Tracey Knutson, Chair;
             Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle, John Gallup, Nick Danger
July 18, 2005- Agenda Regular Monthly Meeting, 7:00 pm, Glacier City Hall
Posted July 11, 2005
Amended and Reposted July 12, 2005

Approval of Minutes:

  1. Regular Monthly Meeting June 20, 2005.
  2. LUC/GBOS special meeting for Chapter 9, Title 21, May 25, 2005.


  1. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Girdwood post office on Tuesday, July 5, 2005, Senator Stevens and the Postmaster General announced that there will be a Community Bulletin Board.
  2. Girdwood General Fund Balance.
  3. The next GBOS quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is scheduled for July 28, 2005, 12 to 2 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall. 
  4. A joint public hearing of the Anchorage Assembly and the Planning and Zoning Commission re: Case 2005-096- Chapter 9: Girdwood Land Use Regulations is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20, 2005, at the Columbia Ballroom of the Alyeska Prince Hotel.  The public is invited to attend.

Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

  1. Assembly Members, Chris Birch and Janice Shamberg.
  2. Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.
  3. LUC report by one of the LUC officers.

Old Business: 

  1. Amendment of and Action on GBOS Proposed Resolution 2005-07 ‘Regarding Phase II of the Girdwood Streets and Drainage Improvements Program’ due to information presented on flood plain issues by consultant Jacques Boutet at the GBOS June 20, 2005 meeting.
  2. Ongoing ramifications of recent Seward Highway death.
  3. Discussion of road repairs for Girdwood Valley, Marcus Tingle.
  4. A Girdwood Trails Committee application for grant  monies to repair bike trail, Alison Rein.
  5. From Land Use Committee meeting of July 12, 2005:

o      LUC Agenda item 0502-03 (Case Number: 2005-096):  action on proposed adoption schedule for Title 21, Chapter 9.

o      LUC Agenda item 0506-03 (Case Number 2005-082):  Tim Cabana, Girdwood; fifty room (50) hotel on NHN Kami Way: action on request: for conditional use for new site plan for parking calculations, landscaping and sign regulations. 

o      LUC Agenda item 0507-03 (Case Number S11387-1):  Glacier City Development, LLC, Jeffrey & Eileen Demain, Girdwood; commercial property north of the new post office:  action on request to subdivide one (1) lot into one (1) different lot with vacation of a twenty (20) foot Telecommunication & Electric easement.

o      LUC Agenda item 0507-04 (Case number S11394-1):  Anthony Restivo, Girdwood; action on request to subdivide one (1) lot into two (2) lots west of Alyeska Hwy and south of DeEtte Circle.

o      LUC Agenda item 0507-05 (Case Number 2005-108):  Per Bjorn-Roli, Girdwood; action on request for a conditional use to allow a twelve-plex multi-family residential structure in the R-11 zone district located on Garmisch Drive.

o      LUC Agenda item 0507-06:  Alison Rein, USFS.  USFS application for an easement from HLB for a trailhead at approx. mile 2.9.

New Business:

          No new business this month.

Board Reports:

  1. Land Use Supervisor, John Gallup.
  2. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, GBOS Chair, Tracey Knutson
  3. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, Nick Danger.
  4. Roads Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.
  5. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

Adjournment by 10:00 pm