Name Type Date Modified Description
18Weatherizeation info for 2018 Anchorage.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Jul 02 14:27:42 AKDT 2018 2018 Weatherization information
HALO Agenda June 2018.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Jun 04 14:28:27 AKDT 2018 HALO Agenda - June 2018
17FCC MJ Presentation.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 21 14:04:39 AKDT 2018 Presentation to FCC on Status of Marijuana Facilities within the Municipality of Anchorage
18RJSP Proposed Single Track Trails.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 21 14:04:29 AKDT 2018 Russian Jack Springs Park flyer on proposed single track trails.
17W32 and E 33 Concept Report Distribution.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 21 14:04:18 AKDT 2018 W32 and E 33 Concept Report letter
18TRANSPORTATION IN ANCHORAGE.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 21 14:03:45 AKDT 2018 Press release regarding Chris Rall's visit to Anchorage regarding transportation
18Firefighters 1264 Open House 2018.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Thu May 03 11:30:22 AKDT 2018 Firefighters open house in Airport Heights 2018
18AMATS_CHSTP_overview.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Feb 28 11:26:09 AKST 2018 AMATS Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan information sheet
Municipal Airports Aviation Advisory Commission.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Feb 02 11:50:33 AKST 2018 Municipal Airport Advisory Committee looking for members
2018SouthAnchorage_OpioidResponseFlyerV2C.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon Jan 29 15:48:04 AKST 2018 South Anchorage Community Cafe on Opiod misuse
17Stream Setback AO 2017- updated 111417.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed Dec 06 10:18:59 AKST 2017 Municipal Stream Setback ordinance updated 11/14/17
Town Square Park Public Workshop 2 Flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Wed May 31 13:15:36 AKDT 2017 Town Square Park public workshop June 3, 2017
HALONeighborsSpring2017.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 01 14:50:48 AKDT 2017 HALO Spring 2017 newsletter
LED Street Lighting Workshop Flyer.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Apr 14 09:16:00 AKDT 2017 LED Street Lighting Workshop flyer
EEOC Anchorage Workshop.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Apr 11 13:14:44 AKDT 2017 EEOC Workshop April 12, 2017
HALOForumAgendaMarch2017.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Feb 24 11:34:10 AKST 2017 HALO Candidate Forum flyer - March 2, 2017
CommunityMtgInvite_PublicNotice_Brownfield event.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Nov 29 15:21:34 AKST 2016 Handout regarding public meeting on brownfield properties
Fall2016HALOForumAgenda.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Oct 04 13:09:36 AKDT 2016 HALO Candidate Forum Agenda - October 6, 2016
Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 14 16:08:33 AKDT 2012 Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings
Tips on Running a Public Meeting.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Mon May 14 16:07:05 AKDT 2012 Tips on Running a Public Meeting
ADA Compliance Notice.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Jan 19 13:44:56 AKST 2007 ADA for meeting notices
Proclamation.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Sep 26 12:08:52 AKDT 2006 From Mayor to CCs
Neighborhood Voices.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Tue Aug 15 12:49:29 AKDT 2006
CC Populations Households and Mail List numbers.xls Microsoft Excel Worksheet Thu May 11 10:47:02 AKDT 2006 Population & Households based on the Year 2000 Census
CC Concerns.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document Fri Apr 21 11:30:09 AKDT 2006

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