Girdwood Board of Supervisors

January 17, 2005

Glacier City Hall


Present:  Diana Stone Livingston, Co-Chair; Tracey Knutson, Co-Chair;

                              David Sears, Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle


Call to Order:  7:01 pm, by Diana Stone Livingston, Co-Chair




Approval of Minutes:


1.     December 20, 2004 Regular Monthly Meeting.

Minutes are not available.  Approval deferred until next GBOS regular monthly meeting.




2.     Girdwood General Fund Balance Report, Diana Livingston.

Livingston notes there is no change from last month’s report.  Balance remains unchanged:  five thousand six hundred eighty dollars ($5, 680).


3.     GBOS Seat E now filled by David Sears, and Seat D now filled by Diana Livingston will be chosen by registered Girdwood voters at the municipal election April 5, 2005. Those interested in running for election to either of these GBOS seats must file with the City Clerk between January 28 and 5 pm February 11, 2005. Each seat is for a three year term. 


4.     Announcement of Girdwood Community Association/Land Use Committee officers for 2005.

Livingston names and congratulates the new Land Use Committee officers elected at January 11, 2005 LUC meeting:  Larry Daniels, Chair; Ron Burson, Vice Chair and FCC representative; and Ellen Twiname,  secretary.



5.     The Mayor’s Girdwood Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2005.

Livingston adds the Board is still waiting to receive information re: place and time.


6.     The GBOS Quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is scheduled for January 27, 2005 from 1 to 3:30 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room.

Livingston notes this is a public meeting and any interested persons are invited to attend.


7.     Chugach State Park Citizens Advisory Board Holding Special Meeting Tuesday January 18, 2005, 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 240, 7 pm to 10 pm seeking citizen comment on management of Chugach Park trailheads.


8.     Next Public Workshop for Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan scheduled for Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 6:30 pm.  Location TBA.  Copies of the Public Review Draft Plan will be made available at the Post Office, Girdwood Library, Little Bears and AWWU Girdwood office.

Livingston says even though the location of this workshop is TBA, it will more than likely be held at the Alyeska Daylodge. 

John Gallup asks if the information is available online as well.  Livingston answers

she expects it will be.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:


9.      Assembly Members Dick Tremaine and Janice Shamberg

 Livingston notes Assembly Members are not present yet.  Will return to this

 agenda item when they arrive.


10.  Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash

Livingston acknowledges Robin Ward who proceeds to give the HLB update.    Highlights include:

·       Aeromap US and SE Group of Colorado continue work of creating a base map for expansion of ski opportunities in the Glacier Winner Creek drainage.  Technical difficulties have postponed delivery of the map by over a month.

·       Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan:  The CAC continues to meet.  The meeting on January 12th featured Chris Beck’s vacation to Whistler B.C.; gave some graphic representations of development pods for affordable housing concepts and impact to schools.  Ward will find out

if Beck will put this information on his website and Ward will put it on

the HLB website.  (Livingston confirms there is a link to the website

from ‘’.) 

·         HLB issued a permit for parking in the space to the south of Ski View     


·       MOA’s Planning Department completed an abbreviated land use study for the proposal to trade HLB land for land within the Alpine View Estates at Alyeska Highway and Timberline (i.e. the Cabana trade).  Once Tim Cabana reviews and approves the trade, Ward will release it for viewing.  This is a different recommendation than Cabana was proposing.

·       HLB, US Postal Service and Chugach Electric Association will share costs of undergrounding the overhead electric feeder line running along Lindblad Avenue.  CEA has scheduled the project for spring, concurrent with roadwork also scheduled for the area.


            Board Questions:


            Dave Sears asks: 1) Cabana land: how has that changed?  Ward says HLB would

            recommend a different parcel.  Sears asks if the proposed property is next to

            Cabana’s existing property.  Ward says no:  that is the concern that Cabana is okay

            with the recommendation.  The final decision is with the Assembly.  2) At the CAC

            meeting reviewed the Whistler model for pod development:  the Canadians deal

            with a housing authority.  Sears asks if there is any idea how that would work in

            Girdwood.  Also, is there a definition of ‘affordable housing’?  Ward answers that is

            the problem:  the usual definition of ‘affordable housing’ does not work for Girdwood.

