Tracey Knutson, Chair

Victor Duncan, Marcus Tingle, John Gallup, Nick Danger


P.O. Box 390

Girdwood, Alaska 99587


May 16, 2005 – Agenda Regular Monthly Meeting, 7:00 pm, Glacier City Hall



Approval of Minutes:

1.     Regular Monthly Meeting April 18, 2005.

2.     GBOS quarterly Mayor’s Meeting, April 21, 2005



3.     The GBOS welcomes new Board Members, John Gallup and Nick Danger, certified by the Assembly on April 19, 2005.  The GBOS supervisory positions were decided during Executive Session on April 20, 2005 and are as follows:  Tracey Knutson, Chair and Parks and Recreation Supervisor; Victor Duncan, Utilities Supervisor;  Marcus Tingle, Roads Supervisor;  John Gallup, Land Use Supervisor;  Nick Danger, Public Safety Supervisor.

4.     The Girdwood Post Office move is scheduled for the end of May.  Public Notices (such as GBOS, LUC, etc.) will continue to be posted at the new Post Office though in a somewhat different format than we were used to at the old Post Office.  We will update next month regarding the USPS new system of Public Announcement posting.  For online access of agendas:

5.     Girdwood General Fund Balance Report.

6.     GBOS had its quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich on April 21, 2005; as the Chair is traveling, the report on that meeting will be done at the June GBOS meeting.  The next GBOS Quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is currently scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2005, from 12 to 2 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall. 

7.     The Federation of Community Councils alternate representative for Girdwood is Larry Daniels, Land Use Committee Chair.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

8.     Assembly Members Chris Birch and Janice Shamberg. Introduction of new  Assembly  Member, Chris Birch.  Update on Large Animal Ordinance.

9.    Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.

10. Legislative Teleconference: 7:15 pm: Senator Con Bunde and Representative Mike Hawker. Follow-up on discussion March 21 regarding Girdwood’s requests in the capital budget process.

11. The Municipal Addressing Officer- Kristiann Rutzler- has given us a good deal more information on the Street Name Changes.  The information she has provided to us is as follows: (Marcus Tingle to read ).

12. Girdwood Community Center/Library Building Task Force Update, Brooks Chandler.

13. Turnagain Arm Health Center Report, Anne Herschleb and Margaret Strachan.

14. Renewable Energy Developments (Crow Creek) in Girdwood Presentation, Doug Wu.

15. Land Use Committee and Federation of Community Councils Report, LUC Officers (Note:  will be reported during Old Business and New Business).


Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.



Old Business:  

16. Action on GBOS Resolution 2005-05 in support of AWWU ‘s planned water distribution system extension and sanitary sewer reconstruction project in the Town Square area proposed and read into the record at April 18, 2005 GBOS meeting.

17. Discussion and action on items to be included in Phase 2 of the $10 million Economic Grant; the GBOS discussed during last month’s meeting.

18. From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, action on proposed adoption schedule for Title 21, Chapter 9.

19. From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, Case 2004-137, Large Animal Ordinance.

20. From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, Crow Creek Advisory Committee and Agnew :: Beck Consulting presented proposed draft plans; will be looking for a supporting resolution from the GBOS to be introduced this month and voted on during the GBOS June meeting.  John Gallup to report.


New Business:

21. From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, Platting Case S11375-1, Per Bjorn-Roli to subdivide two (2) lots into two (2) different lots:  east of Garmisch Road, Alyeska Subdivision, Block 6A, Lot H1A & I1A, located within the NW ¼ of Section 16, T10N, R2E, S.M., Alaska.  Fred Walatka & Associates (Hearing date:  5/30/05).

22. From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, no case number:  Tim Cabana Project:  fifty (50) room hotel on Donner.


Board Reports:

23.Land Use Supervisor, John Gallup.

a.     From Land Use Committee meeting of May 10, 2005, Airport Master Plan  

Draft EIS.

      24. Parks and Recreation Supervisor, GBOS Chair, Tracey Knutson.

                       As both the Chair and Chad Frank are traveling there will be no P&R report

                       this month.


      25. Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, Nick Danger.

b.     Fire Department Report

c.     Trooper Report

      26. Roads Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

d.      Roads Budget to Date

e.      Monthly Roads Report

27. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

f.        Under-grounding Utilities

g.      Water and Sewer


Adjournment by 10:00 pm