UPDATE: 04/25/2012:



The Council was awarded $20,000 in the FY 2012 state budget to support neighborhood planning activities. The approved final draft was submitted to the Planning Department for comments.  An updated final draft of the Community Plan that addresses these comments is near completion. A public open house for review of this draft of the Community Plan will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2012, from 1-4 pm, at the Fairview Community Recreation Center (1121 E. 10th Ave.).  


UPDATE: 11/17/2009:


The final draft of the Fairview Community Plan was presented to the membership at the November 12 General Membership Meeting.  Council President Sharon Chamard accepted the draft and referred it to the Neighborhood Plan committee to solicit and compile feedback from neighborhood residents, property owners, and business people.  The committee is currently working on a council-wide mailing to inform people about the plan and to let them know how they can give their input.  Open houses at different locations in Fairview will be held in December and January to further reach out to people to solicit comments on the final draft of the Community Plan.  Comments will be received until February 14, 2010.


A resolution of acceptance of the Community Plan will be introduced early in 2010; discussion and voting on the resolution will occur no sooner than the next monthly General Membership Meeting.  If the Community Plan is accepted by the membership, it will then be transmitted to relevant departments of the Municipality, as specified in the ordinance concerning neighborhood plans.   


UPDATE: 09/28/2006:


Chapters 4 & 5 of Fairview's Community Plan were introduced and reviewed at the Council's September 14th General Membership Meeting. The Final Draft of the Fairview Community Plan will be introduced at the Council's October 12th General Membership Meeting. A Resolution Transmitting the Draft Plan to the MOA Planning Department will also be introduced and have its first reading  during the meeting. Per Council By-Laws, the Resolution can not be voted on any earlier than the Wednesday, November 8th General Membership Meeting.


The Council will do a Fairview-wide mailing on September 29th of a flyer that outlines the information contained in this update. A Public Workshop on the Draft Plan will be held on Saturday, October 28th, from 11am-1pm, at the Fairview Community Recreation Center, 1121 East 10th Avenue.


Please note that the Council's November General Membership Meeting is being held on Wednesday, November 8th, NOT Thursday, November 9th. This allows for the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission to hold their 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Fairview Community Recreation Center on November 9th.


UPDATE: 09/07/2006:


Fairview's Neighborhood Plan is on track! Chapters 4 & 5 will be introduced at the September 14th Council Meeting. Chapter 4, "Goals and Objectives, Actions and Strategies," has been uploaded to this website.  Members of the Council's Neighborhood Plan Committee will hold their next Milestone Meeting with Planning Staff on Friday, September 15th. A final draft will be submitted, with a supporting resolution, at the Council's October 12th Meeting. Public Comments will be taken, an informational flyer will be distributed via a Fairview-wide mailing, and a Public Meeting will be held in the weeks before the November Meeting. After compiling comments, a revised final draft will be submitted for approval at the Council's November Meeting. If approved, the final draft will then be submitted to the Planning Department for distribution to the appropriate Municipal Departments and Staff, for their review and comments.


UPDATE: 03/14/2006:


Tuesday March 14, 2006 the Anchorage Assembly passed AR 2006-42(s), a Resolution authorizing the Fairview Community Council to procede with writing the Fairview Neighborhood Plan! The Resolution was introduced by the Chair at the request of the Mayor, and was written by the Planning Department. The Resolution passed on an 8-0 vote!


THANKS to all of the Council Members, Fairview Residents, Businesses, Property Owners and Institutional Partners who made this possible.


SPECIAL THANKS to Planning Staff and the Department of Neighborhoods for their input, time and efforts!


KUDOS to the Members of the FVCC Neighorhood Plan Committee: Sharon Chamard, Harry Deuber, Noel Rea and our MVP Coach, Committee Chair Allen Kemplen!


And THANKS to the Members of the Anchorage Assembly, the Mayor and the Administration for their support and feedback!


UPDATE: 02/24/2006:


Friday, February 24, 2006, Fairview Neighborhood Plan Committee Members Allen Kemplen and Darrel Hess met with Staff of the Planning Department and Office of Neighborhoods as a follow up to the Committee’s initial meeting with the group concerning the Fairview Neighborhood Plan.


At the conclusion of the meeting, Staff officially endorsed the Fairview Community Council as the agents to write the Official Fairview Neighborhood Plan under Municipal Ordinance!


Thanks to Cathy Hammond, Erika McConnell and Tom Davis with Planning and Carma Reed and Tyler Robinson with the Department of Neighborhoods, for taking the time to meet with our Committee and give their advice and feedback.


It has been a long road, but we are finally beginning to lay the foundation for Fairview in the 21st Century!


An Anchorage Assembly Resolution officially authorizing the Fairview Community Council  to write the Fairview Neighborhood Plan, will be on the March 14th Assembly Agenda for action. PLEASE ATTEND AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR FUTURE!


Many thanks to ALL of the individuals, businesses, organizations and Department Staff who have helped in our effort!


A special thanks to the Members of the Fairview Neighborhood Plan Committee: Sharon Chamard, Harry Deuber, Darrel Hess, Noel Rea and especially our LEADER, OUR CAPTAIN, COMMITTEE CHAIR ALLEN KEMPLEN!


"People Make The Difference" in Fairview, and has taken a great TEAM effort to make a difference with our Neighborhood Plan!


THANKS to all of you for your work on this TEAM effort, and we’ll see you at the Assembly on March 14th.






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