Name Description
SBP Flyer Final 09.25.20(1).pdf Spenard Beach Park flyer
2020_Anchorage_ROW_MP-111_Trespass_Mitigation_Public_Safety.pdf Sept 2020 Alaska Railroad ROW Trespass Mitigation and Public Safety
2020 09 Anchorage Airport Update September 2020.pdf Sept 2020 Airport update
2020.09.01 Rep Claman September CC Update.pdf September 2020 Rep. Matt Claman Community Council Update
2020 08 31 SCC Survey Summary.pdf Sept 2020 Spenard Community Survey summary
2020 09 Elvi Gray-Jackson Spenard CC Sept. 2020.docx Sept 2020 Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson update
2020 SCC Treasurer Report.PDF 2020 Sept Treasurer's Report
2020 08 Anchorage Airport Update August 2020.pdf August 2020 Airport Update
2020 07 Assembly July CC Newsletter.pdf July 2020 - Assembly newsletter
2020 07 08 SCC Transitional Housing info session agenda.pdf July 8, 2020 Spenard CC Transitional Housing Info Session
2020 07 Anchorage Airport Update July 2020.pdf 2020 July Anchorage Airport update
2020 07 ANC Airport Community Outreach Plan June 2020 Update.pdf 2020 June Anchorage Airport Outreach Plan
2021 SCC CIP rankings.pdf SCC 2021 CIP rankings
2020 06 03 - Assembly May CC Newsletter.pdf June 2020 - Assembly Newsletter
2020 06 03 Senator Gray-Jackson - Spenard CC Notes June 2020.pdf June 2020 Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson update
2020 06 03 Anchorage Airport Update June 2020 FINAL.pdf June 2020 Airport update
2020 05 06 - Assembly May CC Newsletter.pdf May 2020 Assembly newsletter
Spenard Community Council - Spenard Corridor Plan Comments 19July2019 .pdf 2019 July 19 - SCC comments on Spenard Corridor Plan
2020 04 27 SCC - Spenard Corridor Plan Comments FINAL.pdf 2020 April 27 - SCC comments on Spenard Corridor Plan
2020 05 06 SCC Elvi Gray-Jackson Notes May 2020.pdf May 2020 Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson Update
2020 05 06 Anchorage Airport Update May 2020.pdf May 2020 Airport Update
2020 04 01 SCC Newsletter - Final.pdf 2020 April SCC newsletter: Spenard Sun
Spenard Community Council 4.1.2020.pdf 2020 04 01 Senator Elvi Gray Jackson update
Anchorage Airport Update April 2020.pdf 2020 04 01 Airport Update
20Mar23 West Anch Candidate Forum - Proposition Answers (1).pdf 2020 Proposition questionnaire for Prop 11, 12, and 13
20Mar23 West Anch Candidate Forum - School Board Candidate Answers.pdf 2020 School Board Candidates
Spr2020-WestAncCandForum_Assembly_3-23-20 (1).pdf 2020 West Anchorage Assembly Candidates
19 SCC Letter of Support for Aquarian Repairs.pdf SCC letter of support for Aquarian Charter School upgrades
19 Aquarian Flier.pdf Aquarian Charter School flyer
19 SCC Bond and Solarize mailer.pdf SCC Mailer re bonds and solarize workshops
SCC Agenda 0910 Handout_AO 2009-108.pdf SCC Agenda - October 2009 HANDOUT
18SCC Letter re 32_33rd project.pdf SCC letter regarding the 32nd/33rd Ave Midtown project - November 28, 2018
18Sept8 Fish Creek Festival poster SMALL.pdf 18Sept08 Fish Creek Festival Poster - Small
18SCC DRAFT ADU letter.pdf SCC Letter to Assembly regarding ADU ordinance
17Sept09 Fish Creek Festival poster.pdf Fish Creek Festival poster - 9/9/17
DesignCommitteeFlyer4.pdf Spenard Design Committee Flyer
17June06 Spenard Road Meeting.pdf 6/6/17 Spenard Road Construction Meeting
Final Flyer_StepUpAK Spenard SolutionFest.pdf StepUpAK flyer for August 27, 2016
16May4 Spenard Road Celebration!.pdf 5/4/16 Spenard Road Celebration!
16Apr01 SCC GOTV flyer.pdf 4/5/16 SCC Please Vote! flyer
SpenardCC, Form for Requesting Security Camera Footage_Feb2014.pdf Request Form for Security Camera Footage (updated Feb 2014)
14Jan23 Public Hearing_Lease Ure Park to Spenard Lions Club.pdf 1/9/14 Notice of Public Hearing RE: Long Term Lease to Spenard Lions Club

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