Girdwood Trails Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting

7 pm, Old Library Building

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Vice Chair Norman Starkey.  Kate Sandberg acted as Secretary for the meeting.


Present: Norman Starkey, Alison Rein, Kate Sandberg, Carl Skustad, Tommy O’Malley, Carolyn Brodin, Chad Frank, and guests: Dan Baldwin of Oregon Woods Inc., Paul Sandofer of Alaska Welcomes You Inc., and Sarah Sadowski and Phil McGovern of Serving Alaska Youth Corps (SAYC/SAGA)


Minutes of July 5, 2005, were approved.



1.  Nissman Memorial: Tommy O’Malley was welcomed to the Committee.  Carl Skustad and Tommy reported that Memorial plans are well underway; materials are being purchased and clearing the site will begin this week.  


cleared on all sides.  The building, located near the ball field, is to be completed before freeze-up with dedication next spring. BBQ pits, landscaping and other amenity work will be done next spring/summer.   The community is expected to help build the Memorial over a series of fall weekends with materials, Anchorage businesses, and local builders being paid through funds raised for this purpose.   Chad will publicize project through Turnagain Times, local radio station, and posters.



Tommy O’Malley is the primary contact for project. Carl Skustad and Chad Frank are secondary contacts.


Dan Baldwin and the crew of Oregon Woods will voluntarily help Thompson clear area this week.  Carl will help Dan move his equipment from Winner Creek to the park with UFS trailer and write a letter to Jake concerning excavation, roofing, and concrete.


                                           Forest Fair                                  2,000

                                           Municipality                             10,000



                                           Design                                                            650.00

                                           Excavation, foundation/slab labor                  365.00

                                           Foundation                                                      400.00

                                           Concrete through ASG                                  2,000.00

                                           Roofing, shingles through SBS                           TBA

                                           Wood labor, use of tools, shop                    5,000.00

                                           TOTAL         Without roofing/shingles    $26,415.00


Carl will submit a bill to Girdwood Inc. for $14,738.17 from Starfire Lumber (Oregon). If shipping is not free, Forest Fair will pay the $2000.00.


2.  SAGA/SAYC Crew:  Sarah Sadowski, Field Operations Manager, and Phil McGovern, Crew Leader, of Serve Alaska Youth Corps  (SAYC) were introduced.  Based in Indian, they will work on Girdwood projects September 5-30, 2005.  The Committee went through July’s prioritized projects and reprioritized, reworded, and added work tasks. The new prioritized list is:


1.  Brush and tread the Beaver Pond Trail from the Girdwood-to-Indian Bike Path north.

2.  Brush the Iditarod Trail from the Lions Club Park south.

3.  Establish access to Wagon Trail at north end. Brush and brush and tread trail across Virgin Creek to beginning of Wagon Trail.

4.  Brush out and fix gravel for first half mile of Iditarod trail at Crow Creek Trail head (mile 1.5).

5. Stabilize and straighten the two bridges behind hotel parking lot D (Robbie’s Route).

6.  Cut out the brush in Forest Fair park area and move chips into the cleared space to create level tent pads and access trails.

7.  Cut vegetation on section of Iditarod Trail on west side of Crow Creek Road.


Committee members will meet with Sarah on Tuesday, August 23, at 9:00 am, Old Library Building, to walk through projects.  Kate will send a reminder.


3.  Universal Trail Assessment Program—Chad introduced Paul Sandofer.  Paul outlined a ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Trails and Access Routes and advocated for the National Iditarod Trail to be a part of the Universal Trail Assessment Program database (, which rates trails for their grade, height, and other qualities. 

Currently, there are no Alaska entries in the database. 


Sandofer gave several handouts for explanation for a system to measure trails objectively. Contact information is:
Paul Sandofer

PO Box 91333

Anchorage, AK 99509


Whether or not to consider this program will be addressed at the next meeting.

4.  Grant Application for Alyeska Highway Bike Path and Bridge Repair: Alison Rein and Chad Frank reported that the Alaska Trails Initiative Grant Application was submitted on time and will be considered for bike path bridge repair over the railroad, culverts, and reconstruction from the bridge to Crow Creek Road. The application totals $956,459.  Thanks to Lori Schanche of the Municipality for her oversight of this application. Alison expects to hear about the awards in early September.


It is expected that volunteers will help with the clearing and reseeding of the ground on the sides of the bike path.


Alison gave some of the results of a bike-path traffic counter set up south of Crow Creek Road and offered to send out the spreadsheets.  Some results were read. For example, on a sunny Sunday afternoon from 5:00-6:00 pm, 118 people passed the counter, which was south of Crow Creek Road. In one week’s time, there were1,400 people who passed the same counter.


5.  Winner Creek Trail Improvements:  Committee member expressed dismay over the amount of mud that has developed from the trail work from the T down to the tram.  Oregon Woods, bidder, did not realize the amount of rain that Girdwood receives when they submitted a bid. The Forest Service expects the mud to stablize after a year or two of use. No new gravel is anticipated at this time.


6.  Beaver Pond Trail Report: Included in the SAGA discussion. This trail is the highest priority for SAYC work.


7.  Trails Maps—Norman distributed a copy of the new trails map to each member.  For the 1000 maps, he spent:

            Design             $375.00

            Printing          1,045.00



Norman gave Chad the checks for $100 from Ice Cream Shop and $80 from Norman Starkey.  Alyeska Hotel has asked to buy 100 maps, but no transaction has occurred.


Norman asked Kate to ask Diana Stone Livingston how our money is categorized in Girdwood Inc and how much we currently have.



Barry and Ruth Kircher have done significant maintenance of Abe’s Trail this summer. Among other tasks, they have cut alders, diverted streams, placed rocks in streams, and filled in holes on trail. The Committee members expressed their thanks to the Kirchers.



1.  The posted trail map on Winner Creek Trail appears to be incorrect. It is hoped that this will be corrected by the Forest Service.


2.  Chad Frank reminded members that Art Eash of HLB wants to be included in pertinent correspondence such as that concerning the Beaver Pond Trail.


3.  Alison asked that the Committee form policy for future guests who are not on the agenda but want to present information.  The Committee concluded that those guests who are not on the agenda should be allowed to present that night, but no conclusion was reached as to when.

4. The Winner Creek trail crew will use the wood by the shed and replace it with wood of equal value.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.