Girdwood Trails Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting

7 pm, Old Library Building

Tuesday, July 5, 2005 

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Vice Chair Norman Starkey. Kate Sandberg acted as Secretary for the meeting.  The meeting was conducted outside the Old Library Building due to nice weather and the locked building.


Present: Norman Starkey, Alison Rein, Kate Sandberg, Matthew Wedeking, and guest Dan Baldwin of Oregon Woods Inc.


Minutes of June 7, 2005, were approved.



1.  Nissman Memorial: Alison Rein reported on Chad Frank’s behalf that Chad will meet with Jake Thompson to begin planning the construction of the memorial.  Thompson is asking for an extra $5000 for overseeing the construction and obtaining the wood.  An engineer still needs to approve the design and the wood needs to be ordered. 


The committee was unclear as to what the extra cost would cover and what role the previous SBS bid would still have.  Norman will call Chad July 6 to clarify and begin work.


Concern was expressed that there needs to be a person overseeing the building of the memorial.  The committee suggested that Carl Skustad oversee this project.


2.  Trails Issues



1.  Blaze the Beaver Pond Trail from the Girdwood-to-Indian Bike Path north.

2.  Blaze the Iditarod Trail from the Lions Club Park south.

3.  Brush out and fix gravel for first half mile of Iditarod trail at Crow Creek Trail head (mile 1.5).

4.  Establish access to Wagon Trail at north end. Brush and blaze trail across Virgin Creek to beginning of Wagon Trail.

5. Stabilize and straighten the two bridges behind hotel parking lot D (Robbie’s Route).

6.  Cut vegetation on section of Iditarod Trail on west side of Crow Creek Road.




The committee reaffirmed that their highest priorities for this application are:

1) Fixing/resurfacing bike path bridge over railroad

2) Fixing/resurfacing Alyeska bike path from Crow Creek Road to Forest Service office.

3) Creating an underpass for Alyeska Highway between the town park and town square area. 

The committee suggested asking for more than $1 million.


Alison will notify and obtain approval from Girdwood Board of Supervisors. 




3.  Beaver Pond Trail Report:  This was included in the SAGA priorities list.


4.  Trails Map:  Norman discussed the final version of the map. He thanked  Ian Moore and Great Originals for all their work and help.


The committee selected the final background and trails color, approved the wording, and approved the cost. 

$750 for printing

$370 for map creation



1,000 maps will be printed and sold for $2.00 each. Norman will take care of the printing and distribution for sales.  The Committee thanked Norman for all his work on this project.


5.  Further Trails Funding:  This was included in Grant Applications


6.  Old Trails Committee Records:  Chad was absent and nothing else is known.


Announcements:  Matt announced that the Bird-to-Indian section of the bike path is officially open.  He was not certain if there would be a special event to mark the opening.



There was no new business.



1. Alison introduced Dan Baldwin of Oregon Woods, Inc.  The company was contracted by the Forest Service to reconstruct portions of the Winner Creek Trail. Dan is supervising the reconstruction of the trail on both sides of the tram crossing (approximately 2 miles).  Dan and his crew expect to finish by mid-August. They are working on the trail to eliminate erosion problems and grade it. He mentioned 60-80 people had walked this portion of the trail that day. 


Dan volunteered to help construct the Nissman Memorial and to help direct operations if necessary.


2.  A list of committee members’ phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers was started. Absent members will be asked to contribute as well.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.


NOTE:  the Tuesday, August 2, 2005, meeting will be held in the Parks and Recreation Office, Old Library Building, 7 pm.