Tracey Knutson, Chair
Victor Duncan, John Gallup, Nick Danger
September 19, 2005 Agenda Regular Monthly Meeting, 7:00 pm, Glacier City Hall

Posted September 12, 2005,

Approval of Minutes:

1.          Regular Monthly Meeting August 15, 2005.


2.          Update:  Community Bulletin Board at Girdwood post office

3.          Department Budgets

4.          The next quarterly GBOS Mayor’s Meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2005 from 11:30a.m .- 2:00p.m.  The public is invited to attend.

5.          Update on Girdwood street names

6.          Appointment of GBOS vacated board seat to Jim Henderson is pending

 Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

7.          Heritage Land Bank update.

8.          USFS report

9.          Girdwood Library and Community Center Task Force update, Brooks Chandler

10.       LUC report by one of the LUC officers

Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.

Old Business:

11.       Board to schedule two (2) Fall budget hearing meetings

12.       Resolution 2005-08 - Establishment of a Girdwood museum in the historic Roundhouse building. Diana Livingston

13.       Resolution 2005-09 – Support of renovation of the community park known as Little Bears Playground. Joseph Wolner

New Business:

14.       From the LUC meeting of September 13, 2005:

A)    Agenda Item LUC 0509-03:  Case number 2005-135 ZONING BOARD OF EXAMINERS AND APPEALS.  Petitioner: Wayne Henderson

B)    Agenda Item LUC 0509-04:  Case numbers 2005-138 PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION & PLATTING BOARD S11414-1.  Petitioner:  Municipality of Anchorage

C)   Agenda Item LUC 0509-05:  Case number S11415-1 PLATTING BOARD. Petitioner: Municipality of Anchorage School District

D)   Agenda Item LUC 0509-06:  Case number 2005-104 PLANNING & ZONING. Petitioner: Municipality of Anchorage

E)    Agenda Item LUC 0509-07:  Introduction by HLB of small project to improve existing snow cat track across HLB land in upper valley by Chugach Powder Guides

Board Reports:

15.       Land Use Supervisor, John Gallup.

16.       Parks and Recreation Supervisor, GBOS Chair, Tracey Knutson.

17.       Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, Nick Danger.

18.       Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan

19.       Roads Supervisor 

Adjournment by 10:00 pm