Girdwood Trails Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting

7 pm, Old Library

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Vice Chair Norman Starkey.  Diana Livingston acted as Secretary for the meeting.

Present were Kate Sandberg, Norman Starkey, Carolyn Brodin, Chad Frank, Matthew Wedeking, Alison Rein, Tom Yeager and Diana Livingston.

The minutes of the March 1, 2005 meeting were approved as presented. 

Old Business


1.     Nissman Memorial Update: Chad Frank reports that plans have been turned in for bids to Lowes, SBS and Home Depot.  There should be some response in one week.  Mrs. Nissman visited Girdwood and is pleased with the plans.  About $16,500 will be available for the project.

2.     Winter Grooming Report: Mark Jonas reports that the crew will groom one or two more times depending on the weather.

3.     Status of Grooming Equipment: Chad Frank reports that the Trails Committee will park the grooming equipment when no more grooming will be done.  We will have to return the snow machine because the lease will not be renewed.  We will have to purchase a new machine for the 2005/2006 season.

4.     Trails Issues:

a.      Athabaskan Trail Update:  Alison Rein reports we will move gravel in before the snow is gone.  An MOU will be required because this is a joint project.  A work party will be planned.  USFS will provide planning and layout and the community will maintain the trail.  The MOU is in draft phase.  Judy Onslow will work with a graphic artist to have the signs made.  Discussion followed regarding MOA/USFS Memorandum of Understanding.  It will be reviewed by P&R Director Jeff Dillon.

b.     Four Corners Hand Tram Update: Alpine Air will deliver the cable to the site and remove the old cable by helicopter, expected date April 9th.  Helpers are to meet at the parking lot at 10 am. 

Thanks were expressed to Keith Fedorowicz for his donation of   helicopter time.

Thanks were expressed to Alyeska Resort Lift Maintenance for    staging the cable.  Larry Daniels is asked to pass the thanks on to his crew.

Tom Yeager thanks the Trails Committee for working on replacing the hand tram cable.

c.      Carolyn Brodin reports that someone is killing and cutting trees along Crow Creek Road.


d.     SAGA Summer Program: Chad Frank reports the application has been submitted.  SAGA charges $1300 per day.  We expect to receive a grant of $8500, which will be match by $8500 from the Trails Committee.  The project will be work on the Iditarod Trail.


5.     Beaver Pond Trail Report: Matt Wedeking reports a good group showed up to flag the Beaver Pond Trail, and did a lot of flagging.  There is considerable follow up work being done.  Trails Committee thanks the State Parks for their participation in this project.

6.     Submittal to Turnagain Times and Insert for Friends of Girdwood Trails and Parks: Chad Frank reports this is nearly done.  He needs some material for “Friends of Girdwood Trails and Parks”.  Discussion followed regarding having a quarterly newsletter with trails information.  The group discussed publishing information in the MOA Parks & Recreation Guide for the summer issue.

7.     Report of Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Citizens Advisory Group and Trails Map: Alison Rein reported on the Citizens Advisory Group. 

8.     Further opportunities for trails funding: Alison Rein reports that none of the state agencies want to administer this Trails Appropriation for less than 5%.  The appropriation specifies administration costs of no more than 1%.  Suggested the Denali Commission administer the grant.  The group discussed priorities for trails work.

9.     Trails Maps for Girdwood (Winter and Summer): Norman Starkey presented some trails maps for the group’s comments.  He can have them copied, and can get them on disk.  We need to determine the cost of producing maps.  The Trails Committee could publish and sell the maps as a fundraiser for the Friends of Girdwood Trails and Parks group.

10.  Old Trails Committee records: Chad Frank has these records and file cabinets.  He needs help reviewing these records.


New Business: No new business at this time.


Other Business: No Other Business at this time.


There being no further business to come before the Girdwood Trails Committee, at 8:45 pm a motion to adjourn was duly made and seconded, and unanimously approved by those present. 

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Stone Livingston


NOTE:  The May 3, 2005 meeting will be held in the Parks & Recreation Office, the Old Library Building, 7 pm.