Name Description
19 SACC BBQ Flyer 1909.pdf SACC BBQ flyer
19Letter To School Board 2019.01.05.pdf Inlet View Elementary School PTA letter to ASD Board
2019SolarizeAnchorageRFP.pdf Solarize Anchorage RFP
18SACC Comments re R2 infill housing 181104.pdf SACC Comparable-Scale Infill Housing (R-2 Zones) Project (CIHP) Community Discussion Draft
2018-07-28 BirdCherrySmackdown.pdf Bird Cherry Smack-Down event - Valley of the Moon Park
14-19 Chester Cr Final DSR Memo Distribution.pdf
1105 Knik Arm Crossing May Newsletter.pdf 5/31/11 Knik Arm Crossing May Newsletter
16Sept22 SA Neighborhood Plan Community Workshop.pdf South Addition Neighborhood Plan Community Workshop Thursday September 22, 2016
140707 Resolution Wtrshd Mgmt 2014-03 Northern Access Design for Wildlife _1_.pdf 7/7/14 Watershed & Natural Resources Advisory Commission Resolution No. 2014-03 - Addressing design considerations for wildlife passage in the Northern Access Corridor Study (UMED/Bragaw cut-through)
14Jan16 SACC neighborhood congestion report.pdf 2/14 - Neighborhood Congestion Report
140503_FA 10818 2014 Bike Blessing and Gathering.pdf 5/3/14 Noise Permit for Bike Blessing event
140204 SACC Invites You to Join Nextdoor com.pdf 2/4/14 Invitation to join
14Jan17 MOA Planning Case Alert.pdf 1/17/14 MOA Planning Case Alert for SACC
14Jan MOA Proposed Ordinance about Treatment Houses.pdf 1/2014 MOA proposed ordinance about treatments centers in neighborhoods
14Jan Planning and Zoning Commission asking for KABATA to testify.pdf 1/2014 Planning and Zoning Commission asking for KABATA to testify
14Jan Benihana Liquor License.pdf 1/2014 Benihana Liquor License Application
12Nov11 SACC Ltr to John Rodda re Event Routes.pdf 11/20/13 Letter To Parks Department about problems with event routes
13July4 DRAFT - 4th of July Delaney Park Strip Noise Permit.pdf 13May 4th of July Park Strip Noise Permit
130306 Delaney Park Strip Noise Permits.pdf 3/6/13 Notice of noise permits issued for Delaney Park Strip
130306 Alaska State Rail Plan Notice.pdf 3/6/13 Notice of Alaska State Railroad Plan Update
130306 ABC Liquor License #742 transfer.pdf 3/6/13 Notice of Liquor License Transfer (Corsair to The Voyager Restaurant)
130129_A St Resurfacing Update_v3.pdf 1/29/13 Updates for: 1) A Street Resurfacing Project Update; and, 2) C St@20th Ave Area Drainage Improvements
130129 Standard Steel_Fact Sheet.pdf 1/29/13 Standard Steel & Salvage Yard 5-year Review Fact Sheet
130129 Standard Steel 5YR Review Interview Questions.pdf 1/29/13 Standard Steel & Salvage Yard 5-year Review Interview Questions--Area Residents: please complete
121127 ABC Concerns over Rumrunners' license renewal.pdf 11/28/12 Letter from Sen. Ellis & Rep. Gara to Dir. Cote RE: Rumrunner's Liquor License Renewal
121127 email_RepGara_assembly representation.pdf 11/27/12 e-mail from Rep Les Gara to Anchorage Assembly RE: equitable representation for South Addition neighborhood
121126 Anchorage Assembly redistricting letter_Rep.Gara).pdf 11/26/12 Letter from Rep Les Gara RE: equitable representation for South Addition on Anchorage Assembly
121023 Clarion Suites Liquor License Renewal App.pdf 10/23/12 Notice of Clarion Suites Liquor License renewal application
12Oct29 Elderberry Park VIP Committee meeting.pdf Elderberry Park VIP COmmittee meeting 10/29/12
110613 Email RE Title 21--Dan Coffey's speech on KSKA.pdf 6/13/11 Email RE: Title 21 - Dan Coffey's speech on KSKA on 6/13

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