            HLB is working with the Law-Grant Funds to see what can be used. Intention:  use

            new development authority that is being worked on right now.  Research is

            happening currently.  HLB would be the authority but would not own it:  probably

            would co-develop with HUD funds.  Probably partner with a local developer.

            Rentals would have deed restrictions (i.e. what rents should be charged, etc.)

            Knutson comments that several of the Native authorities in town operate with the

            HUD block grants.  (Ward:  agrees not a new concept.) 


            Public Questions:


            John Gallup:  distinctly different than what is done in Canada where the low income

            houser actually owns the property for a period of time and is only limited in the equity

            they can get.  It is then sold at a known but higher price.  In HUD:  the government

            retains the property?  Ward says no, not always.  A lot of different programs.  Will

            look at all options.  Don’t want just rentals.  Also want affordable condominiums,

            single-family homes, etc.


             Knutson offers her experience as general counsel for two of the largest Indian

             Housing authorities in the state for seven (7) or eight (8) years.  Very familiar

             with the block grant.


              Tim Bennett:  Curious about the taxes on that property.  Ward says it depends on

              program.  Have tax abatement now as a tool.  Will be trying to meet the challenge

              of affordability.


      11. Legislative Update: Senator Con Bunde and Representative Mike Hawker.

             Livingston notes this will be skipped until the legislature calls for the teleconference.



12. AWWU Update, Lynda Barber-Wiltse.

Livingston calls on Victor Duncan to read the AWWU report. Duncan notes there are ‘background’ and ‘update’ portions on the report and will concentrate on the ‘update’ portions only.  Highlights include:

·       Girdwood Water Improvements Phase IIB:  AWWU participated in the Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan meeting on January 12, 2005.

·       Girdwood Wastewater Projects The Facility Plan Update project is evaluating and developing a plan for future treatment facilities to meet Girdwood’s wastewater treatment needs for the next twenty years.  The final draft is due from CH2MHill in late spring 2005.  Funding decisions and schedules for future capital improvements will be made at that time.

·       Girdwood Sewer I/I:  Doing tests to see where extra treatment water is coming from.  Closed circuit television and line cleaning crews have been working with Stephl Engineering LLC to assess the interior condition of a sampling of the pipes and manholes.  To date:  from Timberline at  Alyeska highway up to the intersection of Innsbruck/Timberline.  The second area:  Innsbruck, Alpine, Kitzbuhl to Snowy, then around Girdwood Town Square.  In addition:  the pipes in the area behind the Firehall:  Hightower or Glacier Creek Drive down the Cottonwood Street right-of-way toward Fern Circle.  This area required brush clearing for a temporary access in the squirrel cage toward Fern Circle.  The final area was northeast from Ruane toward Fern Circle.   AWWU and UAA now have a website for the Senior Design project.  The class is scheduled to tour the project area on January 21.

·       PME Girdwood Town Square Street and Drainage Improvements:  Background only, no new updates:  PME plans to construct the Phase I street, parking and drainage improvements in 2005.  AWWU water and sewer facilities exist in Hightower and Lindblad, but only sewer exists in Holmgren.  Properties on Holmgren Place and Girdwood Place do not have access to AWWU water.  As a result, property owners requested that AWWU initiate a WID.  The initial request failed to revive sufficient property owner support to continue.  AWWU, PME, and HLB are also evaluating the sewer system in the project area to determine if a larger pipeline is needed to accommodate projected development on HLB Crow Creek Road property. 


      13.Economic Development Grant Update, Jacques Boutet

Livingston calls on Todd Jacobson, project manager of R&M Consultants to give the Economic Development Grant update in Boutet’s absence.  Boutet has sent several

documents along with Jacobson for the Board’s review.  Jacobson begins by reporting they are still waiting for environmental clearance for Phase I (includes road and drainage improvements for Hightower Road, Holmgren Place and Lindblad Avenue).  Are planning on beginning construction in summer, 2005.  In order to do so, will have an accelerated design/study timetable.  Will need some cooperation from AK/DOT to take care of utility agreements and right-of-way acquisition (some minor temporary construction easements).  Last week, the MOA sent out a letter representing the plan to date (i.e. where driveways would be located) for Hightower Road, Holmgren and Lindblad.  The letter and driveway plan was sent to all property owners affected.  A conceptual layout at this point:  not a lot of driveways compared to what currently exists.  This is largely in response to the Girdwood Transportation Master Plan adopted by GBOS and MOA  which tries to minimize the amount of driveways accessing the streets.  The plan relies more heavily on on-street parking and adjacent parking lots.  Jacobson would love to hear from those with comments about the parking plan.  Also, the MOA would like to schedule a work session next month, preferably February 23 or 24th, to show and discuss their “65% design”.  Need approval of decisions in order to move toward final design.  (Livingston points out February 23rd is the Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan public workshop.  And February 24th is an evening of many local regular meetings:  Rotary, Lions, etc.  Confirms with Jacobson that an evening meeting is what is desired. Knutson asks Jacobson to email GBOS secretary with new proposed dates for the work session.) 


