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The name of this organization shall be the Sand Lake Community Council.



The Sand Lake Community Council shall encompass that area bounded by:

International Airport Road on the north

Proposed extension of Minnesota on the east

Intersection of Klatt Road and Turnagain Arm on the south as specified in ordinance 74-163

Turnagain Arm on the west



The purpose of this council shall be to improve communications between the citizens of the community and the Municipality of Anchorage government and to encourage involvement of citizens to promote a better development of the neighborhood.




Section 1 Eligibility

A.        Any person 19 years of age or older is eligible for membership provided the person is:

A homeowner, tenant, property owner, business owner, or representative of a corporation or non-profit association located in Section 13 of Ordinance 74-163

C. A person is a member immediately after signing the membership roster and paying dues.

D. Dues shall be one dollar ($1.00) for the first year, annually established, thereafter, by vote of membership and not to exceed five dollars ($5.00) per member per year; donations not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) per member per year may be received to meet the costs of its operations.


Section 2 Meetings

A. Regularly scheduled general membership Meetings shall be held quarterly.

B. Meetings shall be held at a location within the boundaries of the Sand Lake Community Council.

C. The officers shall be responsible for publication of advance notices, calling general membership meetings and special meetings. Notices shall be made to entire membership by mail or telephone in addition to other media.

D. Additionally, the Chairman or any member of the Board of Officers or any three members of the general membership may call a special meeting.

E. 10% of the general membership shall constitute a quorum.


Section 3 Voting

A. The Sand Lake Community Council shall have an official membership roster.

B. Each paid member shall have one vote, except corporations, partnerships and non-profit organizations shall each be limited to one vote.

C. A member may vote by signed proxy. No member shall submit more than four (4) proxies per meeting.

D. Any vote may be challenged and membership roster shall serve as the official list of eligible voters.




Section 1 Number of officers

The officers shall be Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Municipality Contact Person, and Publicity.


Section 2 Election

A. Officers shall be elected at the first general meeting following acceptance of these bylaws and shall be elected annually thereafter.

B. Nominating committee shall present a slate of officers to be published to the membership prior to the annual meeting; nominations may be also made from the floor prior to elections.

C.Voting shall be by written ballot.


Section 3 Tenure of Officers


Tenure of officers shall be one year or until successors are elected.


Section 4 Removal, Resignation, Vacancies

A. An officer may be removed by a two-thirds majority of the membership present and voting at a duly constituted meeting of the council for the purpose of considering that question.

B. Resignations shall be made in writing.

C. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the remaining officers for the remainder of the term.


Section 5 Duties of Officers

The duties of the officers shall be such as their titles, by general and popular usage, would indicate.



Committees may be established by the Chairman or by general membership at any time for whatever purpose deemed necessary.



Accounting of finances will be the responsibility of the Treasurer.



These bylaws may be repealed or amended or new bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote at any general membership meeting. Written notice of the meeting and of the proposed bylaw changes shall be forwarded to all members at their last known address at least fourteen (14) days prior the meeting.




Federation of Community Councils


Community Patrols