• Membership & Outreach Committee:

Chair: Janie Dusel; Vice-Chair, Paul Gionet

Duties: Devise and implement new methods of outreach to grow participation and interest in the Council and its meetings with approval of Board. Assist in entry onto social media and NextDoor.com, among others. Arrange meeting space and set up (Internet access, tech needed, etc.). Organize signage for monthly meetings.  


• Finance Committee:

Chair: Paul Gionet; Vice-Chair, Lawrence Keil

Duties: Maintain all accounts and track all monies receivable and expendable from the council. Devise ways to raise money for Council's use and prioritize usage.  


• Communications & Data Archiving Committee:

Chair: David Sterling; Vice-Chair, TBD (Frank Pugh - temp)

Duties: Update and maintain RCCC communications. Propose secretary if Board Secretary absent for meeting to chair. Manage RCCC email accounts and account information and arrange mail pickup from FCC office/PO BOX. Manage minutes. Manage archives and documents. Assist Correspondence and Outreach Committees with their work, as appropriate. 


• Correspondence Committee:

Chair: Matt Cavanaugh; Vice-Chair, Bert Lewis

Duties: Oversee letter writing process and responses. Includes obtaining drafts fromcommittees, editing, sending to board for approval {or expedited with Chair's permission), sending to recipients, and tracking status. Update and maintain mailing lists, membership lists, and RCCC Board sheet.  


• Property Rights & Land Use / Safety & Transportation Committee:

Chair: Greg Wika; Co-Chair, Dennis Miller

Duties: Track, research, and present to Council issues arising in neighborhood as well as at Municipal level on issues involving Transportation, Roads, Drainage, HOP and Land Use, Platting, Zoning, and the like. Assist in formulating preliminary CIP comments and priority order. Attend or designate representative to speak for RCCC at Assembly, PZC, and other meetings as appropriate.   


• Special Committee on Elections:

TBA (As needed)

Duties: Organize elections and ballots, prepare information on slots (especially term lengths), recruit and suggest candidates. Should be organized by October meeting.


• By-Laws Review Select Committee:

TBA (as needed)

Duties: Propose and prepare changes to bylaws as needed and warranted. Manage Assembly approval (this should at maximum happen once per year, if then).



Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils