Girdwood Trails Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting

7 pm, Old Library Building

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by Chair Dario Martinez.  Kate Sandberg acted as Secretary for the meeting.


Present: Dario Martinez, Norman Starkey, Kate Sandberg, Matt Wedeking, Carolyn Brodin, Diana Livingston, Alison Rein


Minutes of September 6, 2005, were approved.



1.  Nissman Memorial: There is no news on the Memorial. After talking with Carl Skustad, Alison will email committee members about progress. 


2.  Trail Issues

            a.  Grant Application for Alyeska Highway Bike Path/Bridge Repair:  Alison reported that the grants have not been announced yet.   She expects the results to be announced shortly and will notify the committee.


            b. Winner Creek Trail Improvements:  Alison announced that the Winner Creek work is done for the year.   Using machinery during wet weather may have damaged the upper and lower trails, and mud is now an issue.  Further work may entail placing gravel and/or wood planking to alleviate the major mud problems.  Alison will determine the cost of further work, and additional funding will be pursued.


            c. Second Bridge on Robbie’s Route:  Dario has analyzed the repairs needed for the second bridge.  He reported that erosion of the bank has made the bridge tilt at pronounced angle, and the bridge is too short for the amount of erosion that has occurred. Dario suggested splicing 10-foot glue-laminated beams that will cost approximately $450. He will also need 12” bolts and other hardware.   Dario plans to add  rub rails for safety and for retaining snow.


The committee suggested that Dario use available wood in the Trails Committee shed.  He also will call Chad about funding from the current Parks and Recreation budget.


In the future the committee would like to work with the hotel on maintaining the bridges. 


3.  SAYC/SAGA Work Progress: Matt Wedeking announced that the two SAYC work crews are done for the year.  He passed out copies of SAYC Field Manager Sarah Sadowski’s report, which follows:



To: Girdwood Trails Committee c/o Matt Wedeking

From:  Sarah Sadowski SAYC Northern Region Field Operations Manager

Re: Serve Alaska Youth Corps 2005 Project Progress Report


List of Priorities and Progress                                     October 3, 2005


1.       Beaver Pond Trail:

·        Cut through and tread laid on entire lower trail portion (from Bike path to actual
Beaver Pond)

·        Cut reroute through from Pond to California Creek  connection location

o        Partial tread laid from Pond out towards California creek connection

o       Within this section there is approx (1/4 to ½ mile) that is rough cut through and will need more work in terms of both cutting and implementing tread.

o       Switchback on lower section may need to be made bigger and will definitely need more reveg work

·         Brushed out California Creek trail to where it meets new reroute of Beaver Pond; (opened up nicely)


2.       Iditarod Trail

·        Section behind Lions’ Park South: Brushed back 4-5 feet back both sides from middle, cleared deadfall blocking trail, removed bags & bags of trash.

·        1.5 mile Crow Creek Road to School: Brushed out 4-5 feet back both sides from middle, maintained drainage and graveled first .5 miles from Crow Creek Road side. Cleared planking & bridges on whole trail. Removed deadfall blocking trail.

·        2.5 mile to Anne’s Meadow: Dug out drainage, laid boardwalk (200ft?), cleared deadfall blocking trail, brushing was less of a priority on this trail.


3.       Deb’s Way: Brushed out pathway as primary goal.


4.       Virgin Creek/ Wagon Trail: Did not do this aspect of the project


Additional Notes:


Thank you again for your support.


Sarah Sadowski

SAYC Northern Region Field Operations Manager

W 653.1170       C723.8355


The Trails Committee noted that SAYC did an excellent job.  It is hoped that SAGA can send two crews again to Girdwood in 2006.   Committee members thanked the Toohey family of Crow Creek Mine for their hosting the crews and Sean Mellon, Project Director, for his support.  


Members voted to approve a $97.47 reimbursement from Trails Committee funds held by Girdwood Inc. to Norman Starkey.  Norman bought pizza and pop for the SAYC crews on the last night of their stay.


4.  Snowmobile Purchase/Winter Use Issues:  Kate will email Tracey Knutson to check on snowmobile purchase for upcoming winter grooming.



1.   Virgin Creek Trail/Wagon Trail Access—The committee agreed that Norman should work with the Heritage Land Bank this winter to prepare for SAYC/SAGA work on the Virgin Creek Trail access and links to the Wagon Trail next summer.


2.  Robbie’s Route Trail Damage—It was noted that the new Catholic church’s construction work has damaged the trail, and it now needs repair. Norman will talk to the hotel about those repairs.


3.  Memorandum of Understanding—Alison introduced a draft of the Glacier Ranger District’s Memorandum of Understanding that creates an agreement between the District and Girdwood Trails Committee.   This agreement “establishes a framework for cooperation from which to develop and maintain trails and outdoor recreation facilities located within the Girdwood Valley.”  Tracey Knutson, Chair of Girdwood Board of Supervisors, will sign the agreement on behalf of the Trails Committee.


4.  Trail Maps—The committee would like to sell more maps. Alison will go to community events and sell maps; Kate will contact Kevin Johnson at the Alyeska Hotel, and Carolyn will contact the Library.


In the future, a map of the winter use trails would be useful.



The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 pm.  The next meeting is November 1, 2005, at 7:00 p.m.