduce the potential for fire.  Homeowners and neighborhood organizations are encouraged to contact the AFD to assess their exposure to wildfire.  AFD Foresters can help residents plan and implement strategies to reduce the spread and intensity of fire while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their Alaska home.

o      Free Firewise Home Assessments will be available again in May.  Log on to www.muni.org/fire1/wildfire.cfm.

o      Start thinking about wildfire before the snow melts.





38. Road Supervisor, David Sears.

i.   Roads Budget to Date.

The February 2005 Road Maintenance expense was $37,601.  Current balance in the Roads Budget is $157,800.75.  This leaves an average of $15,780.75 per mile for the remaining ten (10) months of the year.

                              j.        Monthly Roads Report.

Spring is starting to arrive and the roads are beginning to thaw.  Due to rain, snow, freeze cycles in December and January our roads accumulated a lot of ice and are very rutted in some areas.  Please slow down to 15 mph.


Sears received a phone call from a ‘Michelle’ this afternoon concerning a hole in the culvert at Alyeska Avenue and Loveland.  Inspected the hole:  it is a drainage ditch in which the berm has collapsed creating a short drop-off on the side of the road.  It is steep and will be that way until the snow melts.  The berm has fallen in and the ditch is doing what is was designed to do.  Hopes the caller is listening as didn’t have a phone number to return call with information.   The hole is one of the results of Spring weather.  Parents, be aware of this hazard.  Please warn your young children not to play on the berms as they can collapse into a ditch filled with deep, swift, cold water.  Want to thank residents who point out potential hazards to the Board.  Please continue to do so.




39. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

k.  Undergrounding Utilities.

Duncan reads written report.  He reports he met with Michael Tullius of Chugach Electric to discuss undergrounding issues in Girdwood.  Tullius has been after CEA to underground the main feeder line in conjunction with HLB’s request.  At the same time, he saw the opportunity to underground some existing power lines that will affect the New Town Square Park Development.  CEA has approved undergrounding the main feeder and repositioned power on the HLB Tract as well as retire existing power lines and replace with underground power to the New TSP Development.  Any further undergrounding on Hightower will have to be approved at a later date.  There are many right of way issues involved in undergrounding.  Tuliius would like Girdwood as a Community to prioritize any future requests to underground power.  There are many areas to be improved on and CEA has to consider all of them.  This will be an ongoing issue that Girdwood and the GBOS will have to keep pushing.  (Duncan has a diagram to show to help visualize the upcoming work to be done.)


The Board discusses to make sure the letter from the Board to Chugach still makes sense.  Duncan says ‘yes’, but recognize a lot of issues in the one hundred (100) yards on Hightower Road.  Easements and who owns the rights to them seem to be the main hurdle. 

l.       Water and Sewer.

Duncan reads highlights from AWWU report from Lynda Barber-Wiltse.

·       AWWU Girdwood Project Office:  The office hours will be flexible over the last two (2) weeks of March to accommodate evening meetings, vacations, and holidays.

·       Girdwood Water Projects:  Girdwood Water Improvements Phase IIB:  The CCNP public meeting was held March 15.  AWWU is working with HLB and ADOT staff and consultants to coordinate future improvements.

·       Girdwood Wastewater Projects:  Girdwood WWTF Facility Plan Updates:  Findings and recommendations from the Girdwood I&I project impact this Facility Plan.  Right now, the treatment plant is treating excess flows and the first draft plan concludes that a new, $20+ million plant needs to be constructed within the next decade if the flows are not reduced.

·       Girdwood Sewer I&I:  AWWU engineers and their consultant, Matt Stephl, reviewed the data gathered by the AWWU CCTV crew.  Matt and Tam Construction will install sleeves in the identified manholes to stem the infiltration situation.  The temporary access was cleared in preparation for receipt of the sleeves.  Work should be completed on this phase of the work by the end of March.  VEI continues to work with AWWU on the flow meter data gathering project.  In early February several of the flow meters were re-located and additional flow meters installed in new data gathering areas.  VEI is monitoring the fluctuations in flow.  CCTV crews will return in early April to video specific pipeline during breakup.

·       PME Girdwood Town Square Street and Drainage Improvements:  Discussions continue between ADOT, PME and AWWU regarding the water, sewer and road projects for this area.  AWWU is in step with the project and plans are to install the water pipeline in Holmgren and Girdwood Place summer of 2005.  In addition, a larger sewer pipeline may be installed on Hightower between the Alyeska Highway and the north entrance to the new Post Office.



Tingle MOVES to adjourn meeting; Sears SECONDS; Vote:  5-0, unanimous.


Meeting adjourns:  9:56 pm


Minutes respectfully submitted,

Jane Barber

Secretary’s Note:  Copies of the following reports are available:

-        Minutes of GBOS Special Meeting, March 6, 2005

-        HLB Report

-        USFS Report

-        Library/ Community Center Task Force Report

-        Chapter 9/ Revised Proposed Adoption Schedule

-        FCC Meeting, March 16, 2005 Summary

-        GC of C Report

-        Girdwood Trails Committee Minutes

-        Girdwood Parks and Recreation Report

-        Press Release/ Wildfire Mitigation Office

-        Roads Monthly Budget Update and Road Report

-        Utilities/ Undergrounding by CEA Report

-        AWWU Report

-        Resolution 2005-02/ Supporting Participation in the Denali Commission’s Multi-Use Facilities Program for a Girdwood Community Center and Library and committing to facility operation

-        Resolution 2005-03/ To Recognize and Thank Diana Livingston, GBOS Co-Chair on the Occasion of her retirement from the Board

-        Resolution 2005-04/ To Recognize and Thank David Sears on the Occasion of his retirement from the Board