The Bayshore/Klatt Community Council meets

the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

at the Bayshore Clubhouse or Klatt Elementary School.


The next meeting will be Thursday, May 25, 2017 at the Klatt Elementary School.



Please ask you neighbors to join the council, (membership dues are voluntary) so that they can be kept informed of what is happening in our part of Anchorage.


The easiest way to join is to sign up on the FCC home page ( and click on the link that says "join your community council email list". Enter your email address and name.

As a member, you will receive meeting notices and alerts about events, activities and other items of interest to our neighborhood.


Bob Hoffman

Bayshore Klatt Community Council







The is the artwork selected by the Southport Fire Station #15 Art Selection Jury.  It will be located on the exterior  front lawn of the station.    The Firemen and the jury members were very enthusiastic about the piece.  It will be installed during the summer of 2007. 


If anyone has questions about the safety and maintenance of the artwork please contact Jocelyn Young at (907) 343-6473.


Flame of Life

“Flame of Life” will gracefully enhance Fire Station #15.  It will compliment not only the materials of the architecture but also its contemporary design while symbolizing the dynamic nature of the work that takes place there – fire science and life safety.


The four-prong design was created for a number of symbolic reasons.  Each prong represents:

  • A part of today’s modern fire department:

1.   fire suppression

2.   fire safety

3.   rescue

4.   emergency medical response


  • The four components of a flame:

1.  oxygen

2.  heat

3.  fuel

4.  chemical reaction


  • The cohesiveness, interdependence and common goals that each emergency services’ team member has with each other and the community; this is symbolized by the four prongs pointing in the same direction.


The sculpture will be made of marine grade aluminum and will stand approximately 7’ high x 5’ wide x 5’ deep.  There will be a small 1-2 foot base on the piece to raise it above the lawn.




Andrew Daoust & Barbara Yawit dba Weet Design Group, LLC

P.O. Box 110750   Anchorage, AK  99511-0750

345-7100   phone     345-7155 fax



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