Tracey Knutson, Chair
Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle, John Gallup, Nick Danger
June 20, 2005- Agenda Regular Monthly Meeting, 7:00 pm, Glacier City Hall
AMENDED, Reposted:  June 15, 2005

Approval of Minutes:

1.     Regular Monthly Meeting April 18, 2005.

2.     LUC/GBOS special meeting for Chapter 9, Title 21, May 25, 2005.



3.     Public Notices will continue to be posted at Little Bears, the Gerrish Library and online at  The GBOS is currently working with the postmistress at the new Girdwood Post Office to arrange posting of agendas, notices, etc.

4.     Girdwood General Fund Balance.

5.     The next GBOS quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is scheduled for July 28, 2005, 12 to 2 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

6.     Assembly Members Chris Birch and Janice Shamberg.  Introduction of new Assembly Member, Chris Birch.

7.     Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.

8.     Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center presentation, Beth Wallan, Public Relations Coordinator.

9.     Girdwood Playground Forest Fair fundraiser presentation, Joseph Wolner.

10.   USFS report, James Fincher.

11.   GBOS report on quarterly Mayor’s Meeting with Mayor Begich and staff, April 28, 2005, Tracey Knutson.

12.   LUC/GBOS  May 24, 2005 special meeting report, Tracey Knutson.

Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.

 Old Business:

13.   Action on GBOS Resolution 2005-07 ‘Regarding Phase II of the Girdwood Streets and Drainage Improvements Program’ as read into the record at the May 16, 2005 GBOS regular monthly meeting.

14.   Action on GBOS Resolution 2005-06 ‘Regarding the Approval by the MOA of Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Plan as amended by the Land

Use Advisory Committee on May 10, 2005’ as read into the record at the May 16, 2005 GBOS regular monthly meeting.

15.   From Land Use Committee meeting of June 14, 2005, action on proposed

adoption schedule for Title 21, Chapter 9.

16.   From Land Use Committee meeting of June 14, 2005, LUC Agenda item 0506-03 (Case number 2005-082):  Hearing Date:  Monday, July 11, 2005;  Petitioner:  Tim Cabana;  Request Detail:  A conditional use for parking calculations, landscaping and sign regulations for a hotel.  Alpine View Estates Phase 1, Tract A-2C.  Located on the south side of the Alyeska Highway, west of Timberline Drive in Girdwood; Legal Description:  R-11 Turnagain Arm District; Site Address: NHN Kami Way.

     17.   Discussion and action regarding the submittal of the 2005 Capital Improvement List to the MOA.

New Business:

18.    Discussion for potential Board Action on the paving of a parking lot at the Iditarod Trail Head by Heritage Land Bank and USFS.

19.    Four Valleys Community School update and presentation for possible Board
 action by FVCS board member, Julie Jonas.

20.    Discussion by MOA engineer and consultant regarding flood plain issues         related to Town Square development.  Howard Holtan, Jacques Boutet.


 Board Reports:

21.   Land Use Supervisor, John Gallup.

a.  Title 21, Chapter 9

b.  Land Use Committee Summary of June 14, 2005

c.  Heritage Land Bank Report, Crow Creek Land Use Study


22.   Parks and Recreation Supervisor, GBOS Chair, Tracey Knutson.

d.  Trails Committee Report and Update

e.  Parks and Recreation Update, Chad Frank


      23.   Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, Nick Danger.

f.   Fire Department Report

g.  Trooper Report


      24.   Roads Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

h.  Roads Budget to Date

i.   Monthly Roads Report


25.    Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

j.     Under-grounding Utilities

           k.    Water and Sewer


Adjournment by 10:00 pm