Name Description
S12420_Spruce Terrace subdivision_updated application.pdf Proposed Revisions to Spruce Terraces Subdivision, Lots 1-27, MOA Case S-12420, 12/21/20
Villages Scenic_Request for hearing_LUE119090.pdf Villages View Estates Tract B - 12/7/20 Hearing Request, LUE 119090
Villages Scenic_Charging Doc_LUE119090.pdf Villages View Estates Tract B - LUE 119090 - Violation - Charging Document
2020-12-10 DRAFT RCCC Non-motorized corridor policy pts.docx Draft comments to Muni Non-Motorized Transportation Plan planners recommending use of existing undeveloped ROWS and Section Line easements, and related policies.
2020-12-10 Draft RCCC Sky Ridge rezone.docx Draft Comments on Cases 2021-0007 and 2021-0008 to rezone two R6 lots to R7 and extend sewer.
2020_18_RCCC DRAFT to Support Local Landmark Register.docx Draft letter in support of Muni's proposed Local Landmark Register, a voluntary program to recognize cultural, historic, natural features.
12_9_20 RCCC followup_Villages View EstatesCode Violation_Escalation.msg 12-9-20 email from RCCC to MOA Requesting a meeting with MOA Building Safety and Planning to follow up on our questions/concerns about Villages View Estates Track B Code Violations - questions attached
Appendix F_HLB response to comments on HLB 2021 Program_2022-26 Mgt Plan.pdf Appendix F to Heritage Land Bank Draft 2021 Annual Work Program & 2022-2026 5-yr Management Plan - Issue/Response to comments
2020_16 RCCC River Hills plat comments-signed.pdf RCCC Comments to PZC on proposed River Hills Plat, S-12582, submitted 12/15/20
2020_17_RCCC Comments on HLB 2021 Annual_2022-26 5-yr Mgt Plan signed-signed.pdf RCCC Comments on HLB Draft 2021 Annual Work Program & 2022-2026 5-yr Mgt Plan - Submitted 12/5/20
20 Ltr_STIP_Need ID 29731-30689_Comment Response_RCCC.pdf Response from DOTPF to RCC re STIP project Seward Rd. to O'Malley
2019, HLB Wk Plan cmts.pdf HLB 2019 Comments
Kelly Lessens Listens.pdf School Board Candidate Kelly Lessens - Meetings
2020 RCCC Board Elections list.pdf RCCC list of officer terms
2020 RCCC Board Elections.pdf RCCC Board election explanaition
2020-11, River Hills discussion v5.pdf RiverHills Discussion v5
2020 RCCC Board and Positions to Fill.pdf Board Positions to Fill
Fill and Grade RCCC Response 110620.pdf Villages Scenic Fill Grade Code Violation Response
RCCC Comments on 2020-23_STIP_Amendment 1_DRAFT.docx Draft Comments on STIP
2020-11_RCCC Comments on LRTP_Draft.docx Comments on LRTP_Draft
20 Final Commissioner's Finding - Windy Corner.pdf Final Commissioner's finding for Windy Corner
20 AKs for YES on 2.pdf Yes on Ballot Measure 2 flyer
20 HOCC support RCCC re bldg code comment.pdf Huffman-O'Malley CC support of RCCC regarding AO2020-85 building code
20 Response to RCCC concern_AO 2020-85 Building Codes.pdf RCCC response to concerns over AO 2020-85
20 Response to RCCC request_Old Seward Hwy traffic calming.pdf RCCC response regarding Old Seward Hwy traffic calming request
20 FINALSewardHwyO2D_Fact Sheet_v2.pdf Seward Hwy O'Malley to Dimond Fact Sheet
20 Potter Marsh Visitor Improvements design.pdf Potter Marsh visitor improvements design
20 RCCC draft Windy Corner letter to DOTPF v3 August 2020.pdf RCCC email comments to DOT regarding Windy Corner
20Aug13 Motion - John See Thanks.pdf DRAFT MOTION to honor John See
20Aug05 Conceptual Plan for 156th Ave Pedestrian Corridor.pdf Conceptual Plan for 156th Avenue pedestrian corridor
20July10 Villages Scenic Pkwy violation.pdf 20July10 Follow-up to VSP permit concerns
20July08 Initial inquiry_Villages Scenic Pkwy permit concerns.pdf Initial Inquiry about Villages Scenic Parkway permit
20August VSP Draft letter_Villages Scenic Parkway grade_fill violations.pdf Draft Letter Villages Scenic Parkway grade fill violations
20Aug13 Motion - South Park Bear Zone.pdf RCCC Motion - South Park Bear Zone
20August River Hills Estates_proposed plat.pdf River Hills Estates Proposed Plat
20Aug05 RCCC LUT Comm concerns_River Hills plat.pdf RCCC LUT Community Concerns on River Hills Plat
20Aug11 RCCC Policy_remote mtng.pdf RCCC Policy on Remote Meetings
PUBLIC NOTICE re homelessness and CARES Act funding.pdf MOA Public Notice
RCCC Policy_remote mtng_8_11_20.pdf RCCC proposed remote meeting policy - August 2020
River Hills Estates_proposed plat.pdf Proposed plat for River Hills Estate - to be discussed at August 2020 meeting
Local Landmark Register Ordinance DRAFT 2007 Fact Sheet.pdf Draft Local Landmark Register Ordinance DRAFT July 7, 2020 Fact Sheet
DOT letter re install rumble strips.pdf Letter to RCCC re rumble strips on Seward Hwy
RCCC Resiliency - Firewise Motion - Draft 3_12_20.pdf RCCC March Meeting Docs - Resiliency Motions
RCCC Windy Corner analysis 2020.pdf RCCC Analysis of Windy Corner Railroad realignment project - April 2020
Prop 1 - Areawide Life_Safety Roads.pdf RCCC March Meeting Docs - Prop 1
Hillside Wildfire Awareness 2020.pdf Hillside Firewise Awareness flyer
Solarize Rabbit Creek.pdf Solarize Anchorage program for Rabbit Creek in 2020 with contacts
Seward Highway Traffic Study at Potter Marsh_Final.pdf Seward Highway Traffic Study - August 12, 2018 FINAL
PCHA - Robbins Letter 3-20-19.pdf Letter to Potter Valley HOA re Seward Hwy upgrades and rumble strips dated 3/20/2019
RCCC 2020-6 Rumble Strips.pdf Email trail re Rumble Strips on Seward Hwy - Jess Grunblatt
2020-5 CIP 2021 survey_project summary.pdf List of CIP projects to vote on
2021 CIP Survey_RCCC.pdf RCCC description of CIP projects relevant to the council

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