Name Description
AM 479-2016 Merger of East and Mid Hillside CCs into Hillside CC.PDF Anchorage Memorandum regarding merger of Hillside East and Mid-Hillside CCs dated 07-12-2016
18Letter to Assembly re AFD 2018 budget.pdf Letter to Assembly regarding AFD 2018 budget reductions affecting Hillside residents.
Fall 2018 HALO Forum Agenda.pdf HALO Candidate Forum Agenda - October 4, 2018
HALO Presidents Message.pdf HALO President's message - September 2018
HALO Minutes 1808 Draft.pdf HALO Draft Minutes - August 2018
HALO Agenda 1809.pdf HALO Agenda - September 2018
HALO Minutes 1806 Draft.pdf HALO Minutes - Draft - June 2018
HALO Newsletter Summer 2018.pdf HALO Newsletter Summer 2018
HALO Agenda 1808.pdf HALO Agenda - August 2018
HCC outreach letter.pdf HCC outreach letter November 2017
ao2005-150(S-1).pdf Large Domestic Animal Ordinance
Forsythe_Park_Flyer_1-15-07.pdf Forsythe Park & O'Malley Elementary 2007 Wildfire Mitigation Project
14Apr21 MHCC CIP List for review by members.pdf April 2014 - MHCC CIP projects to review
12April MHCC CIP List for review by members.pdf April 2012 MHCC Capital Improvement Project (CIP) list to rank
120724 Hillside road and drainage Steering Committee.pdf 7/24/12 MOA Assembly resolution establishing Hillside Road & Drainage Steering Committee
1204 How important is the water you drink.pdf April 2012 - Joint meeting with Hillside East & Huffman-O'Malley.

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