Information About the Current Neighborhood Plan Process


Draft Table of Contents and List of Tables and Maps


Project Schedule


FVCC Recognized by the Anchorage Assembly as the Official Sponsor of the Fairview Neighborhood Plan


Resolution 2006-42(S)

Historical Documents


The Fairview Neighborhood Plan is the product of years of public forums and discussions among residents, property owners, and business owners about the vision we have for the community and what we want for the future in Fairview.  These materials document this process.


Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee Mission Statement (2001)


Neighborhood Plan Scope of Work (2001)


Neighborhood Plan Foundation Document (2002)


Neighborhood Plan Template (2004)


Fairview: A Dynamic Neighborhood in a Changing City, Report by David Boehlke (2005)

Winter City Documents


Anchorage is the only American city located in the sub-Arctic.  These materials discuss different ways to design urban areas to take advantage of the winter climate.


Lillehammer or L.A.? Can We Create More Liveable Winter City Neighborhoods?


Establishing a Winter City


Creating a Winter City Vision From the Grass-Roots of Our Community
































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