March 21, 2005 – Agenda Regular Monthly Meeting, 7:00 pm, Glacier City Hall

Agenda Amended March 17, 2005- Reposted March 19, 2005



Approval of Minutes:

1.     Regular Monthly Meeting February 21, 2005, GBOS Special Meeting March 6, 2005.



2.     Girdwood General Fund Balance Report, Diana Livingston.

3.     Don’t forget to vote in the municipal election April 5, 2005, location Glacier City Hall. 

4.     The Mayor’s Girdwood Town Hall Meeting is Wednesday, March 23, 2005, at the Columbia Ballroom of the Alyeska Prince Hotel, time 7 to 9 pm.

5.     The next GBOS Quarterly meeting with Mayor Begich is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, 2005, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room.  It is being rescheduled due to conflicts and the new date and time will be announced at the April GBOS meeting.

6.     The Crow Creek Neighborhood Plan Second Community Meeting to review and comment on the Draft Plan was Tuesday, March 15, 2005.  A comment period is available to March 31, 2005.

7.     At the GBOS Public Work Session with MOA Parks and Recreation staff held February 22, 2005, work on Town Square Park was identified as the first priority for GBOS resources.   GBOS will seek commitments for help with materials, labor and donations of funds to supplement Parks and Recreation budget.  Targeted completion goal is 2006.

8.     Girdwood Rotary is sponsoring a Girdwood “Meet the Candidates” night on Thursday, March 24 from 7 to 9 pm in the Columbia Ballroom at the Alyeska Prince Hotel.  Expect presentations from candidates for Anchorage Assembly, Girdwood Board of Supervisors and on ballot issues including the Girdwood Tax Cap.

9.     A GBOS public work session on Town Square Design is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, 2005 from 1 to 3 pm at Glacier City Hall.


Introductions, Presentations and Reports:

10.  Assembly Members Dick Tremaine and Janice Shamberg.

11.  Heritage Land Bank update, Robin Ward, Art Eash.

12.  Legislative Teleconference: 7:15 pm: Senator Con Bunde and Representative Mike Hawker. Girdwood matters of interest are legislative support for the state capital allocation of $2 million for the Girdwood Library/Community Center Building Project and the allocation of $500,000 for Girdwood roads and drainage projects.

13.  AWWU Update, Lynda Barber-Wiltse.

14.  Economic Development Grant Update, Jacques Boutet.

15. Anchorage Civic and Convention Center Yes presentation, Scott Anaya

16.  U. S. Forest Service Update including Nissman Memorial, James Fincher and Tim Charnon.  Approval to proceed on the Nissman Memorial Pavilion has been given by MOA Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Dillon. Costing, funding and permitting are underway with construction spring 2005.

17.  Girdwood Transportation Task Force Report.  No new developments.

18.  Four Valleys Community School Task Force Report on Community School Status report: Marie Griffin.

19. Girdwood Community Center and Library Building Task Force Update, Brooks Chandler.

20. Jake Thompson report on subcommittee to amend AMC Section 21.35.020 regarding keeping large animals.

21.  Land Use Committee and Federation of Community Councils Report, LUC Officers.

22. Turnagain Arm Health Center Report, Anne Herschleb and Margaret Strachan.

23. Anchorage Citizens Coalition presents “Transportation Myths and Realities”

24. Girdwood 2020 Update, Toby Preston

25. Anchorage Tomorrow Presentation on Roads and Drainage: Brooks Chandler

26. Little Bears Playhouse Day Care: Deb Pfeiffer.


Public Comment:  Persons offering comment must state their full name and address.  Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per individual and must be on subjects not listed elsewhere on the agenda.


Old Business:  

27. Approval of the GBOS is sought to send a letter to Chugach Electric requesting them to continue utility undergrounding along Hightower Road coincident with the undergrounding work on Lindblad.  Request that funding be provided by CEA’s applying their public percentage allocation for undergrounding year by year until the cost has been met.

28. Approval of the GBOS will be sought for the Library and Community Center plan for funding construction, maintenance and operations.  At the GBOS Special Meeting March 6, 2005 Resolution 2005-02 regarding application for partial funding for the building project was approved.

29. From Land Use Committee meeting of March 8, 2005 regarding approval of the proposed Title 21, Chapter 9 Adoption Schedule.  The Land Use Committee has deferred action to their April 12, 2005 meeting.  The LUC Subcommittee has agreed to have a draft and report for the April 12, 2005 meeting.  If LUC acts at that time, GBOS will be expected to act at the regular meeting April 18, 2005.


New Business:

30. From Land Use Committee meeting of March 8, 2005, GBOS approval is sought for Case 2005-039 an ordinance amending Title 21 for Neighborhood Planning.  This ordinance describes how to do a Neighborhood Plan.  LUC voted unanimously with no abstentions to pass this ordinance on to GBOS with no comment.

31. Renewal of Girdwood’s participation in the Sister Cities Program is due.  No activity has occurred in this program for a number of years.  The Board will discuss whether to continue our participation or to apply our limited resources to prioritized projects.

32. Request for GBOS approval will be sought for a zoning conditional use application for a four- unit condominium complex located at Alyeska North #3, Block 6, Lot 7, Taos Road.  Land Use action will be at the April 12, 2005 meeting and GBOS action will be at the April 18, 2005 regular meeting.

33. GBOS approval will be sought for the Girdwood Chapel Church Site Plan.  Location is Alpine View Estates, Phase 1, Tract A-2A, the southwest corner of Alyeska Highway and Timberline Drive.  Plan is to move the existing church and construct a new church building in its place.  Land Use action is expected at the April 12, 2005 meeting and GBOS action at the April 18, 2005 meeting.


Other Business From the Board:

      34.Diana Livingston report on March 1, 2005 Girdwood Chamber of Commerce           meeting. GBOS representative will be appointed for April 5, 2005 GC of C meeting.                                                   


Board Reports:

35.Land Use Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Diana Livingston.

a.     Title 21, Chapter 9 Reports on Subcommittee Meetings, Marcus Tingle

b.     Land Use Committee Summary of March 8, 2005 Meeting

c.     Heritage Land Bank Report, Crow Creek Land Use Study

      36.  Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Marcus Tingle.

d.     Trails Committee Report and Update

e.     Parks and Recreation Update, Chad Frank

      37.  Public Safety and Fire Supervisor, GBOS Co-Chair Tracey Knutson.

f.      Fire Department Report

g.     Trooper Report

h.     Report on Wildfire Mitigation and Neighborhood Fuel Reduction Projects for 2005

      38. Roads Supervisor, David Sears.

i.       Roads Budget to Date

j.       Monthly Roads Report

39. Utilities Supervisor, Victor Duncan.

k.     Undergrounding Utilities

l.       Water and Sewer



Adjournment by 10:00 pm