Public Questions:


Tim Bennett asks if there are any details on drainage.  Concerned with flooding issues.  Jacobson answers currently are proposing an underground drainage system; will set the roads low enough that the adjacent properties drain towards the road and are picked up by the catch basins.  Hightower Road drainage system will follow Glacier Creek to a swale at the corner of Hightower and Alyeska Highway.  Drains to the east via the swale to Glacier Creek; a gravity system.  Another system to the southwest and follow California Creek.  Bennett asks about Fish and Game’s concern with the fish in California Creek.  Jacobson answers they are thrilled and very supportive:  currently every rainfall dumps a lot of sedimentation into the creek.


John Gallup:  looking at the driveway plan.  Are these few driveways trying to serve all lots?  Concerned if he was Bennett: would have to park in front of lot.  Bennett adds there is currently no access indicated for Werner’s (Egloff’s) lots.  (Livingston suggests Bennett and Gallup get with Jacobson separately to review or save questions for the upcoming work session.)


9.     Assembly Members Dick Tremaine and Janice Shamberg.

Tremaine notes Shamberg was unable to attend this evening.  Will give an Assembly update.  Highlights include:

·       Development Authority:  Notes that Robin Ward has already addressed this which will be considered at the Assembly meeting tomorrow night.   It offers the opportunity to do some good things down here especially with all of the municipal land.  Has proposed an amendment:  put aside twenty percent (20%) of net revenues of HLB land for capital maintenance.  Would expect

Girdwood would benefit from this (wouldn’t be the sole beneficiary of the amendment, however).

·       Legislative/ Capital program:  about one billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars.  A kind of ‘wish list’.  Girdwood projects are in there.  Mayor, Dick Traini and Tremaine will be presenting it to the legislature next week. 

·       Property tax cards:  Green cards in the mail containing property appraisals.  In addition, a sheet in the mail, can apply for a twenty thousand dollar ($20,000) exemption if you own and occupy your own house.  The decision on this will be on the ballot in April; it will be voted on.  Because the mill rate has to be set shortly thereafter, have to get the numbers in place as want it to be effective this year.  Will hear more about it as the election gets closer.  If that passes, will end up paying a little less even if property goes up in value.

Properties in Girdwood went up in order to reflect market values.

·       The GBOS has been concerned as to how many GBOS positions will be on the ballot in April.  The Mayor, Shamberg and Tremaine have been discussing.  No answer today, but soon.  Livingston reminds Tremaine the GBOS have a meeting with the Mayor on January 27th;  Tremaine responds he expects this will be a productive meeting.

·       Draft language from MOA attorney for mill levy.  Tremaine has a draft copy available tonight to leave with the Board.  Please review. All ballot initiatives have to be introduced by February 1st.  Then they will be voted on a week later.  Knutson adds the Board feels they have made themselves very clear on what is wanted; Tremaine agrees. 


Public Questions:


John Gallup:  needs five minutes of Tremaine’s time before he goes.


                    Tremaine is asked to address the large animal ordinance due to Jake Thompson’s

                    absence from meeting this evening.  Tremaine attended a citizen’s meeting last

                    week,  Thursday evening.  Tom Nelson, P&Z director attended as well to present his

                    view.  End result:  Planning and Zoning Commission will probably delay their hearing

                    which was scheduled for the 11th.  Some of the good news:  Nelson suggested that

they are ‘backing down’ on some of the density arguments that they had and are focusing on conservation plans, which deal with drainage, manure disposal, dust and

                    noise:  those things that directly affect the neighbors.  They will focus those most

                    probably through the Animal Control Commission.  It was proposed and generally

                    received by (approximately fifty (50) horse owners there) anyone who had two (2) or

more large animals would get one of these facility licenses.  Therefore, again, another burden on large animal owners, dealing primarily with horses, llamas, etc.;  but giving that much more protection to their neighbors.  One of the points of conten-

tion has been restrictions on accessory dwellings as they relate to large animals.  There is a policy currently at the administration level ( not code) that is based on state supreme court decisions that limit the size of accessory dwellings (i.e. barn, garage, etc.)  In theory, limited to no more than twice the size of your primary dwelling.  The Assembly will have to talk about this.  If put into code, should be for everybody and not just large animal owners.  It’s not clear at this time how that will play out.    Livingston adds that the information she received noted that the voting that was supposed to have happened at the February 7th P&Z hearing was postponed indefinitely.  Tremaine responds he is disappointed to hear it is ‘indefinite’, but will be talking with the administration and trying to move it forward.  Notes there is no more research that needs to be done.  The staff need to make some policy decisions in terms of their recommendations.  Most encouraging:  they have moved away from some of the more restrictive aspects and/or contentious issues.


14. U.S. Forest Service Update including Nissman Memorial, James Fincher and Tim


Livingston says there is no written report.  Fincher and Charnon are not at the meeting.  Livingston reports the letter regarding the Nissman Memorial was sent to the family and the project is still in the design concept stage.  Will be getting more specific in the next month or so as construction start is targeted to be as soon as the snow goes away. 


          15.     Girdwood Transportation Task Force Report.

                    Livingston notes they have been ‘spinning their wheels’ along with Art Eash of HLB

                    trying to set up a meeting between the Alaska Railroad, USFS, MOA, HLB, and

                    GBOS:  seem to have trouble finding a time when everybody is here and can meet. 

                    Will continue to do that.  Trying to identify some synergy that might help Girdwood

                    develop some interior transportation that will link up with the Whistlestop program

                    that the ARR is putting together.


16. Four Valleys Community School Task Force Report on Community School Status.

Livingston reads Marie Griffin’s brief written report.  Highlights include:

·       Thanks to April Reed and several local volunteers, including Julie Doepken

and Sherry Dugan, getting the Winter program ready to begin this week.

·       The Board of our local Friends of Four Valleys (FFV) met last week.  Have several concerns and will be pursuing a meeting with the ACEA Executive

Director as per the Transition Agreement.

·       Would suggest keeping the Community School on the ‘back burner’ of the GBOS until they are confident that the transition is on solid ground.

·       The Friends of Four Valleys Board would also like to invite everyone to the

annual “Beach Blanket Bingo” fund raising event.  This year it will be held at the Alyeska Prince Hotel on Saturday evening, February 19th.


17. Girdwood Community Center and Library Building Task Force, Brooks Chandler.

Livingston recognizes Brooks Chandler to give his report.  Chandler says that in addition to submitting a brief written report, he is pleased to report that they’ve maximized their chances of receiving federal funding for this project bringing it at least one (1) or two (2) years ahead of schedule with Senator Stevens help by including the project in this year’s federal budget.    Chandler says that Stevens reports that he expects the Denali Commission to provide the necessary funds for this facility.  At first glance, thought it meant the library could be built this summer;  knows now that it will be a process in which Friends of the Library will have a decided advantage over other applicants for funding given the expressed intent of Senator Stevens to obtain significant funding (i.e. multiple millions of dollars)  towards the construction of this facility.  Great news.  However, funding should not be expected to be one hundred percent (100%).  Very rare for the federal government to fund in entirety what is needed;  but a community the size of Girdwood probably couldn’t build it without federal support, so feels optimistic to reach that goal.  Community-based funding effort will undoubtedly continue through 2005.  To those who have not yet become a Friend of the Library supporter:  need those pledges to demonstrate the level of community support for the facility.  Can be mailed to Girdwood, Inc., P.O. Box 1102:  indicate on check it is for the library building project.  The ten dollar ($10) contributions will be very critical as they move through fund-raising efforts.  The sheer number of people in Girdwood that support the project is important.  This is one concrete way of doing it.  Will provide other opportunities to support as well:  raffles, coffee at the post office, etc.  Please don’t miss those great opportunities to support this building effort.  Will be meeting with the Denali Commission to be guided through the application process for the funds.  Other news:  this month, met with Mary Jane Michael re: the library building project.  She is involved with the MOA Economic and Community Development department.  She is ‘clued’ into the project.  Chandler would like to pursue a partnership with the MOA because this is an unusual project (community based fund-raising project).  The MOA provided an updated construction budget:  currently at $4.8 million.  Noted that only $3.1 million is for actual construction.  The remaining $1.7 million is for other items (i.e. furniture, etc.) 


Public Questions:


John Gallup:  Asks if Girdwood will have to go back through the voting process again.  Chandler says it is possible, but only necessary if it’s decided that Girdwood- based property taxes will fund the process.  In his current way of thinking, has at least two (2) ways to design the ballot proposition to avoid the requirement of area-wide approval. 


18. Jake Thompson report on subcommittee to amend AMC Section 21.35.020

regarding keeping large animals.

Dick Tremaine gave the update during his report earlier in the meeting.  Jake Thompson is not present.


19. Federation of Community Councils update postponed due to new Land Use

Committee officers.


20. Introduction Michael Johnson from Mayor Begich’s office, now the GBOS Contact

with Mayor’s Office

Livingston introduces Johnson.  Johnson has no specific comments this evening other than to offer contact information:  343-7112.  Email:

Would like to comment that Tremaine and Shamberg have been steady advocates

and champions on the ballot language issue.  Be happy to take any questions.


Livingston:  has two (2) brief comments:


1)    thank you to Jay Bell for coming down and fixing the furnace tonight

2)    Anne Herschleb:  from Turnagain Arm Health Center:  any comments for the public?

Herschleb says they have also been working with the Denali Commission to fund a community health center for Girdwood, a federal designation health and social services grant.  The U.S. Department of Health and Social Services Community Health Center grants are one way the government provides access to health care to individuals and families that may otherwise not be able to afford it.  In that same conference committee, called for a joint community center/library/clinic. But they have already been working with the Denali Commission to purchase land for the clinic so this was news to them.  Will meet to sort out.  Her understanding is the Denali Commission can only fund fifty percent (50%) in non-distressed communities. They have formed a non-profit.   Should get operations and maintenance grant in September and be buying Kerry Dorius out.


                    Board Questions:


                    Knutson has two (2) questions:

a)    has the community health clinic bought the old post office?  Herschleb says they have put earnest money down.

b)    Will Kerry remain employed by the clinic?  Yes.


Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.

Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects on listed elsewhere on the agenda.


          John Gallup:  notes there is a binocular comet observable in Urseus, best of the decade

          Tonight above the Pleiades.


Old Business:


21. From Girdwood Trails Committee, request for authorization and action to write letter

regarding Nissman Memorial to Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation



Knutson MOVES that GBOS authorize writing a letter re: the Nissman Memorial to the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department;  Duncan SECONDS.  No discussions or questions.  Vote:  5-0, unanimous approval.


Marcus Tingle to write the letter.

22. Discussion and vote on letter of thanks from GBOS to Senator Ted Stevens for 2005

Appropriations benefiting Girdwood community.

Livingston reports in the Senate Committee on Appropriations Conference Report,

Girdwood is mentioned several times.  One appropriation not mentioned:  one million

dollar ($1,000,000) appropriation for further water work under the Energy Water Appropriations Bill.  The second appropriation: Brooks and Anne both referred to which is funding for the health clinic, library and community center.  The third mention of Girdwood:  under the appropriation for four million dollars ($4,000,000) for the Alaska Trails, which Girdwood will share with other communities.  Knutson just issued a long correspondence to Senator Stevens after meeting with him on Christmas Day to talk about some of the issues the GBOS is having with the administration of the Economic Development Grant between DOT and the MOA plus additional monies needed for water and sewer pipe for that project and other issues.  Senator Stevens was very receptive and gracious.  What is being discussed here is issuing a letter from the GBOS on behalf of the community for all of his involvements and appropriations.  Livingston indicates copies of a draft letter to Senator Stevens all Board members have a copy of in their Board Packets.  Livingston would entertain a motion.


Knutson MOVES that the GBOS take the draft letter  (noted as 17b. in the packet) and send it to Senator Stevens;  Duncan SECONDS.  Questions:  Anne Herschleb asks if there is any mention of the clinic?  Livingston confirms and reads the letter into the record. Vote:  5-0, unanimously approved.


