Name Description
MVCC Resolution 2016-05_email summary.pdf MVCC Resolution 2016-05 email summary in support of this resolution RE application marijuana cultivation facility
MVCC Resolution 2016-05.pdf MVCC Resolution 2016-05 opposing Marijuana Establishment License #10262 for Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facility
MVCC Resolution 2016-04.pdf MVCC Resolution 2016-04 opposing the Anchorage 2020 Land Use Plan Map's proposed highway to ghighway reroute.
MVCC Resolution 2016-02.pdf MVCC Resolution 2016-02 in support of improvements to Duldida Park
MVCC Resolution 2015-13 - FY2017 State Capital Funding Request to Legislature.pdf MVCC Resolution 2015-13
MVCC Palin CIP Budget Support Resolution 6-26-07 _2_.pdf CIP Support Resolution
MVCC Resolution 2015-12 - Supporting AK Museum of Science-Nature Signage_FINAL.pdf MVCC Resolution 2015-12 in support of "Alaska Museum of Science & Nature" obtaining more visible signage.
MVCC Resolution 2015-11 - Requesting Public Hrg on Brown Jug Liqr Stores (2015)_DRAFT.pdf MVCC Resolution 2015-11 requesting public hearing on Brown Jug Liquor Stores
MVCC Resolution 2015-10 - Support Davis Park Master Plan_FINAL.pdf MVCC Resolution 2015-10 in support of Davis Park Master Plan
MVCC Resolution 2015-07 DRAFT -Supporting ADP Project.pdf DRAFT MVCC Resolution 2015-07 - Supporting ADP
MVCC Resolution 2015-06 DRAFT - Solid Waste Services 6 8 2015.pdf DRAFT MVCC Resolution 2015-06 Solid Waste Services
MVCC Resolution 2015-03 - Supporting Whale Song Art Installation_01-12-15.pdf MVCC Resolution 2015-03 in support of Whale Song art installation in Mountain View
MVCC Resolution 2014-06.pdf Resolution 2014-06 Conditional Non-Objection to Transfer of Ownership Regarding Liquor License #1358 from Safeway, Inc. to Albertson's Holdings, LLC.
MVCC Resolution 2014-E1.pdf Exec Committee Opposition to New Package Liquor Store Application
MVCC Resolution 2014-10_DRAFT.pdf MVCC Resolution 2014-10 FY2016 State Capital Funding Request to Legislature (Draft)
MVCC Resolution 2014-09_DRAFT_BACKUP DOCUMENT.pdf BACK UP Documents for MVCC Resolution 2014-09 Annual Budget
MVCC Resolution 2014-09_DRAFT.pdf Annual MV Council budget for CY2015
MVCC Resolution 2014-05.pdf Oppose new package liquor store application #5329 ("K&M Distributors") for Glenn Square Mall
MVCC Resolution 2014-01_DRAFT.pdf MVCC Resolution DRAFT- Support of APD and CAP Team
MVCC Resolution 2014-04.pdf Supporting CIHA demolition of vacant Brewster's Building
MVCC Resolution 2014-03 .pdf Supporting traffic calming measures on McPhee Ave.
MVCC Resolution 2014-02.pdf Request to Municipal Assembly to delay action on Brown Jug conditional use permits
MVCC Resolution 2014-01.pdf Supporting Anchorage Police Department units, especially the Community Action Policing (CAP Team) presence In Mountain View; Requesting APD/CAP presence at MVCC meetings.
MVCC Resolution 2013-10.pdf Public Hearing Request to Municipal Assembly re: Brown Jug Liquor Licenses / Conditional Use Permits
MVCC Resolution 2013-09.pdf CIHA - Mountain View Village 5 Development (2013)
MVCC Resolution 2013-08.pdf AK Native Cultural Charter School - Support School Zone
MVCC Resolution 2013-07.pdf Request Muni work with ACLT/property owners to alleviate specific resident concerns
MVCC Resolution 2013-06.pdf Favoring the no-action alternative in the Eielson/JBER F-16 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
MVCC Resolution 2013-11.pdf Bass Pro Shops - Wetlands
MVCC Resolution 2013-12.pdf Resolution against people mover bus fare increase.
MVCC Resolution 2013-13.pdf RurAL CAP acquisition of Safe Harbor Inn - Support
MVCC Resolution 2013-14.pdf RurAL CAP application to AHFC for purchase and rehab of 702 N. Park - Support
MVCC Resolution 2013-05.pdf Improve Bus Service
MVCC Resolution 2013-04.pdf MVCC request that RurAL CAP postpone any action toward relocation of Karluk Manor to Mountain View
MVCC Resolution 2013-03.pdf Pump Track/Bike Skills
MVCC Resolution 2013-15.pdf FY 2015 Legislative CIP Requests in Detail
MVCC Resolution 2013-02.pdf Trailside Discovery Camp - Kids Don't Float / Kayaking & Sailing Program
MVCC Resolution 2012-16.PDF 2014 CIP Request
MVCC Resolution 2012-15.pdf MVCC 2013 Neighborhood Cleanup
MVCC Resolution 2012-14.pdf Maintain APD Staffing
MVCC Resolution 2012-13.pdf Maintain Library Service
MVCC Resolution 2012-12.pdf ML&P Underground Utilities
MVCC Resolution 2012-11.pdf CIHA MV Village V
MVCC Resolution 2012-10.pdf Parking Lot
MVCC Resolution 2012-8.pdf
MVCC Resolution 2007-1 Farmers Market.pdf MVCC Resolution 2007-01 Farmers Market

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