Name Description
RCCC 2020 Followup email 7-10 Villages Scenic Pkwy violation.pdf RCCC email follow up - Villages Scenic Parkway violations July 2020
RCCC 2020-10 Request Assembly delay Bldg Code-signed.pdf AO2020-85 Title 23 Building Code Update
RCCC 2020 Initial inquiry Villages Scenic Pkwy permit concerns.pdf RCCC email screen shot initial inquiry - Villages Scenic Parkway violations July 2020
RCCC 2020 Followup letter 7-910 Villages Scenic Pkwy violation signed.pdf RCCC letter - Villages Scenic Parkway violations
2020-9_ADOTPF reduced speed limit for OSH-signed.pdf Old Seward Highway Mitigation recommendations
RCCC John See letter of appreciation_signed.pdf Forester John See Thank You
RCCC SouthPark HOA Secure Trash Zone_signed.pdf Support for SouthPark HOA Secure Trash Zone
PCHA - Robbins Letter 3-20-19.pdf Letter to Potter Valley HOA from Windy Corner project manager
Seward Highway Traffic Study at Potter Marsh_Final.pdf Seward Highway Traffic Study
RCCC 2020-4 S12545 Amendment.pdf RCCC Comments 2020-4 Amendment Canyon View Estates
RCCC Comments 2020-03 Windy Corner MP 105-107.pdf RCCC Letter re Windy Corner project April 22, 2020
RCCC Letter 2020 Rohaley Canyon View Platt S-12545.pdf RCCC 2020-1 Canyon View Estates Rohaley Plat S-12545 Comments
PZC 2020-2009 land reclamation subsection changes signed.pdf Land Reclamation - Gravel Fill
RCCC Comments 2019 re HLB Work Plan - Feb 2019.pdf RCCC Comments re Heritage Land Bank 2019 Work Plan
RCCC 2020-02 MTP2040 Comments summary.pdf RCCC Comments summary regarding MTP 2040
RCCC 2020-02 MTP2040 Attach II Table 1 Projects in RCCC.pdf RCCC Attachment II Table regarding projects in RCCC area in MTP 2040
RCCC 2020-02 MTP2040 Attach III Table 2 citywide projects.pdf RCCC Attachment III Table regarding citywide projects in MTP 2040
RCCC 2020-02 MTP2040 Attach IV 2020 CIP.pdf RCCC Attachment IV Table regarding comments on MTP 2040
RCCC 2020-02 MTP2040 Attach I Recommended changes to MTP goals and objectives final.pdf RCCC Attachment I regarding comments on MTP 2040
RCCC Comments HLB 2020 Work Program-5-year Mgt Plan signed.pdf Nov. 2019 RCCC Comments on 2020 Work Plan and 2021-24 Work Program

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