Elections for the Northeast Community Council Executive Board are held in April.  The Executive Board then elects their officers to take office in May, unless there is a vacancy.  Board members and Officers serve for three years. 


For more information about the officers and Executive Board, please see the NECC Bylaws.



NECC Officers – May 2019- May 2020


President (5/2019-5/2022)  

Rachel Boudreau

Phone  937.244.8644

Email  rlyoung07@gmail.com              


Vice President (5/2018-5/2021)

Selina Metoyer

Phone  907.830.0815

Email  selina4necc@gmail.com                 

Secretary (5/2019-5/2022)

Liz Snyder

Email lizhsnyder@gmail.com



Treasurer (3/2019-5/2021)

T'Shalla Baker


Email  tshallabaker@outlook.com

Parliamentarian (5/2019-5/2022)

Donna Mears

Phone 907.632.6382

Email  mears@alaska.net


Board Member (5/2017-5/2020)

Carla McConnell

Phone  907.301.4416

Email  pattymac23@rocketmail.com


Board Member (1/2019-5/2021)

Charles England

Email  cengland@gci.net


Board Member (5/2017-5/2020)

Stuart Grenier

Phone: 907.337.5127

Email stugrenier@gmail.com


Board Member (5/2017-5/2020)

Ric Phillips


Email its4ric@aol.com



FCC Delegate

Bob Reupke

Phone  907.333.0117

Email  snow@alaskalife.net


FCC Alternate

Carla McConnell

Phone 907.301.4416

Email  pattymac23@rocketmail.com



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Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils