Name Description
ERVCC CBERRRSA nomination for James McCurtain.pdf ERVCC Nomination to CBERRRSA Board October 2019
JBER Gate Construction Timeline-04.2019.pdf JBER Gate Construction timeline and road closures
Community Meeting Agenda Feb. 12 and 13.pdf ASD Community Meeting flyer with agenda
Public Notice Extended - Arctic Valley Ski Area Concession.pdf Arctic Valley Ski Area public notice extended
18ERVCC NOTICE of Planning Commission Hearing Case 2019-0002.pdf P&Z Public hearing notice regarding site next to Ravenwood School.
18ERVCC December Meeting Cancellation Notice.pdf ERVCC December 2018 meeting cancellation notice
18Nov14 Spring Bluff Subdivision Platting Action Mailer.pdf Spring Bluff Subdivision Platting Action flier
Eagle River Community Patrol Presentation December 13 2017.pdf Eagle River Community Patrol Presentation in pdf
ERVCC Letter S. Wright ER C Parks and Rec Alt.pdf letter of Appointment for Sarah Wright to be the ERVCC ER/C Parks and Rec Board of Supervisors Alternate.
17Feb8 AWWU PRV Vault Rehab Map.pdf 17Feb8 AWWU PRV Vault Rehab Map
17Feb8 AWWU PRV Vault Rehab Letter to Residents.pdf 17Feb8 AWWU PRV Vault Rehab Letter to Residents
Eagle River Valley Community Council CBERRRSA Road Board Nominations.pdf Eagle River Valley CC letter re election of new member to CRBERRRSA.
15Dec15 ERVCC Area Traffic Calming.pdf ERVCC Traffic Calming Assistance information
100110 ERNC Final Report.pdf 1/20/10 Eagle River Nature Center Report
100120 ERNC Public Handout -Final.pdf 1/20/10 Eagle River Nature Center Handout #1
120120 Rep Fairclough Newsletter.pdf 1/20/11 Rep Anna Fairclough newsletter
11Jan6 Forum by MEA.pdf Power Outage forum for Eagle River residents
101113_Sen_Dyson_Fall_2010_Newsletter_v3.pdf 11/09/10 Senator Dyson Fall Newsletter
10April Eagle River Nature Center flyer.pdf Eagle River Nature Center planning document flyer
10Jan28Eagle River Central Business District Circulation Meeting Notice.pdf

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