Livingston thanks Brooks Chandler for writing the draft letter.


New Business:


23. No New Business at this time.


Other Business From the Board:


24. Marcus Tingle, report on January 4, 2005 Girdwood Chamber of Commerce

meeting;  GBOS representative to be appointed for February 1, 2005 GC of C


Tingle notes there were only four (4) important items discussed at the meeting:

·       GC of C is considering changing the existing brochure map.

·       No new election for President or Treasurer.

·       January 19, 2005, 5 pm, orientation meeting, Aurora Lounge,

Alyeska Prince Hotel:  ‘Alaska Travel Industry Event’:  will bring

five to six hundred (500-600) people to Girdwood on Oct 3-7, 2005

·       Chris Flynn of Alyeska Creek Recording/ preparing a proposal for the

GC of C and bring it to GBOS for a resort television channel.  Would advertise Girdwood activities and services.  Would run consecutively.


                    Victor Duncan will represent GBOS at the February 1, 2005 meeting.


Board Reports:


25. Land Use Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Diana Livingston.

a.       Title 21 Deadline for comments on public review draft of Title 21, Module

                                                  #3 is Friday, January 21, 2005

                         b.       Heritage Land Bank Report, Crow Creek Land Use Study: reports already

      given by Robin Ward


26. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

c.       Trails Committee Report:  Tingle reads meeting minutes, highlights


·       Bill Spencer of HDR Consultants was present at the meeting to discuss design of trails for the Crow Creek Road Neighborhood.  Mr. Spencer’s contact information is phone:  644-2000 at work and by email:

·       Alison Rein announced representatives of AK DOT/PF would be at the

February, 2005 meeting to discuss the letter to be written jointly by GBOS and USFS to request mitigation from DOT for displacement of pedestrian use of Crow Creek Road by the Crow Creek Road improvements.

·       Old Business:

1.     Nissman Memorial:  The GBOS is requested to send a letter to the Parks and Recreation Department, MOA, seeking approval of construction of the Nissman Memorial Pavilion in the Forest Fair Park area, adjacent to the campground and Marlowe Pavilion.

2.     Winter Grooming:  Lost Meadow trail needs to be relocated.  All other trail grooming is fine.

3.     Status of Grooming Equipment:  No report.  Chad Frank will be at the next meeting to provide a report. 

4.     Trail issues:

a.     Alison Rein has discussed proposed maintenance for the Atha- baskan Trail with Judy Onslow.  Onslow does not want to spend all the available money on current maintenance.  Access to bridge needs repair, back portion of trail needs more gravel. Also, one of the signs needs to be reprinted and rehung.  Rein estimates costs at two thousand dollars ($2,000).

b.     Skustad reported the Four Corners hand tram is currently inoperable and needs some maintenance.  Will contact Dave Wilson of Alyeska Resort to schedule maintenance.

5.     Beaver Pond Trail Report:  no report.

6.     Trails Survey:  group decided to postpone until April.

7.     Norman Starkey reported his findings regarding maps to be used for Girdwood Trails maps.

·       New Business:

Tim Charnon of the USFS reported there is an opportunity to apply for trails funding.  Trails need to be on federal land or have strong ties to federal lands.  Will report more at February meeting.

·       Other Business:

Chad Frank is drafting a report that may be used as the basis for an article about Trails activities for the “Turnagain Times”.

d.     Parks and Recreation Update, Chad Frank.

Tingle reads the report into the record.  Highlights include:

·       Town Square Park:  letters from the GBOS and Parks & Recreation are to be mailed to Michael Tullius the week of the 24th

·       Snow Machine Requisition:  The timeline is unknown.

·       Little Bears Playground Committee:  The first meeting will take place on Friday the 21st at 10:00 am.  Participants will include approximately eight (8) people from the community.  Ralph Rentz (Landscape Architect) will share examples and ideas from previous work which he has done.

·       Trails Seminar:  Tingle, Mark Jonas and Frank will be attending the “Management vs. Leadership” seminar to be held on Tuesday, February 1st.  It is a presentation in conjunction with the South Central Alaska Nordic and Alpine Sports Alliance (SANASA) and the Anchorage Ski Club.

·       Moose Meadows Park:  On Monday the 24th, an agency has requested the use of Moose Meadows Park for a commercial shoot, primarily in the afternoon.

·       Trails Committee:  Parks & Rec has offered its full support to the Forest Service and Trails Committee on the building and permitting required for the Jeff Nissman Memorial.

·       Alyeska Resort:  A meeting is being set up with Larry Daniels and Parks & Recreation to explore ideas of how Alyeska and Girdwood Parks & Recreation can work together for the mutual benefit of the community.


27. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Tracey Knutson.

e.     Fire Department Report:  Knutson shares Chief Chadwick’s report. 

Highlights include:

·       December, 2004 responses:  included smoke and CO detector calls, several vehicle accidents with multiple patients.  Most EMS calls were ski/snowboard related.  Ended year with a record high: three hundred twenty (320) responses compared to two hundred fifty seven (257) last year.

·       Wildfire and Burn Ban:  open burning is currently allowed for spruce beetle kill only.  Call 267-5020 for details.

·       Highlights of Ongoing Projects/ Accomplishments to Date:

o      New corporation officers were elected last Wednesday

o      Current roster: forty-nine (49) active medic and fire personnel.

o      GFD will be starting a youth program this month through FVCS.  For ages 13-18, designed to teach basic safety, first aid and fire safety and develop interest in firefighting/EMS as a career choice.

o      New Years Eve in Girdwood very quiet compared with previous years.  Thanks to Alaska State Troopers for a great effort.

o      GFD has been chosen by the National Fire Academy as the location for an extensive class in Wildland-Urban Interface Firefighting scheduled for June.

f.      Trooper Report:  No liaison for the GBOS from the Trooper station since

Trooper Mallard left.


27. Roads Supervisor, David Sears.

g.     Road Budget to Date:

The December 2004 Roads Maintenance expense was forty nine thousand one hundred eighty three dollars ($49, 183).  Fifty seven percent (57%) was for sanding icy roads.

This is the last month of the Service Area’s fiscal year.  The total dollar expenditure for road maintenance for the fiscal year January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004 was three hundred six thousand five hundred seventy four dollars and thirty five cents ($306, 574.35).  This was sixty two thousand eight hundred thirty four dollars and thirty five cents ($62, 834.35) more than the budget that was allowed under the Municipal Tax Cap.  The overage was covered or made up by withdrawal from the Service Area’s Fund Balance (i.e. the community’s emergency fund).

The Road Service Area has been drawing funds to cover shortages in our budget on a yearly basis for the past four (4) years.  The Fund Balance as we heard earlier is almost depleted.  If there is a budget shortfall this year the shortage could result in curtailment of services, i.e. dust control and grading or snow removal.

The Budget for 2005 for Road Maintenance is two hundred forty thousand and eighty dollars ($240, 080) or three thousand six hundred sixty dollars ($3,660) less than our 2004 budget which was over sixty two thousand dollars ($62,000) short.

The solution to our budget problem is to free ourselves from the Municipal Tax Cap restriction.

h.     Monthly Road Report:

The incidence of cars parked on our streets continues to remain low:  ‘thank you’ to all residents.  As always, please slow down.  It helps the streets and your vehicle.

Would like to mention one vehicle in a particular:  at Alpine and Alpine; a yellow Volkswagen Vanagan parked right at the corner.  All other vehicles have to swing out and around this vehicle which could cause a ‘head-on’.  Please refrain from doing that.


                    Livingston comments she cannot think of any more urgent appeal for coming out

                    from under the Municipal Tax Cap than the Roads budget report.


28. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

Duncan has nothing to add to the AWWU report offered earlier.



          Sears MOVES to adjourn; Knutson SECONDS.  Vote:  5-0, unanimously approved.


Meeting adjourns:  8:17 pm


Minutes respectfully submitted,

Jane Barber


Secretary’s note:  copies of the following reports are available by fax:

                        -           Heritage Land Bank report

                        -           AWWU update

                        -           Girdwood Town Square update/ ADOT/PF meeting with Boutet

                        -           Town Square Property Owners, Tenants/ letter and proposed driveway locations

                        -           Girdwood Roads and Drainage Schedule

                        -           Girdwood Library Building Project update

                        -           Girdwood Trails Committee Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2005 meeting

-           Girdwood Parks & Rec update

-           GFD update

-           January 2005 Road Report