Name Type Date Modified Description
18-04 MVCC Cleanup 4-28-18.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Apr 17 11:01:57 AKDT 2018 MVCC Cleanup flyer 2018
2016October-Green Go LLC Public Notice 10754.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Oct 07 12:18:42 AKDT 2016 Application notice for Green Go LLC
2016October-AK Slow Burn Cannabis Outlet Public Notice 10898.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Oct 07 12:18:31 AKDT 2016 Application notice for AK Slow Burn Cannabis
2016-Mt.View-BlockParty-NatlNiteOut.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Aug 02 11:00:28 AKDT 2016 Mountain View Block Party flyer 2016
160611_Mt.View Street Fair_flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu Jun 02 17:58:13 AKDT 2016 6/11/16 Mountain View Street Fair Flyer
16Apr30 MVCC Cleanup flier 2016.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Apr 29 10:41:35 AKDT 2016 4/30/16 Mountain View Clean-up
16Feb09 Public Hearing on 2016-0112 Brown Jug LL#759 #1561 (2).pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Feb 05 13:48:33 AKST 2016 2/9/16 Public Hearing on Mountain View neighborhood Brown Jug Liquor Licenses
150923_03-036B_Sheet-38_Landscaping_Mt_View-Klevin_to_Park_planting.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Sep 23 19:29:24 AKDT 2015 9/11/15 Landscape Plan Klevin Street to North Park Street
13Aug MVCC Resident Focus Group Questions.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Aug 27 16:26:48 AKDT 2013 August 2013 - Neighborhood Focus Group Questions
110614 MTVTF_GenericFlyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Jun 14 18:19:11 AKDT 2011 6/14/11 3rd Friday Flyer
110319 Understading Credit - MV Library.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Sat Mar 12 09:42:48 AKST 2011 3/19/11 Undertstanding Credit - class at MV Library
110215 MVCC Funding Request.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Sun Feb 20 14:34:22 AKST 2011 02/15/11 Funding request to state legislature
110111 Glenn Square Flier.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Jan 11 18:19:55 AKST 2011 01/11/11 Flier - Glenn Square public meeting on 1/24/11
101207 Family Support Group Update.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Dec 20 18:24:35 AKST 2010 12/07/10 3rd Fridays in Mountain View - Anchorage United for Youth Update
101010 Lyons Park Plan Comm.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Oct 12 18:12:59 AKDT 2010 10/10/10 Lyons Park - Call for committee volunteers

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