2012 Adopted Resolutions:

FVCC Resolution 2010-12, in support of equality


2012 Pending Resolutions:

FVCC Resolution 2012-01, opposing Citizens United


2011 Adopted Resolutions:

FVCC Resolution 2011-01, requesting a presentation by Highway to Highway

FVCC Resolution 2011-02, a resolution requesting a transportation corridor plan

FVCC Resolution 2011-03, a resolution respecting RurAL CAP and its partners

FVCC Resolution 2010-10, supporting state funding of school meal programs


2011 Pending Resolutions- Referred to Committee:


FVCC Resolution 2011-04, in support of AR 347 to increase funding for alcohol treatment beds in Anchorage


FVCC Resolution 2011-01 demanding a meeting with representatives of Highway-to-Highway to update the Fairview Community Council on its most recent activities and plans, currently under review by the Neighborhood Plan Committee (01/13/11) 



Pending Resolutions- Referred to Committee:


FVCC Resolution 2010-12 supporting equal rights in Anchorage, currently under review by the Executive Board (11/11/10) 


FVCC Resolution 2010-11 authorizing the Executive Board of the Fairview Community Council to enter into Memoranda-of-Understanding or Memoranda-of-Agreement with social service agencies in the Fairview area, currently under review by the Harm Reduction Committee and the Executive Board (11/11/10)


FVCC Resolution 2010-10 supporting feeding Alaska’s children, currently under review by the Executive Board (10/14/10)



FVCC Resolution 2010-03, concerning Brother Francis Shelter and Bean's Cafe, currently under review by the Public Safety and Harm Reduction Committees (06/01/10)


FVCC Resolution 2009-03.pdf



Pending Resolutions-Introduced & 1st Reading




2010 Adopted Resolutions




FVCC Resolution 2010-09 supporting the addition of up to 90 beds at the community correction facility Cordova Center  


FVCC Resolution 2010-08 seeking funding for the acquisition, installation and operation of a neighborhood based noise monitoring program


FVCC Resolution 2010-07 seeking 2011 operating and capital funding for critical physical and civic infrastructure needs within the Fairview Community Council


FVCC Resolution 2010-06 seeking matching funds for development of a U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sanctioned Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy for the Fairview area


FVCC Resolution 2010-02 supporting Copper River Seafoods' efforts to develop the community and provide housing for its workforce through the purchase of the Red Roof Inn property


FVCC Resolution CS-2010-01 Opposing establishment of a multi-unit complex for chronic inebriates in the northern section of Fairview and recommending an alternative location for implementing the Housing First Initiative


FVCC Resolution CS-2009-04 Non-objection to the creation of an off-leash enclosed dog park at Earl and Muriel King Park



2009 Adopted Resolutions


FVCC Resolution 2009-02_State Funding for Transportation.pdf



2008 Adopted Resolutions


FVCC Resolution 2008-04_Land Use re H2H.pdf



Defeated & Tabled Resolutions



Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils